Monday, October 30, 2006

Double Birthday Bash at Tagaytay

Nicole and I had our joint birthday celebration at Oli's house in Tagaytay. Bentot picked me up from the office around 230pm, we went back to his house and shortly after, Oli picked us up and we headed to Nikki's house. Their village was having their annual Treat orTreat, which slowed us down because the streets were teeming with creepy and cutely clad youngin's. We had a heavy meryenda of Tomato Basil Pasta with grilled chicken, Chicken Fingers from Chili's and a bowl of Clams =)----yummy.

After having our tanks "filled up" (thanks kiki and SB!) off to Tagaytay we went!!! We sang along silly love songs as we traversed the south bound traffic. We got there around 7pm, some of Nikki's friends were already there. When War and the others arrived, the boys wabted to have dinner at Mushroom pinagbigyan na ng mga girls....

Its my first time to eat at mushroom burger, so it was quite interesting. Well, as expected, everything had mushrooms! hehehehe They had sandwiches and rice meals as well as pasta and soup. The prices are very affordable though the place needed a little brightening up.

Oyster and Shitake Mushrooms

Pinoy Longanisa-Mushroom Burger and Black Gulaman on the side

This is what I had for dinner. I guess incorporating minced mushrooms with the longanisa makes it lighter and healthier than the average longanisa patty. Not bad for 24 bucks! The black gulaman was more expesive pa at Php26! hahahaha

After having our mushroomy dinner, we went back to the house to start the party! More of our friends arrived later that evening. It was a long and fun-filled evening---thank you to everyone who came =)

Surprisingly a lot got up early the morning after. We had our breakfast of Jollibee---all had Super breakfast meals as we were famished from partying hahaha! We hanged around watching episodes of the Entourage. Nikki and I drove around the village to check out the other houses. We even saw this cute little pup on the porch of one house--awww =). After that we returned to the house to watch some more. It was around 2pm that we all decided to pack up and have late lunch and head back home. We chose to eat at LZM. We had bulalo, inihaw na liempo, lechon kawali and pancit. Ahhhh, another great artery clogging feast! heheheeh

We parted ways...Oli, Ven and Mara went back together, and Nikki, War and I went with Matt. We were all tired during the trip back. Thank you Oli and Matthew for driving =)

What a great post birthday celebration. Thank you Oli for letting us party at your house...thank you Matt for being sooo caring thank you, thank you. To Bentot, War, Mara, Eliz, Che, Kent, Adam, Gwen, Gretch, Alfonse, Dino and Paj thank you all for coming!

To Nikki-kiki...luv yah girl! =)hahaha

Friday, October 27, 2006

HEAT's Sooo Good!!!

How good is it to have Japanese sushis, sashimi’s… Chinese dim sum, roastings… Korean stews, noodles… Italian piazzas, pastas…rack or lamb…prime rib…roast beef…fillet mignon…on a workday…with an empty stomach from having forgotten to have breakfast? And how about a cold rock-ish, smooshie ice creams…halo-halo…crepes…cakes…tarts..puddings and native kakanins galore to cap the meal??? HEAT’s Terrific!!!!!

Yes! The Heat buffet was great. My friend Mark invited me for lunch yesterday. After fetching me from the office, he instructed the driver indubitably …”to Edsa Shang Hotel…” He hadn’t told me the night prior, where our lunch-capade would be, but it was indeed a pleasant surprise. I was famished from not being able to have breakfast (good job! hehehe) so I welcomed the preordained venue.

I’ve tried the Circle buffet at Makati Shang around 3 weeks ago (for my birthday), and in comparison, I think Heat offers a better food selection.

For starters, I had some Salmon sashimi, maki and somesort of raw tuna salad...and some Roquefort cheese (which was off-theme from my jap plate..but what the heck!)

For my main entree my MEAT! hahaha I chose from the grill station the lamb, prime rib-eye, fillet mignon, prawns thermidore (i love this) and a tandoored fillet of fish (don't know why I got that, it was good though). A piece of crusty dinner roll for carbohydrates =)

There were lots more food to try...dimsum, a wide variety of cosmopolitan dishes, pizzas adn pastas..I wanted to have pasta but the sauce for the day was bacon and cream =( I don't do cream man! There were huge crabs, oysters and prawns. So much little time and space to boot! hahahha So we went to the desserts part...the best part?! ;P

There was a white chocolate fondue, with a whole lot of dippin'-ma-jiggies to choose from. Unfortunately, I don't do white chocolate either (to my friend didi--I bet you'll love this girl!) There was a halo-halo bar, a wide array of tarts, pastries, cakes, pies, puddings, native kakanins like sapin-sapin roll and bico. The awesome part for me...the cold-rock-like station. You get to pick your ice cream and they smoosh-in nuts (almonds, pistachios, walnuts), chocolates, candies, fruits.....whatever you can think of...I think it was there!

But my heart was set on the creperie =) "One mango crepe with slivered almonds, chocolate morsels, top it with chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and more almonds sil`vous plait~!" "Whipped cream ma'am?"...."HOLD THE CREAM monsieur!" hahahaha

hmmmmm...monsieur crepeur was very goooood....he made my crepe just as I wanted it.....

'Tis this gamine's joie de vivre!

Thank you Mark =)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

To My Beloved Mom....


I hope your happy in God's graceful arms. May you always be in perfect peace and I want you to know that I love you very much. I miss you more than words could express and I need you now more than ever and maybe forever.

You were the best mom a daughter could ever have and how unfortunate for me that fate has not allowed us to be together longer than I want...longer than it should be..longer for you to see what I have become, and see me through all the good and bad changes I go through as I go through life. I've always thought that its so unfair of life to make this so...but I realize that who am I question His will.

Everything has a reason. I trust His perfect plan. In the greater scheme of things, I shall know the reason..all the reason for why things happen as they happen..I will know and understand them all in the end.

I love you Mom.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Singing till Closing Time!

After having a great dinner at Cyma, we were all full of energy! What better way to burn it off, than to sing it all out!!! Yes, we are videoke freaks! My voice still hasn't recovered from being hoarse, but that didn't stop me from perking up on the idea of giving World Music a go. They have an ongoing promo of Php 285.oo per head sing-all-you-can from 7pm till closing time. LET"S GO!!!!! We met up with Eliz and her sis Valerie at Promenade. To our disappoinment, all the rooms were occupied at sing-all-you-can rates! But our spirits were unscathed! We held on waiting for a vacancy, as we felt confident a group will eventually falter from singing and give up a room! With luck on our side, we got in after only waiting 15-20mins. Ha! It was around 11pm already but so what!! We got the room for an hour only because it was alreasy late and we all wanted to get home early....

Well, we all did get home early...early in the morning!!!! The hour extented to 2....the waiter knocked to call in our time...we extended an hour more! So many little time. We only gave up extending the hours because they were already closing up =)

No hope in getting my voice back after this heheheh ;P

Savoring Cyma

This monday felt like a friday! Tuesday was declared a holiday in observance of no work (not including me) for most people. I guess a lot made out of town vacation plans, but not for me. Nikki, War, Eliz and I just thought of having dinner and coffee to chill out. Warren had other plans with his friends from college and Eliz had a family dinner engagement. The plan was War, Nikki and I will have dinner together...after dinner War goes to his UP barkada gimmick and Nikki and I meet with Eliz for coffee...the great switch-a-roo hehehe!

War picked me up from the office, fetched Nikki and went to Shang mall to have dinner at CYMA---my favorite Greek Resto, I might add =)

We had the Family Greek had lettuce, zucchini, capers, tomatoes, kalamata olives, feta cheese, farfale pasta with vinegarette, served with bruschetta. Really good!!!

This is the OssoBuco with pasta and meat sauce (I forgot the name of this dish). Perfectly cooked to soft tenderness! The pasta underneath it was ladened with meat and sauce of the braised veal shank. An excellent savory dish!

This was the bone marrow mass that War carefully slipped out from the shank bone and devoured with great gusto!!!

To cap our very satisfying dinner....we had the ever popular Flaming Mangoes. A whole mango with caramelized sugar, flambeed at your table then dalloped with a generous glob of vanilla ice cream!!!! HOOOOOPA!!!! ;p

As you can see..our dear War is so gigil making simut the mango buto!!!! Need I say, we loved this dessert to the last dribble of the sauce and mango fibre!!!!

Nikki and Moi....happy after our meal!!!

Monday, October 23, 2006

Breakfast in Bali

Sal and I went to Ortigas this sunday to do our shopping cum cardio. To start of our day, our breakfast venue was The Mega Strip and we chose to eat where paradise is just a cup away... Bali Blends.

Its a Balinese coffee shop that serves meals and desserts. Ofcourse, I have to have my morning brew and the good thing about Bali blends is that coffee is refillable! =) This is the bottomless Sumatra Coffee. Not bad for Php 80.00 but the brew is quite weak for my taste.

Sal had the strawberry smoothie because she wanted somthing cool and refreshing...

...and for our breakfast meal, we shared the vegetable omelet served with roti bread.

The omelet had zucchini, leeks and tomatoes. The roti bread was unlike the rotis that I have tried. I was used to the airy and flaky roitis I've had in Banana Leaf Curry and in Singapore Indain restos. The rotis they served us at Bali Blends were flat and somewhat like thin pizza crust. It was good though so its alright =)

After breakfast we shopped at St. Francis, Mega and Podium. We were shopping for stuff to send to Sal's sis in the U.S.. Her parents are goin there for vacation on November so our goal for the day is complete the pabli list.

We finished goin around the Ortigas malls around 2pm and went to greenhils to do some grocery shopping at Unimart. We had lunch first at Razon's. It's the famous halo-halo of Guagua place. Sal and I shared the tapsilog so that we have space for dessert =) The tapsilog was good..and we enjoyed our cool and refreshing halo-halo. It more like banana con yielo because..the laman comprised of sweet saba bananas, macapuno (that was like minced!) and leche flan. The ice is worth noting because it is fine as snow--we liked that a lot. hehehhe

We hit the tiangge, the Jewelry and Sun Shop...I am on the look out for a nice phone to use for the sun line I am planning to get--plan pa lang! War met up with us while jewlery shopping and we went to Unimart to hoard kare-kare, adobo, menudo, caldereta, pancit etc...mixes and local chicheriya =) Chocnut, breadstix, mallows, those chocolate covered cookies (like mallows na walang marshmallows) etc. Don't these junkfood make us nostalgic in more ways than one? It was really fun looking for these stuff because for quite sometime we neglect or no longer look for them when we grocery shop.

We got tired from shopping all day so we went to look for a place to have dinner. We ended upmgoin to Dexter's Bakeshop in Katipunan but they were already closing up. We just had sans rival and a chicken pie to go. We went to white plains to eat our take out and rest before heading home.

What a great end to a weekend!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lovin' the Legend....Save Room for Me! =)

Save Room

Say that you stay a little
Don't say bye bye tonight
Say you'll be mine just a little of bit of love Is worth a moment of your time
knocking on your door just a little
so cold outside tonight
let's get the fire burningI know, I keep it burining right
If you stay, won't you stay - stay
save room for my love
save room for a moment to be with me
save room for my love
save a little save a little for me won't you save a little
save a little for me - ohh
This just might hurt a little
love hurts sometimes when you do it right
Don't be affraid of a little bit of pain pleasure is just on the other side
Let down your guard just a little
I keep you safe in these arms of mine
Hold on to me - pretty baby
You will see I can be all you need
If you stay, won't you stay - stay
save room for my love
save room for a moment to be with me
save room for my love
save a little
save a little for me
won't you save a little
save a little for me - ohh
[pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [pa-ya-pa-pa] - [da-da-da]
Ohhh come on
Make time to live a little
don't let this moment slip by tonight
you never know what you are missing
untill you tryI keep you satisfied
if you stay, won't you stay - stay
save room for my love
save room for a moment to be with me
save room for my love
save a little
save a little for me
won't you save a little
save a little for me - ohh
save room for love
save room for a moment to be with me
save a little, save a little for me
won't you save a little
save a little for me

Monday, October 16, 2006

Power Breakfast

Since I wasn't able to go to the friday and saturday midnight sales, I talked Sal into having our sunday morning walk at Rockwell. We had our "power" breakfast at Grams Diner, located beside UCC, at the complex outside the mall (I forgot the name of the complex). They serve typical diner food (like pancake house with more variety)..everyone will find something they like. The selection ranges from pancakes, waffles, pastas, rice meals and desserts. I guess this is pretty much the reason why the place if full at 8am, plus the food is not expensive. As for the taste...err..let's see...
Sal and I shared an order of Eggs Benedict, since we both haven't tried this dish anywhere yet, and we also had the waffle.

Eggs benedict, with potatoes and caramelized onions
These are english muffins with a slice of ham and poached eggs topped with hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce was a tad bit too lemony for our taste... We would have liked this dish more if we had held the sauce! The egg needed some salt and the ham..was it there???

Waffles--that tasted like cardboard! hehehe...

The servings at Grams diner were ample and the food looked very appetizing... but while eating felt-- empty. It was like, eating food that we are really fond of, without getting any satisfaction. I don't know but I surmise it's from the lack of taste of the food. The eggs benedict was bland and too citrusy. The waffles...didn't taste like waffles--more like...eating cardboard or foam! No matter how much syrup and butter you put (and normally I don't put syrup any use only a small slather of whipped butter).....nothing! I am person who enjoys quality over volume, so I guess Grams diner is not for me. I mean, it would be ok for me to eat here again but I will not look forward to it. The food is ok but I'd recommend you have your waffles at pancake house or heaven and eggs----or mag waffletime ka nalang! ;P, and have your eggs benedict maybe at bizu (though I have yet to try it). What I did like was the flowin' coffee =) hehee Alas! The saving grace of our morning grace...decent brewed coffee that was refillable! The first cup they gave was strong and americano-like..the refills were just plain brewed--but decent coffee. Two snaps up for that, least to say.

After that blad breakfast benedict...we moved to Starbucks because Sal wanted some iced tea and we were still waiting for the mall to open. We chatted along untill it was time for some malling action. We were hunting for bags and scrimmaged through all sales items of each store. I noticed they already opened the newly rennovated Hip area. It is a conglomerate of greehills shops in the powerplant mall. You see..wherever you go to shop....greenhills will haunt you!

We left empty handed...I went to greenhills to check out the tiangge again, as I wait for my friend Mike (he wanted to do some shopping as well) and Sal went home to fetch her mom and shop some more!!!! Are we crazy shop-a-holics or what??? But NO--don't think like we go shop crazy every weekend. We just like bargain hunting and most of the time just window shop for exercise ;) Matipid po kame! hehehe

Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Baby Boy!!!

Last thursday, Sal and and went to visit our friend Wandi at her house in a nice village in Congressional avenue. Sally fetched me from nail loft at around 7pm, afer my manicure. There is a chinese custom, that after giving birth, the mother is to go through "ge-lai" to help her recover from the strains of giving birth and be in proper health condition for taking care of and nursing the baby. I have seen several of my married friends go through it and believe it or not, the new mom is not allowed to take a bath for about a month I think! Depends on the practice in the family. She is to eat a lot of oily food. Food fried in sesame oil. Sal and I decided to bring her cake--cake is fatty and sweet and will make Wandi happy! hahahaha We went to Alex III bakeshop located in Tomas Morato, where Icings bakeshop used to stand. I like the chocolate cake at their resto so I presumed they make good cakes and pastries. It was funny that the famous Alex III chocolate cake was no where insight. They offered muffins, ensaymadas, breads, cookies and an array of cakes. What was interesting were their different varieties of sans rival. They had the conventional sans rival, mocha sans rival, choco san rival etc... The best seller was the TORTA DELA ROSA (or DELO ROSO??--i'm confused) which was the chocolate version. We didn't get a chance to try it, so we just took their word for it and got the medium sized one.

We got to Wandi's house around 830pm. She looked so cute in her pajamas...and the baby......sooooo adorable =) The baby weighed 5 lbs at birth, so he looked quite fragile. His skin was still pinkish and flaky due to skin shedding. We spent the night talking about pregnancy, giving birth, breast feeding, rearing kids and all the motherhood enchillada. Congratulations Wandi!

After that, it occurred to us that we haven't had dinner yet. So we scouted the vicinity outside the village to find a place to eat. We chose to have our late dinner at Jo's Inato. We tried their famous chicken inato--which was like chicken inasal minus the yellow coloring and chicken oil. I thought that inato is the same as insal..but the waiters told me otherwise. As far as taste is concerned, its almost the same to good ol' filipino style chicken barbeque! hehehehe We also had the laing. It resembled the tinomok of Jerry's, with which the gabi leaves are stuffed with a meatball like filling. It was delicious and great with our chicken.

I am not able to post pictures for the time being...but I do have the photos..I'll post them another day =)

Jo's Chicken Inato

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Breakfast at Taza

There is nothing like a good breakfast rendezvous on a monday, to kill the start-of-the-week-blues. My friend Elaine and I met up early monday morn at my favorite carwash cafe--TAZA Cafe. Its located at Ma. Clara St. somewhere near the Banawe are. For me, its one of the non-commercial cafes with really good coffee! I love their Americano--strong and full bodied -withouth the sour taste. Their cappuccinos and mocha-la-roca (which is almond roca flavored cafe mocha) are excellent. The menu ranges from breakfast fare, pastas, sandwiches to rice dishes and they have a good selection of cakes and desserts. Elaine needed to have her car washed as well--perfect! Good breakfast, good company and clean cars! hahahah We both had the German Breakfast plate, which consisted of french toast, scrambled eggs and a German frank...oh and it went with a good cup of cafe Americano---hmmmm--that's like 3 nationalities rolled into one breakfast ei? hehehe

Again, I forgot to take pictures! hehehe ;P

After that we were ready for the days work!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Sunday Walking at Podium, St. Francis and Mega

For our Sunday morning walk, Sal and I decided to have it in ortigas. We met up first, at Dorset Cafe in Connecticut, Greenhills to have our usual breakfast and off to Podium we went. The shops were still closed when we got there, but several restos that serve breakfast were already open. We decided to walk to Megamall first and took the back exit going there. It was only then that we remembered that St. Francis Square IS already a mall too! It was our first time there and what a nice surprise---its like Greenhills tiangge in building format! The best part was that, the stalls there open up earlier than the malls, so we had fun killing time while we wait for the mall opening. They had nice and in-expensive stuff there, but you just have to be wary on what you buy...the thing about cheap buys is that at times, they tend to be of poor quality. I say AT TIMES ah...but you can find a lot of real steals rummaging through tiangges if you know what your buying and do your shopping right!

We went to Mega when the mall opened and bought some hardware stuff, grocery items and beauty products at Watsons. Mega is to have a sale on Oct.13-15 pala so we resfrained from making any purchases that day---err--well...just in Mega =P hehehehe With that restraining order, we felt that we had no business staying in Mega, so we went back to Podium...on our way, we inevitably had to traverse St. Francis Square, so we went around a bit and tried some of the stall food there since we forgot to have lunch. We tried the Bitcho Brothers, which as like an elongated donut. It was sold at 10 pesos a log. Delicious! How could it not be???---Like bread, deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar. I think you can't get wrong with anything freshly fried. We sampled the cheese sticks and "quek-quek" on the other satll. I didn't like the cheese sticks because it had a strange orange color. I guess they economized it to the max buy using sheese flavor? (eeeww) The saving grace? It was freshly fried so it was edible. Maybe they made it orange to match the color of the "quek-quek"?? hahaha

Having enough fried stall food...we walked to Podium. Delifrance welcomed us at the back entrance and we saw they sold kopi buns there. We decided to try the Delifrance version the buns we adore at Kopiroti, just to compare and contrast. We shared a bun and had it there while taking a walking break as well, we haven't sat down since breakfast!!!

This is the Delifrance Kopibun. I must admit, it tastes as good as the ones in Kopiroti. Sal thinks the buns here are softer than the buns of kopiroti and has more butter. As for me, I like the outer coating of the original better, which is more shell-like and a bit crustier.

The price is the same at Php 35.00 each, although I think the buns of kopiroti is bigger. Delifrance kopi buns are good, softer and butterier.

We went to Dexter's bakeshop to take out some chicken pie to bring home to our families (pasalubong). They have great chicken pie and pork empanada. I forgot to take time I will post pictures of that. Their version of the chicken pie is baked and has a very flaky a sturdier croissant. Great breakfast or meryenda.

Late that afternoon I went to Moomba and had dinner at Omakase with my friends Holden, Didi and Edmund. Again, I failed to take photos of our food. I can be really forgetful! hehhehe Omakase has a great nouveau Japanese menu. They have a fun selection of makis and salads. We tried the Dynamite (which was a maki with unagi and some sort of shell fish meat salad on top, a bit spicy but good); Crispy California Maki, which was just good old cali maki that was fried (thoughwe didn't like it that much because it didn't come out crispy and crunchy--the rice got soggy and oily). We also had chicken teriyaki, tempura and tonkastsu. Overall it was a good dining experience, relodent of Sumosam and Misato.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mallin' at MOA with a Good Cause

Saturday afternoon, Gwen and I went to my favorite Nail Spa--Nail Loft, to get some hand and feet pampering. She was supposed to go to Piandre Salon and just txted me to ask for some directions...I already had an appointment at the spa so I just dragged Gwen to go with me. We had fun chatting along and being pampered.

After our nail-scapade, I went to Mall of Asia with my friend Carlo. Traffic was horrible at EDSA! It took us about an hour to get to MOA. When we got there we had dinner at Cafe Breton, my favorite creperie =) Gwen and her boyfriend Gretch met up with us there.

Gwen and Moi

My favorite Cafe Au LAit. I love it! Rich thick foam and strong bodied espresso

Galette American

My Galette Breton
It has spinach, crab meat and cheese (I think)--really good but super nakaka-busog (filling). This is actually the first time I've tried a galette, for the reason that I always have crepes =) Honestly, I didn't find any difference between the galette and savory crepes--maybe the size? I think the galette is made of buckwheat flour and according to my google search, cooked at one side only--so maybe the difference is in the texture and bite.

In the middle of dinner---we saw fireworks outside =) so nice ei?

After dinner we went to a charity event of Gawad Kalinga just outside the south wing mall area. Gawad Kalinga (which literally mean to give care) is a socio-civic organization which aims to address the problems caused by poverty in our country . They have missions, programs, releif efforts and various action plans fostering the destitute. That evening, there were food booths, exhibits and a display of several model houses made by the organization. There were many participants during the event and I believe it was done as a fund raising activity as well as to promote the existence, efforts and success of the organization On top of it all, there was a concert by several artist and bands. We were able to catch Sarah Geronimo and my favorite Gary V. =) It was very nice to see that still many people take time out from their lives and busy schedules to take part in helping our less fortunate brothers and sisters. It was a heart warming evening. It made me remember the days when I had opportunities in taking part in activities like out-reach programs, medical missions, humanitarian and even environmental movements and activities back in highschool and college days. Can you believe I was a member of Pro-Life Philippines? hehehe Unlikely? Well you don't know a person, until you know the person =)

We capped off the evening at Starbucks Corinthian hills. Its a lovely starbucks venue with a Rustan's Supermarket, Santi's Deli and an interesting Itallian resto. Nice hang out place--quiet and subdued but not desolate.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My First Poker Game

Back in my college days, card games have been the favorite recreation in our org tambayans. I've learned to play go-fish, gin rummy, hearts, rook, brigde etc...but never poker....for the reason , I don't know why....
Poker has been a long standing past-time craze for sometime now, and up until last night, I have never really played the game. It was my first time to actually sit-down and play! The game has been taught to me by different sets of friends with their respective poker groupies, but I guess you won't know if you know how to play unless you start playing the game! hehehehe ;P

I finally had the guts to play with my friend Holden and Edi's barkada. They were gracious enough to allow me to mess their poker game heheh. Annie, the wife of Andy, was my seatmate at that time and she patiently led me through the ropes of the game. I was quite shy and reluctant in placing the bets (imagine me..shy??? hehehe) the group has been playing regularly and I didn't wana slow the game down. I manage to win several games and I was so happy with that, considering I am a novice and playing with pro's hehehehe =)

I had a fun evening playing and watching. I never knew I'd actually enjoy playing poker. Thanks to all the nice players last night! hehehe

Sunday, October 01, 2006



my birthday cake, thank you Sal! It's chocolate truffle cake from Conti's

This year, my birthday fell on a Sunday. I opted to spend the day with my very dear friend Sal. We went to hear mass at Sanctuario de San Antonio. I just adore that church....maybe someday I'll get married there ;P! hahaha (I wish) After the 1030am mass we went to have the lunch buffet at Circles, Makati Shangri-la Hotel. It's my birthday--ergo---birthday calories are not to be counted!!!! hahahaha We didn't have breakfast, so we were famished by lunch time....lookie, lookie at what they had instored for us....

have a shot of seared tuna or shrimp and mango for appetizer

cheeses!!!! i love cheese! I had my favorite roquefort (not in the pic) with some cashews and grapes.

all the pasta you want!
a chocolate fondue---for you! heheheh

chocolate cosmetics???

a cupcake tree

the halo-halo bar...load up on your favorite mix and top with ice cream! yummm


Our lunch lasted 'till three in the afternoon! We finally ended up our uber long lunch of eating and non-stop chatting and headed for some action...some malling action!!! Off to Tiendesitas we went. It was my frist time there. Ang init grabe! It was like an open air greenhills tiangge...sam shops and goods...I guess I'm partial to greenhills that's why I didn't like shopping at Tiendesitas. We moved to Podium, they were on sale then. We shopped 'till our soles were sore! Naka heels pa man din ako! hahahha

A good morning at church, a great gastronomic lunch feast and shopping galore....what a great day it was!!! =)