Monday, August 06, 2007

Banana Kleintorte

Another creation of my friend pâtissier Elaine!

She texted me that she had a dessert cake for my sisters. "Not for you Jen, because it's a mouse cake" she texted me hahaha. She knows me so well. Ofcourse I will taste it for the love of appreciating divine desserts, specially ones made by people close to my heart =) Mousse or no mousse I dive my fork into it! hahaha Well, its exquisite chocolate mousse with a layer of banana cream mousse....mousse on mousse!!---Not for moi...but its tasted good...Choco-Banana combo is excellent without a doubt. A very delicate dessert. My sisters adored expected =)

Thank you my dear talented friend! Mwah!

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