Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Som's Experience =(

I've raved about Somm's Noodle House in a previos post of mine. I loved the food the fisrt time I've eaten there and the price of the food makes it all more worth going back to.

Last Sunday, after meeting my friend Ling (to give her her order---thank you sweetie!), her sisters's and bf at Starbucks Katipunan. I hopped to Corithian hills (yes--Starbucks again!) to hang out with my sisters and brothers. When our stomachs were clamouring no longer for coffee...but for some substantial nourishment...I suggested we go to SOMS! I told my brothers and sisters that it was really good and cheap there minus the ambiance---but who cares right? Perfect plan for a laid back Sunday dinner. ...or so I thought!

We got there around 7:30pm...the place was full and the waiters adviced us to go to the new Jupiter branch. I refused to because I wanted my bros and sises to enjoy the authentic thai carinderia experience. We got a table and here is what we had

The Spring rolls

Green Tofu Curry

Red Beef Curry

Bagoong Rice

The food was still really good..but my bros needed their RICE with their ULAM naturally! That was what killed the experience! The food came in dish at a time! So what happend was we picked on our ULAM everytime each was set out on the table! After the bagoong rice came....our fried rice followed over AN HOUR LATER!!! OUR PAD THAI NEVER CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was really nasty!!!!!!! We were all bitin!!! It was so unfortunate that that happened because the food was really good pa naman.

Why SOMS???? WHY DO THAT TO US????? =(

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Banana & Apple Found!

I've read a recent post on one of my favorite food bloggers, Ms. Lori Baltazar' dessertcomesfirst, on this new pastry shop with a very cute name Banaple. Ofcourse, I naturally made a mental note in mind to look this place up next time I pass the Katipunan stretch.
On our way home from our dinner at Metrowalk, I told Sal about Banaple and she was eager to go and find this place so we could check their goodies out! We like to buy food for our families to try.
We kept our eyes peeled as we started taking on Katipunan, coming from White Plains.
As I saw Kopi Roti at our right...then looking to the left.....EUKERA! We have found the red and yellow sign that calls out Banaple! =)
We asked our dear driver to take a U-turn at next available slot! We rushed out of the car and this is what welcomed us.....
lookie here...a cake display of scrumptous looking cakes!!!
They offered a selection of cheesecakes, carrot cake, snicker chocolate cake.... is there famous Banofee pie....
As I mention .quite often...I am really no fan of cakes and/or desserts whith white stuff (except cheesecake and tiramisu becasue the white stuff, i know, is cheese that I adore!)...sad to say the Banofee is topped with very white-looking banana cream or was it whipped cream topping =( So, I couldn't have the banana (of Banaple) so I went on to have the next best thing...the Apple in the Banaple!...=)
Here is the Apple Crumble...served ala mode! I love anything ala mode!;P I just love contrasting temperatures in desserts! Warm pie...cold ice cream...yummy =) Sal and I ordered this to share and I had an Americano to go with it.
As I was studying the other cakes on display, I mindlessly who owns the place?...As I looked up, a sweet looking woman and a nice looking guy looked back at me and and introduced themselves as the owners! YIKEEESSS!!! I was sooooo embarassed, as I din't notice them come in from the kitchen! I must have sounded so cocky looking for them like..."so sinong may ari?" hahahah... So sorry about that GJ and Maricel =) Ah yes, the owners are the very lovely couple aforementioned!
Our dessert visit turned out into a little tete a tete with the very nice couple! It was soo inspiring talking to them. The very nice surprise was that they were both UP graduates like myself! They were just 2 batches ahead of me! And Gj was even a schoolmate of mine during elementary days! I wish someday I could have my own little shop of cinnamon rolls and all my bread babies and all my food faves....I wish..I wish ....I wish I had the guts like this couple does! I find it so lovely that they work together...with food =) Sweet! Literally and figuratively!!!! I love it!
Here is the Appple crumble pie...ala mode...
I managed to get just a few bites of it because I got so engrosed in our conversation, but I recall that it was very good =). I like the crumble topping! Maricel told me that she even modified it a bit because some patrons found the crumble topping a bit too much. Is that possible??? Too much crumble topping?? hahaha I told her, if it were up to me, that would have been just FINE =)
Aside from cheesecakes and pies they have muffins and banana loaves =)

I will definitely come back here and bring some friends over! Thank you GJ and Maricel for being so accommodating and see you again soon! =)

Pre-Birthday Teaser at Teazzan, Metrowalk

It's Sally's birthday coming this sunday!!! ADVANCED HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR SAL!!!!! =) Just to be sure that we get the chance to get together to celebrate, we decided to have dinner last night.

We went to Metrowalk and checked out Teazzan. by the name itself...I was kinda thinking it was like the defunct, Struan and Tang's (remember that?). So we instinctively tried their fruited iced tea...

I had the Kalamasi flavored and Sal had the recommended by our waitress....

The drink is based on brewed green and jasmine tea...with fruit flavored syrup. The taste did not agree with me as I found them both to be too "candy" tatsing! I couldn't detect the tea taste anymore b4ecause the syrup they used was too overpowering....

We split this honeyed balsamic salad.....'s mixed greens with caramelized walnuts (but the menu says...cashews dapat!), sundired tomatoes (I love sundried tomatoes!) and balsamic vinaigrette (which tasted like it was JUST balsamic vinegar). Nevertheless, I liked the salad =) or was I just famished? ;P

Next up...we spilt an order of the seafood pesto linguine....

We bothed like this dish! It had pesto and a little bit of red sauce, which I think gave the dish dimension. The prawns were fresh and the linguine cooked al dente!

This is the spinach-cheese crepe (with mushrooms). We were supposed to have the quiche, but the waitress told us it was a very tiny order (muka siguro kame malakas kumain talaga!hahaha)

The crepe was more like egg lumpia wrapper to me, but I did like the spinach -cheese-mushroom filling. I love spinach and cheese =) Although, after a few bites, I found it "nakakasawa".
For dessert...we had the mango souffle...good for 2 for Php 225.oo

Hmmm...I really don't like white stuff =( I like the soufles at Le souffle..but this one, I took a pass. It was too eggy for me...I could barely taste the mango and it didn't seem like dessert to me at all. After 2 or 3 bites..I let it go. Sally like it though.
It was nevertheless a plasant and filling dining experience overall. I like the interiors of the restaurant.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I have been busy baking the past few nights and I'm loving every minute of it! =) Thank you to all the wonderful people who order cinnamon rolls from me (hugs to you all!!!) I really need the baking frenzy to get my mind off a lot of things...I welcome the work with open arms!

I don't know if any of you out there realize, that sometimes the seemingly happiest people around can be the saddest people you'd know?

I just got a text message now...

" do you know what real love is?....itis when you go through the hard trials of trust & sacrifice, and still wake up every morning falling in love all over again..."

Just wanted to share that because it's nice.... and true=)

Why do nice people have to go through emotional hardships? Betrayal? Disappointments? Hurt? I know a good deal of good people who are not getting the kind of love and care they deserve. And is this the saddeness I am talking about? Well, yes. I think one of the heaviest burden a person can have---more than any kind of physical stress or wear---it's hurt in the heart that is most painful. It has mind altering, mood swingging, appetite losing and body deteriorating effects to people....some pretty good people. It happens to many of us and it happens to the best amongst us.

I think pretty much all of us have dealt with this least once in his or her lifetime. Sometimes I just can't help but wonder...why so hard on some people? Why easy on others?

Just some thoughts...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sunday Shobe Bonding Day =)

I have been out quite a bit the past week and I missed my shobe a lot, so I decided to take my shobe out malling last Sunday.

But first things first...I went out of the house early to bring some cinnamon orders to 2 of my friends in greenhills. Can you believe after my Saturday night out at Apartment B1 I managed to bake when I got home? O yes I did! That's how much I love baking---love it more than sleeping! hahahha ;P

After my deliveries, I met up with my friend Gwen at theatremall for a quick chitchat =) (just can't live without that! hahaha)

I went back to the house to pick up my shobe and to Podium we headed on! My shobe goes..."are we gona meet with your friend Gwen ba?" I said..."no, tapos na" and she goes..."bakit tayo aalis?" I told her "wala lang for bonding =)" hehehe

We had early dinner at UCC, one of my favorite coffee shops. I really like the food selection here. The I call their menu, simple-fancy...the items are really know like pasta...sandwich and salads...but the put very nice complexity to the dish that you cannot find elsewhere! I love it! =) hahaha

Let me expound.... consider exhibit 1.A Chocolate French Toast!

My shobe was contemplating on this or a waffle and apparently this won her over. The cubes of thick bread made into mini- frensh toastlets that are slightly crisp on the outside and soft in the indside...smothered with chocolate sauce, topped with whipped cream (this is the yucky part! ---to me:p) and sticks of pocky! =) (i like pocky...specially the kind with almonds) My sis loved it!

And here...exhibit 1.B Chicken Terriyaki Penne...

This is for yours truly =) When it comes to pasta...I am inclined to the noodle type..i.e. spaghetti, spaghettini, fetuccine, linguine, angel hair..... but for this dish I am ok with the penne since the Terriyaki chicken has strong flavor. I love this dish! As I love Terriyaki...I love chicken and Cheese!!! I think this will be a UCC favorite of mine along with the Terriyaki eggplant sandwich (see Terriyaki still???) Warning though..this dish IS VERY FILLING! Super busog and like you need to be wheeled out of the resto! bwahaha (exagg!!!)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Apt 1B

I have read and heard so many good raves about this cozy little place called Apartment 1B by some of my favorite food bloggers. I finally got the chance to vist this place last Saturday night with my good friends...Mikey and "Angel" ;P . We got there after for a little night cap.

The place is homey with comfy looking interios...tables and couches. We were seted at a corner table on the ground floor, but I would have liked it better upstairs (it looks cozier there!) Mike and I had the brew of the day, which was 100% Arabica coffee. Arabica is the most fragrant of all coffee beans but it lacks the body that I look for in my coffee =)

And for dessert we had the Carrot Cake....

...this was ok..though I found it a bit too sweet for my preference. I didn't appreciate the caramel sauce that they drizzled on it. I think it over powers the complex flavors in this dessert and it made it even MORE sweet! There was also some sort of dried fruit incorporated in the glazed fruits or was it dates? It made it more like fruit cake than carrot. The cream cheese icing...was a bit weak on the cheese. Nevertheless, it was ok. Not bad but not good, I'm sorry to say. I remeber the carrot cake I really, really liked....the one from Cafe Ysabel. I'v had it aloooong time ago and I remember loving it (I just don't know if its still the same). The carrot cake of Fleur de Lyss, I like also =)

Moving on, we had the famous White Toblerone Cheesecake....

as you can see....WHIPPED CREAM A TOP!!!!! =( SADNESS!!! I hate whipped cream! I actually, am NO fan of white chocolate as well. The crust was graham cracker with some nuts in them, again too sweet for me. The cheesecake body had bits of white toblerone in them---it was ok but nothing I would fancy. I must add that the strawberry sauce they used to plate this dessert was too much and too thick! I'm so sorry to all the fans of this dessert. Perhaps I am a biased opinion as I hate whipped cream, I don't like white chocolate and I don't appreciate excessive saucing! hahahah ;P

A bad dessert day for me? Well, not really...I still appreciated the cakes we had. They were not my taste but I bet there are lots of people who like them=) We mopped out both cakes anyway so there you go! hhahhaha

What interests me though, is the hot items on the menu! The food looks very interesting....casual gourmet. I will definitely go back here FOR DINNER and/or BREAKFAST! Yes, they offer breakfast satrting at 7am! I love breakfast food! I love breakfast as I love morings! I can't wait to try the eggs benedict and waffles! ;)

Despite my disliking the cakes...I will definitely give this place another go!---matigas talaga ulo ko! hahahaha

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Turkish Pasta Pic...

A-ha! I found the missing pic to my Ziggurat post! Here it is my friends... the Turkish Tujmaj =)

Look at the plate---its the same plate they use at Cafe Breton! ;P hehehe

The Temple Tower of Ancient Mesopotamia!

I have long made a list of restos I want to try out, and I have totally forgotten about this mediterranean resto tucked away in the heart of Makati (somewhere near the red light district hahaha).
Ziggurat is a quaint resto having a very interesting menu of African, Indian and Persian food. The place is quite small, but very cozy. I like that you get to sit on the carpeted floors with throw pillows...makes the dining experience more authentic! The menu is a Gazette and serves as a guide as well to novice patrons.
It was a real great idea that Gwen suggested we dine here for our Friday night out, along with my good friend Oli. Gwen ordered the Beef Wet, the picture of which was deleted unfortunately! It was sliced beef with tangy red sauce with feta cheese and hard boiled eggs on the side on top of a big pita bread. The tangy red sauce didn't quite agree with my palate, but nontheless I didn't dislike the dish over all. Every bite was a mystery to me as I try to decipher the spice that went in the sauce and my brain tries to understand what is being masticated in my mouth! ;P hahaha I love it!---The thrill of eating strange food!
For something safer, we had the Mixed Kebabs plate....
It consists of chicken, beef and kofta with a grilled tomato and minced herbage--that was thyme-mint like. The chicken was grilled perfectly! Tender and juicy. I didn't touch the beef and we all liked the kofta. Kofta is like an elongated burger patty to me ;P
This is just traditional hummus...we just had to have it and it was great! I love the pita bread too.

Lastly we had the Turkish Tushmaj---or was it Tuchmaj? The picture of which I have to find, but let me just describe to you what it was. It was egg noodles...more like fetuccine but thicker and more gummy to the bite. It had a yoghurt based sauce giving it a slightly sour zing to it and it came along with some muchrooms and bell peppers (if I remember correctly). It was ok..but I would crave for it ;P. Again another dish worth trying but for me...not to try again! ;P hahahaha I just loved that it had a strange name =)

I would definitely go back here and maybe try the duck couscous! I love couscous! There are soo many interesting food on the menu and it would be really fun trying them out! to top it all off..the price is reasonable ah---I was surprised.

After our gastronomic adventure...we really planned to go to Fez in Serendra..but we got an invite from some other friends to hang out. So wewent to side bar in Ortigas----hahaha..yes, old school ei? But old school it was jammed when we got there! Our friend War was there and Claudine, along with more of her friends. It was fun hanging with them, although I the place was really, really "ma-usok" .

Thank you Oli for taking us out. I look foward to our Fez night Gwen! hahaha

Friday, April 20, 2007

Another Song I'm Carzy About Now...

Last Night by P.Diddy and Keisha Cole

Diddy:] Last night, I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call, but my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here, with this blank expression.
And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child.

I know you can hear me
I know you can feel me
I can't live without you
God please make me better
I wish I wasn't the way I am

[Keyshia:] If I told you once,
I told you twice, you can see it in my eyes.
I'm all cried out, with nothing to say.
You're everything I wanted to be.
If you could only see, your heart belongs to me.
I love you so much, I'm yearning for your touch.
Come and set me free, forever yours I'll be, baby won't you come and take this pain awayyyyy.

[Diddy:] Last night, I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call, but my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here, with this blank expression.
And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child.

[Keyshia:] I need you, and you need me.
This is so plain to see, and I will never let you go and, I will always love you so.
I will... If you could only see, your heart belongs to me.
I love you so much, I'm yearning for your touch.
Come and set me free, forever yours I'll be, baby won't you come and take this pain awayyyyy.

[Diddy:] Last night, I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call, but my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here, with this blank expression.
And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child.

[Diddy:] Tell me the words to say, to make you come back, and work me like that.
And if it matters I'll rather stay home, with you I'm never alone.
Don't want to wait till you're gone, let me be, just don't leave me.

[Diddy:] Last night, I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call, but my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here, with this blank expression.
And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child.

[Keyshia:] I need you, and you need me.
This is so plain to see, and I will never let you go and, I will always love you so.
I will... If you could only see, your heart belongs to me.
I love you so much, I'm yearning for your touch.
Come and set me free, forever yours I'll be, baby won't you come and take my pain awayyyyy.

[Diddy:] Last night, I couldn't even get an answer.
Tried to call, but my pride wouldn't let me dial.
And I'm sitting here, with this blank expression.
And the way I feel, I wanna curl up like a child.

[Keyshia:] I'm so alone I'm soooo lonelyyyyy,
Why don't you pick the phone, and dial up my number, and call me a baby, I'm waiting on you. Why don't you pick the phone, and dial up my number, just call me a baby, I'm waiting on you.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Brown Brotha! =)

It has been awfully HOT the past weeks. I feel like ice cream melting away everytime I am out of an air-conditioned area. Nonetheless, however uncomfortable for us HUMANs the weather may be...some living things actually desire such conditions---the YEAST! hehehe Yes my friends! --the icky and sticky temperature nowadays is very conducive to yeast growth, thus now is the time to make BREAD! =)

Meet the brown brother of my cinnamon rolls...the CHOCOBON---hmmm...shall I call him Chocoboy? ;P hahaha I made these last night, an order of a friend of mine. These are the original version actually of my cinnamon rolls. It has chocolate dough with dark chocolate chips inside. For this batch however...I mixed in white chocolate morsels with the dark because my friend likes white chocolate (unfortunately--I don't! ;P) .

I made them after dinner...and boy did I sweat like crazy for this, which made my missing out on pilates class to bake...quite alright! hahahaha It was soo hot in the kitchen...and naturally I can't put on the fan (because the draft will dry out my dough) and air-conditioning will slow down fermentation. Good for the dough....bad for the baker....nevertheless, seeing my brown babies rise perfectly (and quickly, I might add) is worth the suana experience! I call this BIKRAM BAKING! hahahaha =)
I decided to put the cream cheese frosting today, because I don't want it to melt away while I am in transit.
These are 7 x 5 rounds....interested parties may contact me for orders...just leave me a message =)

Monday, April 16, 2007

Half Moon at Serendra--Mezzaluna!

I haven't seen my friend Sal for quite sometime now...with all the vacation gaps and all. She invited me to have have coffee with her at Starbucks Corinthianhills and went antipasti shopping at Santi's. She had her holy week vacation at Baguio and she surprised me with Benguet Coffee and a silver "J" pendant from Ibay's !!!! =) How sweet!!! I loved them both!!! Thank you my dear Thesally!

I was supposed to just stay home and rest that evening...but my aunty...or is it cousin "I"? Invited me to have dinner with her to catch up. I coundn't refuse since she has been asking to meet up with me even before my boracay trip....and I missed her too... so I ofcourse obliged!

We went to Serendra because aunty "I" hasn't tired any of the restos there. I picked Mezzaluna. As I have learned, it has the same owner as Amoroma (I have yet to try Amoroma since I have heard good things about this Italian resto =) )

For starters, we had the warm salad with foie gras and scallops.....

this was good although a bit too oily for my taste. After having the 2nd small foie gras piece....I felt a little queezy! ;P hahahah Nonetheless..the scallops was perfectly cooked.

As our main...we had the Chilean Seabass on a bed of mashed potatoes topped with bacon. I forgot to take a photo of the entree, as I was enthralled by consuming the main course at once! bwahahahaha....I was a bit disappointed that it was a bit cooked over...rendering the fish a bit on the tough side as opposed to being soft and melt in your mouth ...the way Antonio's doest it =)

The bed of mashed potatoes was good...but not as smooth as I'd want it to be. I still compare it to Antonio's version of this dish...thier mashed potato was smooooth and creamy and dreamy. And I tell you, I am not much of a mashed potato fan!

We just felt "not busog" by our we ordered this Pizza Margherita. I love my pizzas simple....with thin crispy crust! Just good 'ol cheese, basil and tomato/tomato sauce for me please! This one was good...but after having a slice...I suddenly felt myself fill up---sayang??? ;P hahahhaah

After our dinner and lively chit chat...we moved on to Fez for a drink. Fez is this quaint bar at Serendra, situated beside Larry's bar. If I remember correctly it has the same owner as Moksha, a bar somewhere on the side streets of Wilson. Aunty "I" had the strawberry diquiri and I had a lychee martini. I liked my's base is Absolut blue complimented by the sweet fruity taste of the lychees =) I can only take alcohol that doesn't really taste like alcohol. Nevertheless, I have learned my lesson well and the hard way...that is why I know better NOT to have more than one cocktail =). Note: Things I've learned before I turn 30...#1368 know your alcohol limit or you might regret it! hahahhaha

As I was telling my Aunty about the affinity of Fez to Moksha...she got curious about it so we decided to go check the place out. I have been there once a few years back with a friend of mine and I remember liking the it.

When we got there..the it was full! Can you believe it..on a Sunday! The people were mostly contemporary Fil-Chi people. We asked if there was still an available spot for us...the waiter ushered us to the back and told'am sa taas po. We saw that there was NO staircase to be we asked him again.."saan yun taas?"...the waiter replied..."ma'am jan po" (pointing to the back room! My aunty and I looked at eacheother and we go.."ah..eto pala ang TAAS" hahaha I never knew they had a "back" portion, and it was quite spacious actually. Can you believe there were lots of people there still??? Luckily there was just the two of us so we got seated. I liked the place...nice...cozy...familiar. It's just like hanging in some 'ol friend's house. A nice place for friendly chit chat and hang time. I wanted to have coffee, but it was not I had the next best freeze! Well they put whipped cream ...ewwwee...but I managed to consume my drink without it mixing in ;P I can only complain about the know...nobody appreciates having "wala" "wala" na reply from waiters when you order something ( no cofffee, no cake, no bananas why do they put it on the menu???? ;P) and to top this off...i asked for a spoon and tissue....which never came. Oh well, perhaps it was because it was a sunday? perhaps it was late? perhaps..perhaps! But nevertheless, I think I'll be goin back here soon....on a better day...say a friday night or saturday =)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Take Me Away by Stacie Orrico

From your walk to your style
From your lips to your smile
Got me feelin like a child
And baby I just want it all for me
Baby tell me that it's all for me
From your kiss to your touch
Got me needin it so much
Boy I got a crush
And with you is where I wanna be
So please tell me that its all for me
I love it I dont want it to stop
Every minute I'm without you always seems like a lot
Feels like I'm in a dream when I'm not everytime I get close to you
Please don't wake me baby cause I really hate seein you go
But you gotta handle business, yeah baby I know ??? when you walked out the door
Please take me away with you
From the look in your eye You want me as bad as i want you in my life Baby lovin you feels like a dream And your lovin has become a need
Every time that you go
I get a pain in my heart, and that lets me know
I just gotta have you all for me Baby tell me that it's all for me -CHORUS x2-
A love like yours is hard to find
Can i be yours will you be mine
I think its time Please take me away with you
Cause you bring out the best in me
The greatest love I've ever seen
Is what I need please take me away with you

Cyma for the nth Time!

This Saturday, I had to visit my cousin at American Eye. I decided to hang around in the mall after that since I was to meet some girl friends in the afternoon and for dinner. I stumbled upon a new salon....(or at least, it was the first time I noticed it) Studio 546! My hair was priorly managed by basement salon, I went in and check out their "menu" and decided to get a hair treatment after running some errands at Rustan's.

My treatment took a good 2 hours of my precious time! Luckily I had my trusty iPod and a friend of mine was there as we did a little chit chat on the side.

What great timing that as I was paying my salon bill, Gwen got there and we moved on to shopping and had a little coffee break.

How time really flies when you're shopping! Before we realized was time to meet our friend Shir for dinner.

Can you belive that even if we had made reservations for 7pm as early as 4pm...we were still on the wait list!

We had a the Roka Salata--the to share portion because we were all famished! We really loved this salad! It has caramelized walnuts, sundried tomatoes, cheese and lots of greens with a light vinegrette dressing!


MOUSSAKA (is it ss or kk or both?)

We all loved this dish as well! It was all our first time to have moussaka and we were glad we had it! It's redolent of meat and eggplant lasagna...=)

And lastly...we had the Osso-bucco. I really am not much of an osso fan...but we had it because Gwen and Shir wanted to try them. They were not that crazy about this dish. We found the red sauce a bit over powering. This dish could have used a bit more pasta in it. Personally, since my trip to subic, beef seems to turn me off =( I think I had too much U.S. rib eye steak lil 'ol me can handle! hehehehe Or should I say---I have consumed my year's beef quota! hahahah

After dinner...we had dessert at C2! My shobe Nikki joined us there because she came from watching a recital at Meralco theatre....she hasn't had dinner yet so she had the Vigan Longganisa with garlic rice and salted egg. Shir had the guinomis (I think C2 serves great guinomis) and Gwen and I had the Ube Jalaya Shake! Yup.....wierd ei? It tasted like ube ice cream..but lighter and with tiny sagos.

My two favorite C's....Cyma and C2! hahahaha ;P

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

After holyweek baking!---PRETZLES

What a long, uber fun vacation spree I've had! Thank God for being oh soo good to me =) I tell you, after my boracay vacation, I went to Tagaytay for a wedding then back to tagaytay maundy thrusday then subic on Sat and Sun!

Being still a holiday Monday, I woke up ealry to work on my pretzles! This bacth is an order of a friend of mine...they are soft, butter-salt pretzles =) A batch is 8 pcs! Just pop them in the overn before eating. They are great with cheese dip!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Birthday Dinner at SEAWIND

The eve of the birthday of my dear friend Lotte, she decided to celebrate at Seawind Seafood buffet. A great choice I might say. We were all famished from the afternoon activity of swimming, walking around and paraw sailing!

Seawind is located at the far side of Station one..very near Discovery Shores. It's a bit of a walk from where Jonas and all the other clubs are located, but it was worth effort!

There was a wide array of seafoods (ranging from a variety of fish, squid and the best part...huge prawns!!!!!!!!!!!!), beef, chicken, pork. Atop of that, a pasta station with a good array of pastas, sauces (marinara, pesto, cream sauce)and meats (i.e. bacon, chicken, scampi, squid etc); a salad bar and dessert bar!

Grilled seafood

What's left of the grilled prawns (I think we had over 40 pcs!)

Pork BBQ
We were all full to the brim! We decided to walk along the evening shores and head to discovery shores!
Thank you Balots for the great dinner and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU GIRL!!!!! =)

My dear Cafe del Sol

If there is one place other than Aria that I cannot miss out when in's CAfe del Sol. It is strategically situated right beside Aria. I love their brew and the great desserts to boot!

The perfect pair!--Cafe Americano with Mango Cheese cake! Ohhhh ----we all fell in love with it! I am really a baked cheesecake lover, but for this one, I make and exemption. It's somewhat like a cross between a gelatin set cheesecake with a smooth, soft panna cotta mouth-feel. Its light and creamy and has a distinctive mango flavor imparted by the mango bits and topping! It has a Strawberry sister actually, that is more popular among the patrons...but for is the best =)

This is the cappuccino cake...well I really forgot it's actualy name. Its really good too, I like the coffee taste (ofcourse...anything coffee...espresso...I LIKE) =)

This is the mouse cake I think...I forgot how this one tasted but I am sure it was good as well.

We mopped off all the cakes and washed them down with the strong brew! A perfect ending to a perfect meal!


After a morning of snorkeling and shopping for some some of us, we were all famished by early afternoon. We decided to have out delayed but never too late lunsh at my favorite Aria restaurant. It's an Italian resto owned by the Elizalde's (if I am not mistaken) and I remember adoring their pizzas!

What's really good about eating in bigs groups is that, you get to sample several dishes! =)

This is the Squid Ink fettuccini with cream sauce...a little too rich for my palate. Farther back is the Aria Pizza...with Parma Ham, Mozzalrella and Arugula. I like my pizza with thin crispy crust simple (few toppings, preferrable parma ham, herbs/veggies, i.e. basil or arugula, and cheesy! I'm really not fond of the commercial...pizzahut, shakey's type where its loaded with way too much topping that make you go nauseous after eating! hahah (Sorry to the Pizzahut and Shkey's fans out there!)

Calzone---I didn't get my hands on unfortunately!

Salmon Agurula Salad

Cheese Pizza!---It's simplicity makes it good =) Look at that crispy crust! I think a thin delicate crust is the best canvass for any pizza topping!

We all enjoyed our lunch at Aria! Very good no fuss no frills Italian food by the beach! =)