Friday, August 03, 2007

Something Different at M Cafe

With much pleasure from our Fig and Olive dinner, we decided to move to Greenbelt for dessert! To stall for time as well as we were very much full. Apparently, the movie was out of our agenda as we missed the showing time we wanted. Elaine told me she heard good things about the dessert offering of M Cafe. M Cafe is located at the Ayala Museum. A posh looking restaurant cum bar cum hooka place! hehehe I've dined there before, but I don't recall being so impressed with the food. I think I had seabass, but no dessert.

When we got there we checked out the menu and we were a bit surprised that they only offer a few cake varieties and pots de creme. I am no fan of the pots! hahaha So we just asked our good ol' server to recommend the best seler...he indubitably replied.."the Jackfruit Sansrival and the Choc-nut Valrhona cake"

I was more intrgued by the Choc-nut cake but Elaine wanted the Jack fruit Sansrival...

and here is Jack....which turned out to be a real FRUIT!bahwhahaah

It was sad looking...just look at it..looking back at you, sitting on that gargantuan rectangular dish! The only thing I liked on this plate---the Cashews =) hehehhe

It was nothing like a sansrival. No wafer, no dacquoise. There was just a layer of yema like substance that did taste like Jackfruit and a layer of mushy minced nuts with something sweet and brown! hahahaha I am sorry to M Cafe...maybe there are a lot of people who really adores this, but maybe when it comes to Sansrival, we are that I mean we want it to have the nutty wafer later and expect ist oh sooo buttery and nutty. We at once thought of our Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Pistachio nut Sansrival---that was good ei! =)

Well, that was that, maybe we just didn't like their rendition of this dessert. Nevertheless, the interiors of M Cafe is definitely admirable, I like the art that adorned the walls =)

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