Monday, June 21, 2010

Korean Night: food and more of their ice cream!!!! =P

I dunno what has gotten over me. Maybe it's too much eating that's causing this streak of blog laziness....MUST SHAKE IT OFF! =) hahhaha

So I go on with my Korean ice cream adventure...

It is just but fitting to start of with proper dinner before diving into the sweet stuff. I take my sisters and brother-in-law for an impromptu Korean dinner date (may bf unfortunately was caught up with I eat in his behalf...;P )

I take them to Woori Jib, Kalayaan Ave., Q.C., one our (bf & I) favorite neighborhood Korean place.

Kimbop Php 200.00 (2 rolls)

Korean maki rolls....filled with pickled veggies and pork =) YUM!!!!

Dolsot Bibimbap Php 250.00

How can that not be good?

Japchae Php 300.00
Delicious!Super tasty and generous in serving! We loved it! We also had Pajeon but somehow I forgot to take a pic...too caught up in eating =) Our food were all served fresh and piping HOT which made it taste even more delicious. We were all so full from the appetizers and our meal. I really love the family style serving portions, simplicity and taste of the food.

Complimentary:MAGIC TOWEL
A little entertainment before you sanitize your hands.....just drop some water on the white pellets....and watch it grown tall into a rolled up anti-bactirial moistened hand towel =) GENIUS!

Complimentary Iced Coffee
Delicious and free! Tastes like the free iced coffee at Kikufuji =)

Now for the frozen goodies.....

This was like our local pinipig crunch, pimped .....
.......with a hard chocolate core!-----Awesome!!! =) hahahha
This one is my personal fave......
Chocolate ice cream sandwiched by two slices of chocolate sponge cake! Like a frozen choco-misu ^_^ heaven in bar....I wish I knew how to call it....*sigh.....
This one is like a relative of the fish ice cream on my previous post....
BUT IT'S SHAPED LIKE A FLOWER----------------soooooooooooooooo pretty! =)
Love at first bite!.....Flower shaped wafer enveloping vanilla ice cream with a layer of mochi and sweet red bean paste..........................
You have the have the creamy ice cream...chewy mochi...gooey red bean....^_^

Did we have a great dinner?

You tell me =)

Woori Jib Korean Restaurant
Kalayaan Ave., the building a little after
Adarna Food and Culture

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Korean Fish Ice Cream ^_^

I have been a lazy blogger....bad...bad me. I have been eating and not sharing ...tsk!tsk!tsk!

So let me share with you a lazy-mini post on a delicious treat that we have discovered.
Go stop over the next Korean grocery you see....head straight to the horizontal freezer...and fish out a pack...(or maybe 6) of this DELICIOUS FISHED SHAPED ICE CREAM!!~!! Yummmm! Yumm!!!! Prices depend on the grocery you stumble upon...from php35-50 a piece...we got this for php35 =) The fish shaped exterior is like wafer-like...more on the taste of your sugar ice cream cones....inside is vanilla ice cream with a nice thick layer of mashed sweet red beans!!!

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So many yummy Korean icy goodies I saw...will update you on our next Korean freezer rummaging-capade!



sorry for the shameful pics....I was in a hurry to sink my teeth into :P hehehe