Friday, August 24, 2007

Penicillium Roqueforti

Taking up Food Technology, was really fun and it's own special way =). We basically specialze on the science or food and other word the technical aspect(sort of what Alton Brown does on a deeper level)..not the fun cooking, plating, table setting, bartending and function preparations that Hotel and Restaurant Ad majors do. Nagkamali ba ako ng course noon? hahahaha ;P

Why do I get into this now, you might say...well, yesterday I was craving for blue cheese, so I dropped buy the friendly neighborhood Santi's deli to get me some for lunch and a bag of semolina flour as well (for my grissini project) ....

....yummy! Staring at this mold ladened wedge of glory, reminded be of our food microbio class. It was the firs time I met the Roquefort cheese! I think most of us then haven't tasted this type of cheese before, and in fact had not even dared to eat it! I recall that experiment so well, where we had to isolate the Penicillium Roqueforti (the fungus that is responsible for that pungent aroma and disctinctive taste). Our professor had us buy them blue cheeses and EAT them before we used them for plating! I was willing...most were mortified by the thought of putting it in their mouth!hahaha We had crackers to go with it----I tasted it---yuck?--oh no--wait---wow! An ardent sensory mishmash=). Since then my love for cheese began =) Late, but never too late, to realize the world of cheeses there is out there pala.

A bit of nostalgia from a funky smellin' cheese! See how food makes memories come back? hahaha I love it!

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