Friday, August 31, 2007


Slashing bread is done to control the shape of theloaf while it is being baked in the oven. Gas expands inside the dough as it is being baked and if there are no slashes for excess gas to escape, the loaf may have "burts" that may render an ill-shaped loaf. These slashes should be made by a's like a blade mounted on a handle. I haven't found a lame yet (nonefound in cooks exchange, none in chocolate lovers, none in gourdo's and none in heny sison's!!!!), so for my first few batches of sourdough, I used a very sharp knife, then turned to use a razor blade.

The closest thing to a lame that I can think of is a scalpel! Sharp blade on a handle=scaplel right?
now a baker's tool--very sharp indeed!!!

It's easier to work with and makes more precise slashes...check it out...

I think they look prettier now, don't you think? =)


Anonymous said...

ill change it for u.. for a fee.. hehe.. joke:)

Jen Tan said...

Jeff...charge mo pa ako ng PF???=( baka di kita ma-afford!!!! MMC rates eh!!! bwhahahaah ;P

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Beautiful loaves! I love the scalpel idea. Handy to know a doctor for all your baking emergencies. :-)

Jen Tan said...

hello cookie baker lynn =)

Why thank you--they do look cuter now hahaha...I'm still working on my slashing techniques to make them better pa.

And pays to have a doctor to run to, for health and kitchen problems!hahaha Nice of you to drop by =)