Thursday, October 29, 2009

Restaurant Updates Part I

Let me do a little restaurant updating today =). Apart from the new places we love to try out we still find time to always go back to our old faves or sometimes give restos where we had not so good..not so bad experiences, another shot.

An all time fave Barcino...

Sometimes it fun to have small Tapipitas instead of the usual tapas platter we order here...

Meatballs with Cheese and Mushrooms

Liver Sauteed in Garlic and Olive Oil

weird as it may....we do love liver =)

Breaded and Fried Quezos
Sorry I didn't get all their spanish names...but they were all good and fun to nibble on while enjoying some wine =)

At Bugsy's....

Fried Hamburger Sticks
hamburger meat made into springrolls..enjoy your burger embraced by less

lambchops with mint vinegar

and at the neighboring Uncle Moe's...

Pan Grilled Dory Fish with Tapenade
love their tapenade...can serve as dip for your pita too!

Chicken Shawarma
their shawarma kinda lacks taste...the only thing here we weren't so hot about...

At Buffalo Wings ans Things

he loved it...too hot for me =)

Chili Fries
spicy...cheesy and oh so yummmy! prepare to get your fingers dirty!hehehe

At Jalapeno....
Grilled Chicken Platter
Yummy and spicy grilled chicken breast with salsa and corn relish on the side and flour tortilla

Chicken Quesodilla

We love to eat ^_^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tomato Grill, SLMC

A recent unfortunate car accident brought me and my injured sisters to St. Luke's Medical Center. Yes, it was kind of a major car accident. It happend a recent monday morning. I was driving with my sister's going to our office. It seems like any other monday morning and I was actually scheduled for my second rootcanal appointment that day too (talk about unfortunate over an unfortunate!!! =( ...sigh...when it poured like Ondoy on me that day!) So upon crossing Scout Rallos...just after passing Jade Valley restaurant...a speeding crosswind SLAMMED ON OUR VAN---hitting us from the side going to the back part...causing us to turn 180 degrees...making our look as if we were coming from the opposite lane of the road! I hope I described it well enough that you may picture what happend. I was in shock...we were all in shock. I managed to get out of the van ...shaking and sore. My sisters went out of the car...we were shocked...then scared..than angry! I looked to my youngets sis...she loooked ok...turning to my of her eyes was bleeding at the corner and started to turn black and blue. The side door was wrecked...we copuld no longer clode it. The rear window broken and flew out the pavement....all our stuff was a mess...some broken...some were found outside..landing at the pavement as well.

I was driving. My married sis went to our well as my boyfriend. My sis took my atch and kid sis to SLMC and my boyfriend and I went to the police station. I had to deal with all the police reporting crap and made sure that the other driver take responsibility for his EXTREME RECKLESSNESS which could have cost our lives!!!! I was infuriated!

After all the reports that needed to be filed..I then went to SLMC to check on my sisters. They had to get xrays and CT scans...I just had the physicval exam because I felt fine and I didn't have time to get scanned because I needed to get back to the police station. I told my attending that I would just skip being worked up.

Well...the whole ordeal took up our entire day. My sisters were both at SLMC the whole time and I had to go back and forth. We haven't had breakfast...we had no lunch the time we realized out hunger it was already while waiting for the test results we decided to taka a break at Tomato Grill the ground floor of the main building.

Despite the very unfortunate day we were having...our saving grace for that day was our grace ...

Tinapa Rice

WOW!!! It was a sight for sore eyes...sore bodies and empty stomachs indeed! Fried soy sauce flavored rice encircled by flaked tinapa, salted eggs and tomatoes. It was delicious!

Pork Binagoongan
Very flavorful and generous in serving size! This would have been great with plain rice!

Pancit Maria
A hearty flat noodle dish...with veggies and pork. Piping hot and very comforting to eat.

We had two of this yummy rice cake..with quesiong puti and salted egg slices. Hot and perfect with the nyog on the side.

We needed all the comfort these Filipino comfort food could give. We got by and had smiles after our meal...but then saddened again going back to the ER.

We were just greatful that non of us was severely hurt. Just a major reminder to us that EVEN IF YOU ARE ALWAYS CAREFUL...A LOT OF IRRESPONSIBLE AND RECKLESS PEOPLE STILL ABOUND AND CAN HURT US ONE DAY! Sad..but true...

Friday, October 23, 2009


The corner of E. Rodriguez and Tomas Morato has become a mini hub for new restaurant, such as World Class Persian Cuisine (please check my post on that), Sabroso Lechon (which is making quite a buzz amongst foodies and piggy goodie fans--I have yet to try this), Orange Cafe and at the back...NONMNOMNOMNOM....
The place is situated at the back part, parking area side of the building. It has a small indoor dine in area and if you choose to dine al fresco, they have several tables and chairs at the garden facing the parking lot. I have read and heard that they put several events during the week...such as guest bands and free movie at the parking! Better call them first to check out their weekly schedules.
Now for the food.
Fried Spinach Ravioli with Tomato Salsa

A bit of a disappointement because they came out oily. They were more of spinach wontons than ravioli would have been ok if they were fried properly.
Margherita Pizza Bomba!

It was like a ball of pizza dough stuffed with cheese, tomatoes and basil...lightly breaded and fried...served with tomato sauce. He did not enjoy this at all...but for me it was fairly ok =)

We found their al fresco setting a tad bit uncomfortable because the garden was uneven and the "bangko" they used was too narrow which felt unstable.
For me the experience was ok..different and enjoyable..nevertheless he did not like it here so I don't think I would be back here anytime soon. Do give it a try and see for's all a matter of personal taste anyway =)

Saturday, October 10, 2009


We passed by this nice black and white themed restaurant somewhere in the scout areas, where Brick Kitchen used to stand a few times and finally saw it open last weekend. The placed is called Romulo's...named after Carlos Romulo, the grandfather of one of the owner's as one of the waiter's told us. It had a fabulous casual-fine interiors, decorated by Ivy Almario (who is part owner of the resto also as we were told), all black and white, with 2 air-conditioned dining areas, a second floor for private functions and a nice alfresco area.

They serve Filipino cuisine with their own signature touch and twist.

We decided to have 2 appetizers and a main course to try out their food =)

Smoked Bangus Pate with Pan de Sal Chips Php 150.00
Bangus pate topped with hollandaise sauce. We liked the generous bangus flakes in the pate and the rich sauce atop...we only wished they served it with more pan de sal chips. We found ourselves having more pate with no more bread to eat it with.

Pinoy Nachos Php 75.00
Kamote and Taro chips drizzled with melted kesong puti, keso de bola and tomato.We liked the crispy and thin taro and sweet potato chips, but the cheese topping tasted more like nacho king cheese sauce than kesong puti and keso de bola...although I did find bits of kesong puti on the sauce =) It was yummy but not generous enough in serving for me.

What they scrimped on the appetizer serving portion, they made up with the main entree...

Flying Tilapia with 3 Sauces Php 290.00
Cripy fried Tialpia served with sweet chili sauce, honey bagoong and soy vinegar. We loved how big and cripy the tilapia was and the winner sauce among the three was the HONEY BAGOONG! You can forget about the ordinary sweet chili and soy vinegar sauces that you can make of find anywhere. Perhaps they shouldn't have included the 3 sauces with the name because only one sauce was special.

The place was very nice and cozy...great for get togethers and parties. The service was great too. The waiters were all very attentive and polite. We will come back to try more of the promising entrees and less of the appetizers =) The bagnet and pastas look intriguing and the desserts too =)
A part two is in order..I will post it soon together with the exact location of this new discovery=)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

My Birthday...back at La Cabane ^_^

It's my turn for a birthday =) How time really flies! Is it just me or are the days seem getting shorter and shorter...meaning me older and older...faster ;P hahaha Despite being officially off the calendar today (as in wala na ang edad ko sa kalendaryo--officially! hahaha) I can say, I celebrate my 32nd birthday with so much happiness than I have ever had in the last 31 years of my life.

Complimentary Bread Basket

Complimentary Amuse Bouche

Duo de Tartare de Poissons Php 370.00
We had this on our first visit for his birthday...I think I made a mistake on naming this dish on my previous post. We loved it so much that we ordered it again =) ...still as good as when we had it the first time.

Assortment de Terrines "maison" Php305.00
A trio of of champignons (mushrooms), olives and foies de volailles (chicken liver), served with oblives, green salad, tomatoes and gurkens =) The servings size of each terrine was quite big...yummy but not one of our faves because the distiction between the three terrines is very subtle. Good with bread.

have another look....

Sole ala Normande Php685.00
This was on the daily specials board. They have this rolling black board that they show their guest to suggest the day's special offering. This was pan grilled sole fish with prawns with cream sauce. It was delicious! The fish and prawns were perfectly cooked and the cream sauce flavorful yet not overly rich tasting.
We had our dinner with the same Alexis Syrah with had before...all the dishes were just delicious with a light shiraz.

The waitresses remembered us and remembered my comment that we would be back for my birthday =)

chocolate heaven..this time with a pink candle for me =) How nice!
It was indeed another wonderful dining experience here. We love the food, ambiance and service.

In the car awaits another yummy dessert for us to indulge in....Dark Chocolate Cake from Theobroma!!! ^_^
It was a happy birthday indeed!!!
Thank you my love!