Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Road Trip Part III: ZOOBIC

After our uber great breakfast, we went duty free shopping once again and then headed for a little forest adventure at ZOOBIC!

It seemed like a great idea...you ride in this caged jeepney and go through the jungle like road to see the animals.
Moi, Din, War and Ven

The trip is 3 hours long pala! We were pressed for time because we got there around 1pm and check out time is 2pm! So, we just had picture taking at the entrance!hehehe Good for me because there was a part of thr trail..the Savannah---where there are birds!!!!--EEEEEppppsssss!!!! Thanks, but no thanks! ...Whew! Close call for me! hahahaha

Nonetheless, we managed to see a little bit of teh "wild life". At Zoobic...you have to slow down while driving because, as the sign says,...there are MONKEYS CROSSING!!!

lookie here

Oli..is dat you??????:P Uh-huh....yeah...baaar-ten-dur! hahaha Kaya wala ka sa pic above...may solo ka pala dito! ;P harharhar!!!!!

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