Friday, August 03, 2007

Fig & Olive

What a lovely place! Fig & Olive, is a Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant found along H.V. dela Costa in Makati. Yes, Makati. Elaine & I were supposed to catch the new movie of Mandy Moore, License to Wed, and since the movie was at 845pm, we decided to have something interesting for dinner =) We traversed the business district of Makati to look for this restaurant nouveau to us. Fortunately, despite both of us being always a-lost in the area...we found it with ease. Meant to be ah! hahahah

It has that feel of quaint elegance that appealed to us. The place is personal and cozy...we loved it!

The menu had a good mix of Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine. From pastas to fabadas to humus and kebabs! They offer vinos, cocktails and desserts to boot.

We chose to share the Chicken Galantine.
It's somewhat like a meatloaf of minced chicken meat mixed with nuts(like pistachios), dried fruits, ham and herbs. This was served blanketed by mushroom gravy with veggies and garlic bread on the side. A great melange of flavors! Really good galantine. I like the sweetness imparted by the dried fruit, ( in this case I think they were sultanas?) whichs cuts through the richness of the dish.
We lingered quite a while, taking phots, enjoying the food. A place worth going back to and very conducive to vital colloquy! =)

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