Saturday, August 04, 2007

Book Browsing

I just adore browsing at bookstores! I love reading cookbooks, though, I have NEVER bought a book for myself!!! Yeah, it's true. This is because my atchi buys so many, that I don't have too and I have great friends who give them to me =) ----lucky, lucky! hahaha My sis has a great cookbook collection, from Food Network star chefs bestsellers...we have all Barefoot Contessa series, Guiada, Nigella, Silver Good House Keeping Books(these are great by the way! the recipes they put in are fool proof!), Martha Stewart (my sis is a huge fan of hers), Hershey's, Nestle's...its goes on and on .. =) Well, the down side of this for me is that, she doesn't have much on bread, I mean books on bread solely and I only have one given to me by my dear Lotte =) Nevertheless, most of them have things on bread too, specially this Good House Keeping "bible"-like book...really thick and cover savory dishes to desserts and breads as well. I borrow or research on the net =)
I went to Fully Booked at Serendra, with Elaine. Its their biggest branch ever!!! We were so enthralled by sight as we approached the building!!! I've been there once with Sal but most there were just starting to pun in the books on the other levels. This time...Fully booked IS fully packed! We scoured through the building, from the novels and best sellers and lingered mostly at, wherelse, the cookery! ahahhaha I was looking at my new favorite, Jamie Oliver's cook books. ...I noticed that he was kinda odd looking when he was just starting up....scrawny built with a toothy smile =) hehehe. Well, good cooking, entails good eating and his most recent cover photos are more good looking, as he packed in a bit of weight...he looks healthier and cuter I think. More than that, I love reading his notes and how he directs his recipes. Its as if he is talking to you! I like that. I've never tried any of his recipes though. Other than that, there a lot of great bread books that look so enticing and inspiring.
The simple delight of book browsing can be an all night event! hahaha

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