Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kape Isla: It's Not Just a Cafe..It's a Movement

After malling at Market Market, I was starting to get a little migraine..I felt tired and weak....I need my caffeine fix!!! Yeah, that's what happens to me if I don't get my jolt of java upon rising! So Sal and I went back to Serendra to get some brew. Upon crossing the street, Kape Isla was at sight! I've always thought that I was the "upsacle" rendition of good ol' Figaro, but when we got in....well..hindi pala =)

Kape Isla is a coffee shop estbalished by an organization of coffee growers in the Philippines. Well, I don't know all the details about it, but what I do know is that they each week they have a featured brew brand.

As for this week, it was Kapeng Barako. I see this brand in supermarkets, but I have never tried it.

Here is my Americano....

It had a nice clean acidic tone, which I liked...but it wasn't quite aromatic. Bold but not aromatic. It was a good brew and I tasted it black (before I decide if I want cream and sugar in it)---once you go black you don't go back! hahahhaa

On the walls...a collection of various Philippines coffee brands... like a library of coffee =) They have Figaro, Gourmet's Coffee, Cordillera, Montessa, Culinary Exchange, Kapeng Barako etc...

It was nice. Philippine coffee is great! For my espresso at home, I use Figaro. I buy weekly at the branch outside our village, so that I have fresh ground beans. In the office I use The Continental Coffee...good for the drip machine. Other local brands that I like are Cordillera and Benguet Gold, they are always fresh =)

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