Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hooraaaaayyyy!!! It's Dough Making Day =D

It's time to make my dough! =D My starter is ready for use...I measured the amount necessary to make a batch of Sour Dough Bread, and fed my starter afterwards. You feed the starter culture by adding flour and water and let it ferment once more. Just incase they DO taste good...I keep them alive!!!! bwhahaahaha ;P

Sour dough bread is special, because it takes a lot time to make it. You ferment for days and days. Hence, this should be made with a lot of patience and a lot of love =) For this reason, I adore artisan breads....and more so the sour dough.

Mixing up my starter with honey and flour to jump start the fermentation for my dough making day.

This is the dough goin to double in bulk =) .... feed and rest to fatten!!!! Works the same way with humans right (kain+tulog=taba bwhahahaha)!!!hahahahaha

I used a kitchen aid to mix the dough...but I knead with my hands at the final addition of flour so I get the feel of the dough. The amount of flour added depends on the moisture of the dough, which is affected by ambient moisture. Since its rainy...I take it the dough is matakaw sa flour.

Here is the bulked-up dough---so cute isn't it? =) The aroma if excellent! Using a starter does have a big difference. I've made different kinds of breads before but this has a special aroma! I hope it does taste as good as it smells!

I divided the dough into 3 loaves and rubbed some flour on top...

I double wrapped my babies in plastic film and set them in the refrigerator to ferment for 12 hours....this makes for a slow rise to work up the flavor of the bread =)
I am so excited to bake them...and a bit nervous! Shucks, I don't have baking stone! It's best to bake breads..specially artisan breads, on a baking stone to ensure even baking temperature. I will find out tomorrow if I am successful....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay..I hope they turn out right. The baking will make or break my bread! I can't wait! =)


Sam said...

Save some for me!!!

Jen Tan said...

hahaha...sure thing sam!!! =)