Sunday, December 04, 2011

Rainy December Evening

It feels like it has been ages since I last opened the posting part of this blog. I still have been regulary reading my favorite blogs and at times nostalgically re-read my old posts. Too lazy to write but happy to say not too lazy to read ;P! hehehehe

I wish I have had the energy to write about the nice new places I have eaten in....shared the not so pleasant experiences as well. There has been a lot of changes and developments in my personal life...mostly beautiful and wonderful, I am happy to say ^_^

I just take this time to say hello and check if there are still people who check me out. So, hello dear friends, I shall be posting more regularly next year....part of my new year's resolution ;P hehehehe

For now, let us all enjoy this cozy rainy December evening, hoping that you are having a warm delicious meal alone or with your loved ones.

I had yellow cab delivered: dear darla pizza, baked potato wedges and charlie chan pasta--yummmmm! Made more yummy by the sound of the rain pouring outside ^_^