Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pics of Some Picks =)

Let me just share some of the delightful treats that I liked over the week =)

Kopi O paired with Kaya Toast at Old Chinatown Kopitiam

Their version of this Singaporean breakfast treat is smaller than the serving at Kopi Roti...nevetheless as yummy =)

Pasta Ala Pescatore at Cibo

I just so love how aldente the pasta is, always at Cibo. I always like light tomato based sauces.

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Caviar Ovale Pizza at Cibo

Need I say more? I liked this soooo much...after having it for dinner last Saturday...had it again a few days after...well sans the Pescatore ;P hehehehe

Crispy Pata at Cabizera
There is this nice little resto my friend and I found along Congressional Avenue. It's called Cabizera. A nice home converted into a resto-bar. Apart from the nice Filipino (and a few Korean dishes..yes they did have a few on the menu...we don' know why?? Perhaps the owner is part Korean? Has a Korean significant other? Or IS KOREAN ;P hahaha) On weelends, they offer some light entertainment from a singer cum piantista playing nice oldies and love songs =) We have tried a few dishes here and we were very much pleased with the Crispy Pata...very crisply fried yet not do we love it?...well we finished the entire thing! hahahaha 2 people..1 whole crispy pata..and that is NOT all that we ate that evening =)

Turon Ala Mode at Dencio's Ayala Heights
So simple..yet so good. I think anything ala mode is just wonderful The mini turons remind me that of the ones at Cafe Juanita.

Matcha Latte and Cold Pasta Salad at Kozui

I love the Matcha latte here...made with nutricious and delicious soy milk =) The pasta has a light cool creamy sauce...with some seafood or some sort of fosh and diced cucumber. I just had a taste of this pasta salad..because, beleive it or not..I was kinda full that moment =)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


I have always wanted to dine at the new branch of Zucchini's...but I just seem to never get the chance to. Well, one rainy evening...I had a chance to have a little night cap there.

They still gave us a complimentary bread basket...

nice warm rolls with butter =)

And what is a nightcap for me?......Cafe Creme
It's very string cafe americano..served on a silver platter...with a side of stemed milk and a shot of room temperature water to clease the palate after =) How lovely is that. I think this is, by far, the daintiest coffee presentation I have been served with in a resto---I likey, likey =)

Apple Pie Ala Mode

Their apple pie struck me as kinda there was no underlying crust. It was more pudding like in texture and apple pudding! The ice cream atopwas homemade...but unfortunately..not creamy and fine. It was pretty though and overall pleasing...butnot something I would crave and come back for, sad to say.

Nonetheless, I love the ambiance of the place and I would love to come back for a real dining experience =)

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Just to share some meryenda faves at Mary Grace cafe...
Grilled Kesong Puti

I don't think I have to expound on this I have posted about this more than once already I think =) It's a great afternoon snack...good ol' kesog puti with Olive oil that you eat with toasty bread slices..

Here is a new fave....Cabcab with Onion Dip
This is actually the reason for this entry. As we looked through the appetizer list...we saw this entry and without thinking twice..ordered this intruguing app =) We go...cabcab??? What could it be....well as we found out cabcab are wide, ultra thin slices of casava, fried to crisps that you use to scoop ot the yummy, sour-cream based onion dip! I find that it's as great with the grilled quesong puti =)

Yummy afternoon treats...I love how simple and good the dishes are at Mary Grace's cafe =)

Thursday, June 19, 2008


On a cool breezy's nice to have dinner al fresco. My friend and I had dinner at Chelsea at Serendra...and we got to have very nice dishes for the night...

Foccacia with Roasted Garlic
I just love bread...and adore the sweetness of the garlic rendered by roasting =)

I had wine ofcourse....they have nice Lindeman's Lambrusco

Crab Cakes
We loved this dish! Each patty is densely packed with crabmeat. Served with pomodoro and aioli..soo wonderful with wine and a very satiating appetizer! I could just have had this as my meal! hahahaha

Take a closer look of the crabby-goodness!

Salmon with Salsa Verde served with Mashed Potatoes and Baby Asparagus

Oh my...I was close to being full from the crab cakes...but I just had to make room for this entree. The Salmon was perfectly cooked and the salsa verde was a delicious compliment..however I kinda found it a tad bit in need of some salt =)

Roasted Prawn Pizza

The crust was thin and crisp...very craker-like..which makes this a light pizza! It was lightly ladened with bits of roasted prawns, onions and bell peppers..just right amount of cheese and finished with a heap of greens with vinaigrette.
Yummy...yummy chelsea =)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Chilyn Wedding

Last Sunday was a day of celebration! My day started with a wedding at Blue Leaf, fort. My good friends Chi and Lyn tied the knot at that morning...with a very beautiful Christian wedding. Up until that time, I never knew that there is a new spot atthe Fort, housing Starbucks, Pancake House, Razon's and other a school to boot! A promisng place indeed.

The ceremony was really touching as my friends exhanged their personal vows to eachother =) We moved on to the adjacent pavillion, where the celebration was held catered by The Mandarin Oriental.

They had this wonderful cupcake tower...of pink and mint green =) All the ladies in da haus got one! hahaha I didn't mine as I am not so hot over vanilla cupcakes and FROSTINGS (sorry) but my friends told me they were indeed very yummy!!!

come closer.....

We had a chinese lauriat luncheon....starting with cold cuts and the usual chinese platter of century egg slices, roast pork, roast chicken, seaweeds etc...

Shark'sFin Soup

This was a hot prawn salad with mango custard in fried milk

I liked the prawns that were breaded and fried with a sweetish glaze...however, the mango custard in fried milk was kinda toomuch for me....

like a mango panacotta with mango bits deep fried with a thick batter coating. Kinda too rich and too oily tasting for me.

Steamed Garoupa

Deep Fried Taro Balls with Sweet Chili Sauce

The soft crusty fried exterior embraces a mix of minced prawns, pork and mashed taro. I like taro, so I enjoyed this dish =)

Kiampung Wrapped in Lotus Leaves
Like a big bad arse chinese machang sans the stickiness =) Yummy!!!

Braised Mushrooms and Vegetables

Fried Duck

Ohhh lalala! A huge platter of duck splendor!!!! And how did we treat this fat royalty? Sad to say...most of us were already quite full atthis time...can you believe we barely touched a fourth of this serving??? SAYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!! If I could trun back the hands of time and go back that I am quite starving fromnothabing lunch yet.....aaaaaaaaaaaaah...sayang =(
Lychee Mango Sago

Even before the appetizers was served, we were all anticipating dessert! Oh yes..we chinese people lovemango sago...and thisonemade special with lychee =)

Buchi and Chinese Cookies
Served just to be sure all guests are EXTRA FULL =)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

I'm Back Sexy Back! =)

I would almost always opt to try a new place when going out...especially on a weekend. Then again, there are days...when you want to spend those much awaited for nights at good ol' reliable places where you know you WILL enjoy the food and you WILL be able to expect sure shot comfort in service and enjoy the ambiance =)

One of the few wow cakes that I truly love and dream of since my first forkfull bite of the cake of Ms. Baba Ibazeta....NONO'S CHOCOLATE OBLIVION, AT Classic Confections, Greenbelt 5.

It is, unfortunately, only my second time to enjoy this oblivious cake. I have craved and dreamt of having it with strong cafe Americano....time...and I am back!!! I dragged my friend to take me there and made sure we wern't too full to have it and made sure it was early enough so we don't catch closing what happend on a prior dinner trip to GB5. Ahhhhhh...pure pleasure!!!! Like a dream coming true with each bite of this wonderfully chocolately-nutty-not-too-sweet chocolate master piece being washed down by a deep dark brew!!!! HEAVEN INDEED!!!

Waking up and goin back to reality...we did a little shopping around. Perhaps I was still oblivious when I bought a pair of Calvin Klein jeans!!!! My friend goes...seriously???? JEANS????? hahahahah Yes my friends..I am a girly girl and I RARELY purchase I RARELY WEAR them!...Weird? Alas no! hahaha I am the kind you'd usually spot wearing skirts, shorts and dresses...almost never in pants! hahaah I dunno why I do..I just do. I just feel that, as I am petite, pants and jeans make me feel SHORTER! hahahaha Well, crazy, crazy....have them add to the oh so few pairs I own =)

Crazy shopping can work up an appetite. As I have mentioned...I am all for being at places that are good and reliable that you don't have to guess where dinner GB5...a fave for good wine, dinner and ambiance...Zuni it is again for me =)

We actually checked out Chateau before giving a final go to Zuni...but their wine selection is quite short and the food menu didn't tickle our fancy. Perhaps we were really set to go back to Zuni.

I don't want to over indulge that evening. I have had my cake and ate it too right? I did want to enjoy the I opted for the SPINACH SALAD

Spinach and various greens, with stewed tomatoes, shitake mushrooms and parmigiano shavings (I did ask for an extra side helping of the cheese...we don't want protein deficiency in the evening now do we? hahaha), tossed with a lovely creamy rosemary vinaigrette. A perfect pair with our Merlot for the evening. Oh...and I did load up on the ciabatta and butter to fill up ( I am NOTon a diet here! hahaha)
My friend had the US Wagyu Sirloin with Peppercorn Sauce

Served with brown rice risotto and veggies. I didn't get tp taste his food...but I could tell it was good since the plate was wiped out clean! hahaha
And these are a few of my favorite things..... =)

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Abe's Azotea

Way before I knowing Felly J's...I have always wanted and meant to try dining at Abe's. Unfortunately, I have never had the chance to do so because the place is always packed at Serendra. Either we are always on the wait list and couldn't wait no more...or just always to hungry to wait to even try to be on it's wait list! hehehe. Finally, it's sister in Trinoma...Abe's Azotea, isn't half as bad... =)...well maybe it's because we were just two people...hence, it was easier to squeeze us through the wait list.

We were in the mood for some good Filipino food. We chose to have the Crispy Hito with Balaobalo Sauce

Two cripsy fried just the pefect size. This is our first time to try Balaobalo. It's fermente rice...with a sour tone and pasty-gritty mouth feel. I am used to having my fried hito with a vinegar-bagoong-mustasa (mustard leaves) dip. This was an interesting twist to enjoying yummy catfish =)

Chopped Swamp-Water Cabbage...most commonly known as Kang-kong, stalks cooked in coconut milk with shirmps and chilis. We had the heat toned down a bit because, I am not so hot over overly hot dishes =) So good! I love dished with coconut cream!

Bamboo Rice

At Abe's...steamed plain rice comes in unlimited helpings for Php 60.00 a person. Why have your rice plain...when you can have it steamed with chicken, mushrooms, veggies...cooked and served in a BAMBOO to boot! It taste as good as it looks! Reminds of our chinese Kiam pung (literally translates to salty rice); a chinese rice dish..that is usually made with some soy sauce...pork or fried scrambled egg strips.. some peanuts etc..and kinda stickier than the average fried rice, which it is sort of like ;P This bamboo rice can be a meal on its own! Yes, we almost finished the entire thing....left just 1/4 of it because we were full already? ;P hahahahha

Another fave Filipino restoonmy list!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

PINO Resto Bar

We are creatures of habit. However so, don't you always find yourself on the look out for a new hangout? Well, we most certainly do....and when we find something interesting, we tend to go back to that place over and over untill we get bored and look for a new thing hahaha! This post is three visits please don't go on thinking all these were consumed in a night ;P hahaha!

Tucked somewhere within the quite streets of Teacher's Village...lies PINO...a fusion Japanese resto-bar. Just traverse Matahimik Street and you won't miss this quaint looking place =) It is quite small...very personal...and the interiors are simple yet artful....decent enough for a casual date...casual enough for nightly hangouts.

The menu is even more interesting. No sushi nor sashimis here though...but a lot of Japanese inspired dishes that is definitely amusing at the same time yummy.

Cheese Sticks with Mango Salsa

Ok...nothing Japanese at all about this...but it's just one of the yummy pica-pica they offer. Served on a funky rectangular plate and adorned with alfalfa sprouts...I love the way they plate the dishes...makes you feel like you are dining at a fancy schmanzy place =) They inserted bell peppers in each stick, and the best part is the Mango salsa which makes for a refreshing twist. Make sure you ask for another serving of the salsa =)

Wasabi Onion Rings

One of their best sellers. Wasabi battered rings of onions...deep fried and served on a skewered mounted on a zucchini avant garde! ;P

Tofu Blocks

These are just your good ol' tofu fried made interesting by the pool of tamari sauce underneath.

Salmon Belly Roll
This was our fave....Salmon rolled in nori with an ebiko center! The sauce zigzagging the plate is a yummy sweetish sauce (that I didn't get to catch the name of...on my next visit I will definitely check!) Each piece is just but a perfect mouthfull =)

Fish and Chips
We were quite taken back when we were served this dish as we were expecting the typical battered and golden fried dory fish with some potato wedges. How wrong were we! It kinda looks like a plate of TAPA...but as you bite into the blackened pieces, you would reconize the taste of nori and the fish fillet it envelopes. Unique and interesting...yummy too, though if you are not up for surprises you may get disappointed by their rendition of this Fish & Co. fave! We enjoyed it but perhaps can be made better if done crispier. The mound of shoestring potatoes on the side was a very nice take on chips..nice to nibble on and makes the plate prettier too =)

They have this cocktail on the menu....sake lychee...hmmm...curious...curious am I...when will it be made available though? hahaha