Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Road Trip Part I: Aresi Found!!!!

Since it was a long weekend, Oli, Ven, War, Din Matt, Sher, myself...along with the Bindondo Badminton Squad, went on a road trip to Subic, Pampanga!---YEHEY!!!! =D Raining as it did, our spirits were unscathed! We were on for some fun and food adventure!!!

Our first stop.....

Aresi used to be one of my favorite, if not my number one, favorite hang outs in Morato area. It was situated just across Gerry's grill in Tomas Morato and ABS-CBN. Now Guilly's Island has taken over it's spot. Sayang! I don't know why it closed down. The food there is good and priced just right, and as I remeber, cocktails there are cheap too.

Well, I finally found myself back in Aresi!!! Yes, it still stands...but all the way in Subic Water Front pa! Ahhh, the lengths we go for food!!! hahaha

This was just our "meryenda", so we just oredered a variety of pizzas...

The Margherita Pizza

YUMMMMMY!!!!!! I love it! The crust is great! Crisp and cooked perfectly! It's cheesey and tomato-basilly good! hahaha ;P

The Seafood Pizza

Yummy too!!! It's not too loaded with seafood...heck...I don't even recall finding any seafood! hahaha I think there were shripms etc...but the crust was great...it was cheesy and the toppings were there (basta)...so it was still good =)

The Aresi Special

It's loaded with Italian saugages, peperoni, basil, tomatoes, musjrooms, other sausages...the works! A meat lovers delight!

As you can see here, Oli is DELIGHTED! hahahahah
The pizzas were all good!!! I love the Margherita best! =) I checked out the bar list...from the BAAAR-TEN-DUR....hahha...and saw that they are still cheap! ;P

Oh, and pizzas re cheap too...280-305 lang! Not bad at all!
Here we are...2 of the BBS Members (Nikki & Peachy), Moi & Oli
....happily waiting for our food =)

Great food and great ambiance!


Anonymous said...

i want pizza!!!!!!

Jen Tan said...

sarap ng pizza here jeff!!! you'll like the aresi special ---loads of meat!!!! =)

canDIshhh said...

Jen! Si Peachy Cua ba yan?! Baby sister yan ng college bud ko!! Hahaha.. She's all grown up na!!

Jen Tan said...

Yes Di! Peachy Cua!=) Talaga??? Small world ah!!! Yup all grown up at super nice girl! Ano namen ng frnd mo na sis nya?

canDIshhh said...

Cherry yung name!! hahaha.. :)