Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Road Trip Part V: Where is Everybody???!!!

I remember at the Pink Kitchen, a lot of people were raving about Everybody's Cafe food there. I really wanted to try the Frogs and Cricket dish, but didn't have the chance to do so.

Well the final destination of our road trip was to find EVERYBODY! Where the heck is EVERYBODY?... was the question since we left Manila. We meant for it to be the first resto we try at Pampanga..but we didn't find it then.

So even with very full stomachs from our pit stop at Razon's, we still searched for this elusive resto! Half of our team gave up! Yes, the Binondo Badminton Squad with Matt & Sher went home ahead....so it was just us...THE TRIPOD and War & Din.


Yes! Yes! Everybody is here at last! hahaha Unfortunately, when we looked at the display counter of food (ala canteen style) ....we were still full pa talaga--so alas...no appeal! SAYANG! But, satiety shall not lead us to defeat! We forged through and ORDERED! hahahahaha We just picked out the food that we really, really want to try...

No this is NOT the house tea..this is the house soup! for FREE =)

It tastes like the water inside the Balut!

This is what we came for! It's called the CAMARO!--like bumble bee in Transformers! hahaha It tastes like....hmmm crispy and cooked like it was marinated in a bistek tagalog sauce and then pan fried =)

This is the Dinuguan!
Their version is not the usual muddy looking dinuguan. The blood here is coagulated in small blocks..so they are uniform in size along with the other innards =) I like muddy dinuguan better, though I am not a fan of this dish!

Another dish that we came here for, other than the Camaro...THE FROG!!!
It's stuffed with ground pork...redolent of a Relleno actually The whole thing is then deep fried! It tastes like fried stuffed squab! It's really good =)

An army of beheaded stuufed frogs ready for the fryer!

It's worth the trip because it was really fun trying exotic food. I hope they DON'T put up a branch in Manila because, I think the fun in dining in this place is the NOVELTY of the eating experience. We enjoyed eating here, most definitely, but I don't think its the kind of place I'd want to eat at regularly....maybe once a year lang ;P
What a food adventure this road trip turned out to be!
Thank you Oli, Ven, Matt & Sher, War & Din and the Binondo Badminton Squad (especially to Peachy!)It was a blast!!!! Let's do this again ah!!! =)


oliboy said...

"THE TRIPOD and War & Din."

kras! talagang pinanindigan mo na talaga na ikaw ang replacement "leg" ng TRIPOD no? hahaha! natawa ako dito! hahaha!

canDIshhh said...

Grabe, talagang FOOD TRIP AH!! Hahaha... :)

Jen Tan said...

Krass....yes! Solid nako sa TRIPOD na ito! hahahaha WALANG IWANAN PARE! Lab you and Ven-tot! =)hahahaha

Jen Tan said...

Di! Yes Food trip to the max!!! Pero di nga kame nakakain ng madame sa Everybody eh...taste-taste lang---mukang ok din yun Morcon nila =)