Friday, August 03, 2007

One of my very favorite hot and cold dessert, that picks me up and always brings a smile on my face....the Choco Banana Fritters of Max Brenner =) I smile with the thought. They are just crisply fried---TURON made fabulous by incorporating dark chocolate in them and served with a scoop of Hagen Daaz Vanilla ice cream---ahhhh Nirvana! When a girl friend of mine is sad and needs some cheering up...I introduce them to Max to nurse their blues away with this fancy TURON!!! I remember a post of the beautiful Joey of 80 breakfasts...she made chocnut turon! I told her about my favorite Max treat and how her creation reminded me of it. The turon-ablities, I think are infinite! The like a humble fried crepe--don't you think? I love crepes =)

Enough of that though, we didn't have any room for such a hearty dessert! (TIP: eat light if you want to enjoy a the Banana Fritters afterwards ;P) We were full from dinner and that sad Jack-Sans added to our sataiation pa!

We had something a bit lighter than my dear favorite's my first time to have it as well...

Churros ala Max

They usually serve it from 3pm-5pm...sort of a merienda treat, but we requested out dear shaven server (fyi: the waiters there are all---skin head, kase Max is a bald guy so para di sha ma-insecure!hahahah ;P)

We are persuasive women--they obliged to our sweet request and we were greatful =). They were not what I expected though. These are not the traditional churros con chocolate that you may find at Dulcinea ( I think they have the best ones =) ) Their renditon of this Spanish delight: skinny logs of fried dough pastry, dusted with cocoa powder and confectioners sucre. A chocolate sauce in a mini Erlenmeyer flask , a tiny fruit cup and sugared Walnuts were served on the side to complete the plate! Well, I had it with coffee and Elaine had the Italian Thick chocolate, which was great because we could dunk our churros there! hahahah ;P

We enjoyed our dessert and more so enjoyed our time togther...maximizing our bonding time at Max B's, for Elaine you see is soon leaving the me =(.

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