Friday, March 27, 2009

Office Baking: Double Dark Chocolate Cake

Let's bake a cake! Make it rich make it chocolate...make em really dark =D hahahaI just love deep dark chocolate anything! So I made a double dark chocolate cake a birthday gift=)

Mix flour, cocoa, baking soda and powder, salt in one bowl. Cream butter, sugar eggs and vanilla...add flour mix alternately with fresh milk =)

I always add some coffee powder to enhance the chocolate taste of my chocolate cakes. Coffee and chocolate---a match made in heaven indeed! =)

so dark and beautiful!

I layered my cooled cake layers and poured chocolate ganache in between and allover the cake!!!!!! =D

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Looking for a place to eat along Aguirre St. once more, we stumbled upon Tarragon restaurant. The place is simple and homey, but felt kinda sad with just one other customer other than us.

It was a friday and during lenten season, I don't eat meat friday's =D I picked the TUNA MELT Sandwich....

Canned tuna mixed with chopped lettuce, mayo and cheese with a sprinkling of sesame seeds in a bread roll. The bread roll was the size of a Pan de Manila pan de sal (perhaps just a bit bigger), good bread... and generously filled with the tuna-cheese mix.

He ordered Blackened Chicken with Garlic Rice
He said it was ok, but the serving size was kinda bitin for a man's appetite ;P
Food here was generally ok, but what made us not appreciate our dining experience here was, despite the fact that we were the only customer's dining there (the other customer just had drinks) our food came AGES AND AGES after we ordered them. After patiently waiting for our food...they were served kinda room temperature! We thought perhaps the wait will be compensated by great food served PIPING HOT....but alas...cold =(

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Menu: Chicken Pandan, Thai Rice & Mango Crumble =)

It's time to cook with JEN! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! =) So what's on my menu? I am Thai I make up my rendition of Thai Cusine! hahaha

My Thai Rice
I love cooking flavored rice as much as I love eating them. I think it's more fun to eat and becomes an add on dish on the opposed to just being a side...can be eaten on it's own too. For this dish, I browned and crisped pork chop edges....rendering-off the fat and leaving a chicharonish finish! I set this aside and sauteed in garlic, onions, chopped green beans, cabbage, red bell peppers and a generous spalsh of fish sauce. I then added cooked rice and then annato oil. I finished it off with a scambled egg, crisped pork bits and adding a final seasoning of salt and pepper. YUM!!!

Chicken and Pork Pandan
Earlier that day, I marinated chicken and pork cubes in a cup of coconut cream, pandan, ginger, pepper and fish sauce. You can also put chopped lemon grass leaves, I just didn't have any that day ;P . Place in a covered container and allow to marinate in the fridgy for 2 hours or so.
Wrap each marinated pork and chicken cubes in pandan leaves... and fry in hot oil...keep the flame in medium because it will take some time to cook the meat through inside the leaf packets =)

It smells wonderful as you fry!!! I had a pan in the oven in KEEP WARM that I can place my cooked chicken and pork pandan in the warm pan in the oven to keep them hot and yummy!

Serve with sweet chili sauce and plum sauce! A great meal and baon surprise! =D

For dessert...I made MANGO CRUMBLE
Nothing Thai about it...but its a quick and easy dessert to whip up.

Pre heat oven at 375 F. Make the crumble topping by cutting in cold butter cubes in flour, oats, brown sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. Chill this mixture in the ref while you cut up mangoes and toss some flour to soak up the excess mango juice and a dash of nutmeg for added flavor. Place the mango mixture in a pan and top with the crumble topping...pop in the oven for about 10-15 minutes or untill the crumble is golden brown.
Yummy!!! Like a Mango pie made in sa flash! You may also use apples for an apple pie-ish treat or berries or bananas!!!

Serve as is..or ala mode with chocolate or vanilla ice cream!!!
Maybe you can make this over the top by throwing in chopped dark chocolate pieces in the crumble mix ;P

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our Old and Reliable Choice

Foodtripping has its ups and downs. Oh yeah, you can't will all the time right? Well, when we get streaks for new-resto mis-haps....we go back to our old and reliable of which is SAN SUNG! How many posts have I placed on this already? =)

San Sung is located along A-Venue..I was tempted to steer us to restos there which we haven't tried...but this visit, I behave and didn't push for something new. GOOD FOR US!


We always look forward to the numerous small plates Korean restos dish out before serving meals. We even take note to limit out order because we know these babies will take up space in our stomachs! hahaha There is always something different in every visit, which is nice--variety is nice! See that plate with black seaweeds? I love that! I had two plates of that. Whatever that's sooooooo good =) His fave is the potato salad and kimchi. I also like the omelet type apps and the not so spicy pickled veggies.

Dolsot Bibimbop

This is one of the best, if not the best we have had. I think it really varies in taste, depending on the pickles they have in hand. It's like all those appetizer plates dumped in hot korean rice, with kimchi and egg.

Mixed them all up...

YUMMMMMMMMMMMM! Doesn't that look just soooo delicious! We love the rice getting charred at the bottom...sort of like the soccorat in paella!

Squid Tempura
A generous serving of squid tempura...with big pieces may I add.

Delicious, delcious! Always satisfying eating here =)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

SEx is Good! =)

We never knew untill we tried....

...Sinangag EXpress! =D hahaha I have heard it from my sis studying at of their fave lunch places...and passing by at there branch in BF...branches actually..they have two branches in President's avenue and another along Aguirre st. It must be good then..since both branches are never or rarely barren at any time of the day.

The place is very can and should come in your comfy shorts/jeans and shirt and flipflops because it's all al fresco dining here...and you sit on monoblocks =)

The menu is very straight forward. All your favorite pairings with sinangag and itlog....all at Php 49.00!!! can even have two meals and it's still cheap! hahaha

Toka (sans the "baboy")

Well fried tokwa cubes with soy-vinegar sauce.


Flaked out pices of tapa...comparable to Rodic's tapa but this one is rather wet. Served with garlic topped sinangag and ofcourse a side of fried egg.

A longganisa shaped embutido, fried, served with sinangag and itlog. Yummy! I like that the embutido is well fried =D
The serving size is just enough for a hungry me...a bit bitin for a hungry guy. We thought perhaps next time we ought to have 3 meals and a side of that tokwa!

For dessert...Chilled Taho
A cup of cold taho with brown sugar sago though. A nice and light dessert!

When you are hungry and on the go, it's great to have meals like this. The menu is no brainer, one glace and you'll know what you want...meals are served in a flash and satisfaction guaranteed! Isn't good to know you can have SEx 24/7 for only Php 49.00? hahaha ;P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lime 88

We got lost in our first few attempts to have some street food with a twist! I always forget where Lime 88 is exactly located, because it is in a residential area in Mandaluyong. San Rafael street!!! Yes, I always bug the sis of my friend for it's address...and still, we get lost. Finally, I took note of the landmarks to this place and we finally got the chance to try gourmet street style =)

The place is exactly as how other blogger's depicted it to be. The garage of an old house converted into a casual resto-bar. We scan through the menu and find street and non-street treat kinda dishes here too. Our first few picks were sadly unavailable..kinda frustrating to study the menu...finally decide on something... only to find out it's not available, so you are back at square one. The waiters were very attentive and friendly so we didn't mind this as much. We have already eaten prior to arriving here (playing safe, just incase I get us lost again ;P hehehe) so we just managed to try 2 dishes.

Our first pick, was nothing of street decent. Chicken Stuffed with Kesong Puti and Spinach
The dish was nicely plated. As you can see, this may well have been served in a more fine looking place, where you could be charged for more. The chicken was nicely done...but we wished it had more of kesong puti and spinach stuffing...which was a nice twist. The mashed potatoes underneath was nice and fluffy but the gravy was a tad bit too salty.

Earlier this evening I was really craving for BALUT. Perhaps it's because of watching Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Chinn and Zane Lamprey (my fave!!!) eat this feared Pinoy delicacy. Oh yes I like balut...but, but....I don't eat the "sisiw" just freaks me out! Other than the chick part I love everything about balut...the "sabaw" part and the yummy yolk park...where cholesterol reigns!!! hahaha
We chose the Balut in Red Wine Sauce
He asked the waited if we could have the chick part removed before the dish was served. The waiter told us that this was not I just told him we just take that part out when the dish is served.
When the sizzling plate was laid on our table, we understood why our request was not possible...
...the balut were nicely breaded and fried before laid sizzling with the delicious red wine sauce. I really liked this dish. The balut was not scarry as it was very, very young that the embryo didn't look like a real chick yet...whew! Lucky us. We both don't eat that part =D hahaha

The dishes they served us here was pleasant...but I think we would have enjoyed it more in a nicer and cozier set up. I am not saying a fancy-schmanzy ambiance...but what best came into our minds, that we thought suits the food here something of the likes of PINO. This place just need a bit more effort in making it nicer...just change the decor perhaps...nicer tables and chairs (replace monoblocks with real chairs perhaps)...that's it. The home-garage is not a problem at all, because secluded places have a certain charm. That's it...the place needs to be a little bit more charming. The food is good and priced cheap for its presentation and quality. Add more shabby-chic and and the whole, hole-in-the-wall street style guormet would become a great experience =)

Monday, March 09, 2009

My Chicken on Monggolian Rice =)

It's time to COOOOOOOOOK! Yay! I miss cooking. When I get the chance I try to whip up something that I make up from my mind =) I have this urge to make a ricey dish...I thought of making a Chicken Monggolian.

When we are in the mood for rice...we like the flavored one's...the sauced dolsot bibimbop, paella, dirty rice, fookien I make this:

First I marinated cubed chicken breast pieces (which I seasoned first with salt and pepper) in some soy sauce, vinegar, brandy, sesame oil, brown sugar and a little grated ginger. I let it sit in the ref for a few hours.

I removed the chicken from the marinade and pan fried them in a hot skillet with some vegetable oil and butter and set them aside.

To make the rice...I simmered the marinade and reduced it a bit and then placed it in a bowl. Then in the same skillet where I pan fried the chicken, I added more butter and browned some minced garlic, sauteed slivers of carrots, bell peppers and shredded cabbage. I added cooked rice, the reduced marinade, added a few more tablespoons of soy sauce untill I reached a yummy even brown colored rice. I mixed in 2 fresh eggs...adding them one at a time. Then seasoned it with some five spice, salt and pepper until I am happy with the taste =)

I placed them in a bowl and topped with the pan fried chicken =)
I dished up one big family style bowl....
I wish I had some spring onions...I think that would be a good finishing touch and would add up a bit more color and flavor too..but I coulnd't find any in the ref ;P

...and one to go =)
A great office baon surprise! I packed this with a pair of chopsticks and a bottle of juice for him =) Just pop in the microwave for a nice warm complete meal!

Friday, March 06, 2009

Vegging Out at Greens

Sometimes you get that unhealthy feeling when eating out too often. I suggest we do our "cleansing" at GREENS. I have told him about this place, but he was quite reluctant to eat FULL VEGAN meals...but he was adventurous enough to give it a go...I was soo excited to show him how good vegan can be =)

Look at that...all you porkaholics out there...there is hope to enjoy chicharon sans the cholesterol! They look like the real thing no? They taste quite as good...ofcourse nothing beats the FLAVOR OF PORK FAT...these are also fried but less deadly since it's made of wheat gluten. You just get the vegetable no cholesterol here. The crunch and saltiness can kill cravings for it's porky counterpart. We dip it in spicy vinegar...I was soo glad he was pleased =)

Fish Relleno
I loved this the first time I tried it. Fish meat with raisins and vegan stuff wrapped in NORI (how funky?!) breaded and deep fried. I love the nori gives this dish a somewhat Japanese dimension. I can't really say it's really healthy ang light being fried....maybe just safer to eat veering from pork and beef fat =)

They do look and taste like real sisig!!!! This is my first time to try this dish here. I have had Tofu sisig at sentro...but I think this is better. It's made of tofu too...but they put that something something which makes it taste like pork sisig with mayo or egg! Very good!

we had it with BROWN RICEbecause sisig and that fish relleno is great with rice...and this, I am sure is healthier that white rice. I love the nutty and earthy tone of brown rice and the feeling I am getting more fibre with every bite feels nice =)
Putanesca Pasta
Yummy and served with whole wheat bread =)

Eggplant Melanzzane
Ohhhh...we love this too! Like a low carb lasagna!!! Grilled eggplants with marinara sauce, bechamel and cheese!!! Served with whole wheat bread too. It's sooo good...only we wished the serving was bigger.

So nice here...makes you feel you were good to your body ;P

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Causeway, Timog

We crave for rice and dimsum...we thought of going to Causeway. They have have branches in Banawe, Congressional Avenue, Libis (not sure if this is still open) and here in Timog.

Siolong Pao
I don't think I have had real and good siolong pao, come to think of it. This is just my second time to have first at Emperor's Dimsum in Greenhills, which wasn't so bad. The siolong pao here at Causeway lacked the soupy-ness a good siolong pao should have. In fact this was kinda they just tasted like ordinary dimsum.

Shark's Fin Siomai
This was ok but like the siolong pao...the skin was kinda it has been in the steamer for quite a bit =(

Kuchay Dumplings
This was good...loaded with Kuchay..chinese leafy veggies. A very good source of fibre =)

This is what we came for...Fookien Fried Rice
A big dish of fried rice with yummy brown sauce and bits of chicken, mushrooms, shrimps and veggies!

like yangchow fried rice with sauce!
Super saucy fried rice! For two people, this is quite a lot! Watch out for the msg after-effect of eating too much of it'll need to have some coffee to kill that feeling =P

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


They still GOT IT! Up to this day, Conti's still packs in the Greenhills, Trinoma and at it's home base BF Paranaque. I guess its homey goody food charms everyone still, be it for dining or taking stuff home. In Paranaque, they even have a separate lot to serve as parking space, apart from the ones available at the store front. With all the restos lined up in Paranaque, you would think that this oldie will lose luster...but it is otherwise.

I have been hooked here before, but foodtripping frenzy kept me from dining here for quite a while. We go back to dine and reminisce what was the food bliss that we miss =D hahaha

Salmon Croquetas
Mini bites of mashed potatoes with some salmon mixed in..breaded and deep fried, served with a honey mustard dip. A yummy munchie to whet the palate.

Chicken ala KievChicken breast fillet with spinach and cheese...battered and fried with a nice creamy sauce. Very nice =)
Chicken Roulade
served with mushroom saffron risotto...very tasty

Very good too...only we wished there were more tripe pieces. How come the callos we encounter seem to be on the scrimpy side when it comes to the tripe expensive? hmmm...

Cheesesteak Sandwich

Lengua Estofado
Very generous serving of lengua =)

Pastel de Lengua
The pastel had a pastry that was just placed on top as opposed to the pastry being baked with the lengua all together. This was a scrimpier lengua sevring compared to the estofado version...but still very good and enjoyable.


Turtle Pie
Nice chocolate ganache with a caramel layer on a chocolate cookie crust topped with walnuts and whipped cream. I scrape off the cream...and this was really deilightful.

What keeps the people here are the consistently pleasing food they dish out, reasonable priced and with the right serving portion. The cakes are relatively cheap and they are of good quality. The kind you will be happy with and not be embarrased to give or bring to a party.