Monday, August 13, 2007

Got Stoned!!! ;P

My baby sis Nikki, was looking for some of my sour dough bread yesterday...I am sooo happy she liked my bread. Ofcourse, I was more than delighted to make her more!!! It warms the heart of a baker to have loved ones ask for more...most definietly! I preped up another bacth last night so that whe my sis wakes up...she can enjoy freshly baked Sourdough!!!

It kinda got easier this time around.... I knew my time schedule for making the dough and baking. I was in search for a baking stone. When I was at Power Plant, before the Pink Kitchen event...I went to Cooks Exchange to check ouf if they have baking stones. Well, they didn't have any for sale...but they did have 2 of them there, but they were reserved!!! I begged them to show me the stuff...I wanted to see the material and the thickness and shape. What they had was a 13" roung white stone..about 1/4 or 1/2 inch thick....I t hink its the former. Anyhooos...last Sunday, after our Fort trip, I dragged Sal to Wilcon builders and MC home depot to look for unglazed tiles or terracotta stones. They ddidn't have any...but what I did find...were bricks! ahahahhaaha =) Aren't artisan ovens made up of bricks and stones? Well , I got some and brought them home..worth the try right?

After gingerly and loveing prepping my dough....I made 2 big loaves and 1 small one....for trial baking this morning.

When I got..I lined my oven with the bricks and preheated....dressed up for the gym...placed my small loaf....

....and here they are

I think they are better today! The shape is more like the picture in my book and the color of the crust more golden...well just a bit burnt on one side hehehe...I used my small Kitchen aid oven for this one.

I notice the crumb is more airy. It has bigger, yet still uniform air holes (like honey-comb). The crust is crunchy and the inside is moist, spongy and I think softer =) I think the volume is better today =) Perhaps due to the bricks?
When my baby sis got down for her breakfast...TADA....freshly baked cooled just in time for her breakfast.... I spread a lot of president butter (as she likes 'em) and topped it with some peppered lyoner from Santi's deli =)

try it! hahahha
I love baking bread in the moring!!! =D

So much joy bread making gives to me. My bread love!!!!


Anonymous said...

told ya wala sa rockwell.. not listening ka talaga.. hehe....
had a friend buy me one in megamall....
anyway.. bricks will do naman:)
where's my bread?:)

canDIshhh said...

New batch na ito?? Penge!!

Jen Tan said... ndi mo ako pinabili??? =( meron din sa guordo's pero ang laki..16" won't fut muy oven!!!

Jen Tan said...

hey di! this week ask edi to drop by the office =)