Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We all woke up famished! Some of the BBS girls had the breakfast buffet at the hotel...but no, no, no, no way for me! I told the boys---we have breakfast at XTREMELY XPRESSO!!!!

This is my favorite coffee shop in subic! The first time I got to try this place was last holy week...and I loved it! Good coffee and great meals! The breakfast selection is the best and they also offer pastas and extra large pizzas!!!! May I add, at a very affordable price with free wifi to boot!!! What more can you ask for in a coffee shop??? Ako wala na =)

Here is my morning brew!!! Bold and no sour after taste..just the way I like it =)

the coffee bar....

I had the plain waffles. I love waffles with lots of butter (real butter ah!) and a tad bit of maple syrup. That thing oozing at the side is the orange marmalade they serve it with. I am no fan of orange marmalades, soweee ;P
This is the Bluberry Waffles...or as Peachy calls them...Burberry Waffles! hahahaha

Oli's Good Morning Plate!
A foot long hotdog, two eggs (sunny side up, over easy), slices of ham and bacon, served with toasts and wedges of oranges....and boy did Oli's eyes pop open seeing this plate served to him!!!---GOOD MORNING OLI!!!!!! =D


Oh boy---it is ALL FILIPINO ALL RIGHT! Tocino, Longanisa, Tapa and fried egg with Garlic sinangag and atchara on the side! YES---ni-lahat nila ang Filipino breakfast favorites!!! True to its name! How could this plate not bring up a smile on anyone's face???

Most of us were in the mood for breakfast fare, even if it was already almost 11am!!! But Ven...my dear Ven wanted the lunch entrees...here is his Fish and & Chips
Well, it's actually Fish and Fries served with honey mustard sauce. The fish is battered like that of for chicken strips and the fries and thick and crisp criss-cut ones.

Sher had the Bluberry cheesecake
It's good..the baked kind with blueberry marbling inside as an added bonus =)
Well, we were all very, very happy with our meals!hehehe Happy meals render happy travellers! We then set out for another duty free shopping spree and maybe some adventure! hehehehe

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