Saturday, February 28, 2009

Churrito Cafe

We have found another hub for our food tripping frenzy...and we vow to finish off trying, as much as we can, the restos that fall in the cradles of Paranaque! Starting from President's avenue and going in Aguirre St.....I freak out with all the restos lined up for our taking! hahaha....or 'trying' least to say =) So many food places so, little little space in our seemingly small tummies! hahahaha

I have been eyeing this Spanish themed cafe....and traversing Aguirre by day.....he tells me..."I think it's closed na..."

One time we passed by Aguirre St. once more this time in the mid to late afternoon...looking for a place for some was a hot day....and what do you know....CHURRITO CAFE is OPEN! YAY!!!!=D

I had to have some churros..since the cafe is named after this spanish pastry. The best churros in town they claimed.

I just ordered the kiddie sized classic Churros con Tsokolate Php 40.00 or 45 was it...

It was not kiddie sized to me...we were served 3 sticks of normal length churros...showered with powdered sugar and served with a pot of thick and dark chocolate dip...with two nice balls of chocolate on the side =) I thought the portion was generous enough...and I did like the thick and dark chocolate dip...but the fried choux pastry itself was kinda too floury for my preference. I have always been accustomed to the churros of that is sort of my standard of good churros con tsokolate. Nevertheless, they were enjoyable and I love that they had sooooo many churros varieties. They had chocolate churros with white chocolate dip...they had churros with cream cheese dip...churros with filled centers! Wow! Churros galore indeed.

Apart from the lengthy line up of sweet and savory churros...they did have quite an array of food that all seems soooo exciting to try.

So we made a come back after sun down to try a few more of the treats here.

The night scene is unbelievable here! It's like they have their own world in Paranaque. We just love the change in atmosphere and the Maginhawa kinda feel to the streety-strip resto-bar hopping night life, to go venture.

The quaint cafe where we had churros earlier that day...turned into a laid back Spanish bar by night. Shabby-chic is how I would like to describe it. Couches with coffee tables....tables with chairs...the place lit by rustic chandeliers....and we are serenaded by acoustic entertainment. It was charming.

We had to have some pica-pica....full that we are after dinner...we had the Tomato and Cheese Samosas
Not the real deal Indian samosas. They were more like triangularly shaped cheesesticks with some chopped tomatoes in them...served with a horseraddishy tasting dip. Enjoyable but nothing as fancy as it was described on the menu.

Chicken Lollipops

It was described in a fancier way on the menu...but you know they meant chicken lollies with sweet-chili sauce dip. Served very hot...quite enjoyable for me...but he didn't like the thick bread-like covering of the chicken. I still liked it because I like bread and bready...and I like chicken and it was piping hot ...and I was just enjoying the novelty of being there =)

We had a great time here..listening to the music..relaxing and talking. It's not a real place for major eating maybe...but for hanging out and wanting to have lots of choices for food to munch on while chatting the night away...this is not bad at all =) Prices are cool...affordable and just right for the serving portions and ambiance.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Mang Inasal, Tomas Morato

100 Inasalicious Stores! Wow to Mang Inasal! =)

I first met Mang Insal on a trip to Davao a few years back. It had the same al fresco-fast-food type set up with cheap and good Inasal! I was so happy to see them branch out to Manila...and mushroom at every area where hungry people may want to enjoy Mang Inasal's Inasal!

They have a branch in Tomas Morato...always packed during lunch time...and why not...the rice is bottomless and the food is good =)

Sisig Bangus
Bangus flaked and served in a sizzlinfg plate ala sisig! Tasty and a little goes a long glad that the rice is bottomless---when you order....

...Chicken Inasal, ofcourse ;P

Simple and good value for your money. You'll just go nuts over the Mang Inasal jinggle playing in a loop! hahaha ;P

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Coco Asian Bistro

Banawe is another area thriving with homegrown food places. We were looking for Wok with Liu...a chinese resto I have heard some people say good things about. Unfortunately, I couldn't recall where it is exaclty located so we just traversed the length of Banawe St.. Upon crossing Del Monte....we were thinking of goin back and just probably dine at Old China Town Kopi Tiam....but we stumbled upon this complex, where Starbucks Banawe stands, a small chinese dimsum nook and......


We ordered the Lumpiang Ubod Php 125.00
What a funky surprise! I have never been served Lumpiang Ubod this way. Pretyy purple pouches of crepes...lightly ube flavored...filled with the ubod filling...neatly tied with a pandan leaf and served with a thick peanut sauce.

Lookie up close.....

...and lookie inside....

They were really pretty...but its aesthetic thrill unfortunately did not meet up to it's taste. The ubod filling was kinda scrimped in order to make these pretty packages...leading to an unbalance crepe to filling short...too much wrapping too little ubod =( Makes you tend to leave parts of the pretty purple wrapping on your plate (if you get what I mean). The peanut sauce was too thick and lacked falvor too. It was generally ok...edible not entirely likeable. I would never trade the Aling Lucing's Lumpiang Ubod from Kamuning with this. FYI: Aling Lucing's Lumpiang Ubod is sold at K-1st Street in Kamuning...they are also very popular for their empanaditas and pancit palabok!

Moving on..

Mixed seafod simmered in coconut cream, served in a taro basket, on the menu it was described. As it was laid on the table....the dish looked very enticing and intriguing! Again...just another pretty face so to say. The coconut cream kinda had a starchy-thickened feel and taste as opposed to a smooth and rich tasting sauce we expected. There were about 1-2 prawn pieces...2 slices of fish fillet and 2 scallops in the cream ladened basket....priced at Php 265.00...I think we deserved a bit more. The taro basket was a disappointment still...we were hoping to be able to nibble on the fried taro basket...sort of like enjoy them like taro chips...but they were tough and not crisp at all =( Maybe it wasn't meant to be eaten anyway? Oh well....we had this with garlic rice...but we were served plain rice by mistake...we didn't bother to complain. The rice was Php 35.00 a bowl....a small bowl...garlic at Php 40.00. Please don't get me wrong...the dishes were edible...not totally appalling just not that appealing ;P Perhaps if you would dine here...just veer away from what we had and maybe you'll have a better experiece =)
The crispy pata on the neighboring table did look nice =).
I guess this place is well off us at least.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Combi Rice Toppings

One of the whole in the wall restos we see quite often along Maginahawa street (yes, still something new to post on this seemingly never ending unique resto strip) is this retro flared place called COMBI...named after the combi van---like the one that Scooby Doo and his crew roll in ;P hehehe

The place is very small...just about 4 small tables inside and about two al fresco. It was a full house on this visit, but a table for two was available at the small corner within.

You will find combi miniatures adoring the quaint retro resto and a shelf that holds jars of childhood faves like..



Plates on plates!
The tables are ready with plates on plates where you eat on or put your bowl of rice toppings on!
Now for the COMBI's (COMBI-nation rice and ulam topping ;P)

Arroz Ala Cubana
There redition is funked up or economized with a fried quail egg replacing the traditional chicken egg. Plain rice, topped with ground meat in red sauce...tasting very much like pinoy spaghetti sauce! The dish is adorned with a thin slice of fried banana and some fried bihon. Priced at Php 89.00 a bowl...can we really say this is a cheap meal? Cheap in the sense it's an entire meal under ninety bucks but as for the taste? hmmm It was ok...edible and fun but after a while it kinda gets to us that we were like having spaghetti on rice..with egg and banana! hahaha =D So sorry...I know this place has a lot of faithful patrons in the area.

Also priced at Php 89.00 a small breaded porkchop with a thick brown sauce...a bit starchy..but again edible and quite fun to eat but nothing to go crazy over.

Mapo Tofu
This dish doesn't come with rice. Stacks of fried tokwa slices with veggies and a sweet-sour-spicy sauce. The tokwa kinda had a sour undertone to it which I didnlt quite like so much. This was edible but not really enjoyable.
To some up our whole combi experience, we were fairly satiated with a total bill summing to about Php 400.00 for two people. We had one bottomless iced tea for Php 40.00 adding to all we had that I showed above plus Php 5.00 for 3pcs of Tarzan for dessert ;P hehehe
May I add they are also famous for their fried oreo ala mode, which most people dining with us seem to order and enjoy. Anyhoos, the meals we chose were all ok but, simple eaters that we are, we were kinda not so into the taste of the food here. Nevertheless, I would still encourage others to go try this place...maybe you will find a combi of your liking? Perhaps the pinoy combi's are better tasting? The others seemed all pleased with what they were I don't want to generalize all together with our experience.
Needless to say we don't think we will find ourselves here, sad to say. The places and prices are friendly so you see for your self should you ever want to go retro dining in Maginhawa st. =)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That's Amore! =)

I was surprised by a foodie trip to Tagaytay!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! =D I dunno....there is something really great about long trips to just excites me =) Hungry or not, going all the way to Tagaytay to enjoy the cool breeze, rural ambiance and dine at a resto not to be found in Manila...with a very special person to just SPLENDID! =) hahaha

We found AMOROMA'S RISTORANTE ITALIANO, along the Hi-way to Tagaytay. Yes, it has moved so far south. The branch in Paranaque closed up sometime ago with which they have replaced with this lone and bigger branch, which they attached with their very own bed and breakfast.

The dining area is spacious and the staff are very attentive.

They have fresh pasta, cheeses and various antipasti selections.
Bomboloni with Pickled Vegetables

Mushrooms, Zucchinni and Peppers manirated in Oilve Oil, served with freshly baked hollow bread.
You enjoy this by stuffing the hollow bread with the pickles....delicious and light!

Complimentary crisp wedges of bread

Baked Mussles
Hot from the wood fired brick oven! Delicious mussles with flavorful pomodoro sauce topped with breadcrumbs and parmesan.

Grilled Zucchini Salad
Grilled slices of Zucchinni dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic and fresh parsley.
A very light and romantic dinner. It was so lovely savoring the flavors of the dishes we ordered with the quiet-cozy ambiance and cool crisp weather. An amorous evening indeed!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Angel's Update

On to re-visiting old faves....back at Angel's Kitchen, Greenhills...

Sometimes it's great to go and dine at old and reliable faves to enjoy simple, hearty and home grown food =)

Tripe, sausages and chickpeas in a yummy thick and somewhat gelatiney-thickend sauce! Just perfect with steamed rice =)

A generous plate of tender lengua with pieces of sausages blanketed by a thick gravy-like sauce. We had it served with mashed potatoes.

Mashed Potatoes

Ox parts given justice! =)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chi's Brick Oven Kitchen

I have read nice things about this quaint Pizzeria in BF Paranaque...Chi's brick Oven Kitchen. I was very happy to get a chance to get to this place =)

Chi's Brick Oven
It is situated at 282 Aguirre St., BF Homes Paranaque. The place is simple yet cozy...with the wonderful brick oven at the heart of the resto =) The staff are friendly and warm too.

They have a good selection of appetizers, soups, pastas savory and even dessert pizzas!

Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl (about Php 100.00)
Creamy and very tasty chowder in a flaky and crispy bread bowl! The soup is very flavorful...our only complain? The soup inside was sooo konti---more like having a clam ala king. It was very good soup that is why we wished they made the bread bowl bigger to house more of that thick, rich tasting chowder =) Nevertheless, it was very good with the yummy bread. It was delightful breaking the bread doused with the creamy clammy soup.

Margarita Pizza (about Php 180.00)
Fresh our of Chi's brick oven! Nothing beats piping hot, thin and crisp pizza. Just tomato sauce, cheese and fresh basil....light and delicious!
We wanted to order pasta too but we were on for a special we needed to eat light and save space ;P
A return visit is definitely on our agenda!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Having a Kick at Tomato Kick! =)

We are still enjoying Maginhawa St. to date! hahaha So many nice whole-in-the-wall places...budget friendly and good food to find here. One of the small places there you will find on top of a 3-storey mini building....TOMATO KICK! This place is always packed with kids...highschool and college kids...and people like us ;P hehehe All al fresco dining sit on mono blocks and simple stainless tables...but don't snob the will be quite surprised with the food and their prices.

Seared Peppered Tuna with Chips
Priced just over a hundred bucks....definitely less than 200! Pretty good with wasabi and soy...though the wasabi paste came from a tube...hey this was a very nice appetizer.

Sizzling Spicy Sausages
Slices of sausages in a spicy tomato sauce with onions and bell peppers. Very nice! The tasty sauce had a very nice kick that was great with the sausages.

Cheese and Garlic Pita Pizza
Simple yet very satisfying! A yummy snack or starter or pica-pica =)

Pesto Pita Pizza
Cheese, fresh tomatoes and pesto on crispy pita. Sooo good! My favorite here! I can have the entire thing to myself...and at 80 bucks per your heart out!!! =) I remeber our pita pizza at Pino...which was basically the same as the pizzas here, priced at about Php 135.00 for the vegetarian...the Tomato Kick pita pizzas wins by a big kick! They even have sun dried tomato pizzas!

Pasta Putanesca
Complete with fresh tomatoes, capers and olives. This yummy and filling pasta, served with buttered whole wheat bread is a winner at about a hundred bucks more or less.

A generous serving of nachos....about 40 can order them with dips or the loaded kind with add on price ofcourse.

Sizzling Chicken
Yummy chicken fillet in a sizzling gravy! We ate the chicken with the nachos....chicken gravied nachos! =D

Chili Dog
A yummy beef frank with ground beef, tomatoes onions and grated cheese! Like a hotdog-taco! Yummmy!!!! (about Php 60.00 more or less)

Casual hang out to enjoy lots of fun food to eat. Dining here will make you feel you are back in college...and spending like you are back in college!---(if you're around my age! hahaha) ;P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mr. Ube, Ongpin

Of all the numerous places to eat good dimsum for meryenda in Ongpin...we enter Mr. Ube's cafe. Perhaps it's because of the quirky colored facade and interios that we were drawn in?

We just picked a few items on the menu to try...

Fish Siomai

Fish siomai? We thought it would be like---fish fillet pieces bound in the siomai---but we got....fishballs in the siomai =) Edible still.

Radish Cake
Looks nice as I love well browned and crisped raddish cakes....but it kinda lacked flavor.

Chinese Kikiam
This one was a tad bit too fatty tasting.

After this we wished we looked for Sincerity is on my list of places to EAT in...I have only tasted take out food at Sincerity...can't wait! =)
Oh, in addition...Mr. Ube is owned by Eng Bee Tin =)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Italianni's New Dishes

Italianni's dished up new items on the menu that are worth giving a try...

Chicken Scallopine with Pesto garlic Rice (Php 295.00)
Breaded chicken breast fillet with marinara sauce, served with a siding of sauteed veggies and garlic rice mixed with pesto sauce. Very nice and the serving was generos enough =)

Seafood Florentine with Pasta Marinara (Php 350.00)

A melange of fish, squid, mussles and shrimps with a side of pasta marinara and sauteed veggies.
Great new dishes ---great value---they claimed...hmmm... I think they are still kinda pricey for the kind of food they are. With all the new Itallian restsos around, Italianni's prices and fare is kinda not really worth it anymore, especially now they took out the Bistro card! (Is it back? ako lang ba ang wala? hehehe). I think we can find better quality Italian food for what we paid for during this visit, in other places. They kinda scrimpy with the free bread on this visit too...just because we were only two people they gave us like 3-4 bread slices only! We had to ask for more...they did oblige but gave us the same amount so we had to ask for another basket ;P hahahaha

Monday, February 09, 2009

Gangsta Time at Bugsy's

Below our favoriteBarcino, at City Golf Pasig, lies a mobster resto-bar...BUGSY's. Well, no mafioso looking people hanging our here....just peeps trying to chill out after work or during weekends for some drinks and good food!

Bugsy's Platter

Composed of fried mozzarella, fried potato wedges and there famous buffalo chicken tenders, served with sour cream and marinara sauce. All of my favorite munchies in one platter!!! Yes, a happy trio this is! The potato wedges are thick and crisp...the fat blocks of deef-fried battered and breaded mozzarella...and boneless chicken tenders with a yummy sweet-spicy buffalo sauce...with skin on (that are CRISP even with the buffalo sauce on) to boot! Yummy and fun to eat...definitely not good for your health! ;P

Warren's Dip and Chips

A generously filled ramekin of tomato salsa and cheese dip served with deep fried pita wedges. It was good but we were kinda expecting a warm kinda dip. This was a cold, chunky salsa type dip...with grated cheese---could it be better if this was baked untill the cheese melted? =) Perhaps use real nachos instead of the fried pita? We enjoyed eating this and manage to still wipe out everything =)

Fish and Chips

Beer battered Dory Fish Fillets with fries. Good and enjoyable.

Crispy Liempo with Spicy Liver Sauce
A generous plate of cripsy fried liempo (like a lechon kawali) with your good ol' lechon sauce/liver sauce/Mang Tomas...spiked with siling labuyo! We loved how cripsy the whole thing is =)

We love the simplicity of the place with good food and drinks to enjoy that is priced just right. They also serve steaks and rice plates that looks enticing to try.

One or our fave places to hang out in when Barcino is full or when we want fun crunchy munchies =)