Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yummy Finio

There is a nice Filipino resto along Tomas Morato that I have finally dined in! I think Finio has been standing there for quite sometime now...but I just have had the chance and never thought of dining there...untill now.

Well...surprises of surprises...we loved the food...Filipino with a little twist! hahaha

We said we wanted to EAT LIGHT AH......where this is how light we got to go....

Pancit with Lechon Kawali

A mix of Canton and Bihon noodles nicely coated with very flavorful soy based sauce..with veggies and brought to the next level with a generous topping to LECHON KAWALI! hahaha

Prtison Wraps
Well...the name itself will tell you that this dish is a winner! Crispy prieces of Pritson (Fried Lechon!) with leeks...a little mayo...wrapped in pita bread that is slightly toasted and served with somesort of hoisin or was it plum sauce....don't remember exactly...but this dish was mighty fine =D


I didn't try this soup anymore..because I didn;t want to be filled up by soup with so many dishes to try! hahaha I passed on this...but it struck me as kinda strange with the noodles being sotanghon like as opposed to egg noodles.

New Zealand Baked Mussles
perhaps Mussels from NZ are pretty these babies were! Generously topped with melted cheese...some slightly burnt...which I LIKE =) hahaha

Yummy Laing! There's had like shreds of bamboo shoots mixed in them...the spiciness was just right and well balanced with the gata =)

Crispy Tawilis
Fired to a crisp and you can eat the whole thing!

Very crispy...very good...need I explain?

Chicken Caesar Salad
Oh...we were supposed to EAT LIGHT PALA =) hahaha
A pleasant discovery of something that has been under our noses for quite a while.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nasi Lemak!

There is this Asian resto which my friend and I have been eyeing on for quite sometime now....and finally we got the chance to dine there...or rather finally chose to eat at Nasi Lemak! It is situated at Thompson Square, along the rows or Tempura and China Plate at Tomas Morato.

Nasi Lemak serves a mix of Malaysian, Singaporean...Chinese...Japanese and Thai dishes....a long listing of Asian dishes to chose from.

To start off....complimentary Papadam with Sweet Chili Sauce Dip

Well, it's not the real deal Papadam that is made of ground lentils...more like thin crips kropek with bottled sweeet chilis's FREE...we were thankful and had 2 plates of these =) hahhaa

Bean Curd Roll
Shrimps with some bamboo shoots wrapped with tofuskins and fried! Yummmy! We liked it a lot..though my friend was a bit allergic to scampi!!! Oh no!!! hahahaah ;P Nevertheless...we ate and ate it because it was good =)

Steamed Fish with Black Bean Sauce
Fillet's of fish (I think it was Dory...or Lapu-lapu?...can't remember ;P ) steamed with light soy sauce, black beans and sticks of ginger...with a dash of sesame oil. A light and healthy dish =)

Nasi Goreng
We were kinda disappointed with this rice it was more like Yangchow fried rice with dilis!!! =) hahaha Now, I think I have had a good tasting of real Nasi Gorengs when I had my vacation in Bali....and this was not a Nasi Goreng =) Myabe they should have just named it salted fish fried rice. Good---fried rice =)

Our dishes were all nice...but lacking in that I X factor for me to go back to this place. We especially found the ambiance...too dry...perhaps they should pipe in some music as opposed to having to hear the waitresses voice singing as the wait on us hahahaa.
There were lots of other specials posted on the wall...maybe worth a try.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Brewing Point

There is a nice cafe tucked in the heart of Tierra Pura in Tandang Sora....aptly called Brewing Point. I think it has almost everything you can look for in a friendly neighborhood hang out...though this isn't really my turf! hehehe They have good coffee...yummy cafe type food (i.e. pasta, sanwiches, rice dishes...) the International Sushi Bar is housed at this cafe too!) and FREE WIFI! What more can you ask for right? The ambiance is cozy and casual.

Well, it was a laid back evening and my friend and I wanted some sushi and food to pick on while we chit chat ang hang...

Mixed Sashimi Plate

It had Tuna, Salmon, Tamago and Kani sashimi with a siding of match stick carrots =)

Quesodilla with 3 dips

Yummy chicken quesodilla with wasabi-mayo, salsa and aioli dip...very nice =)
Seared Tuna with Garlic-Wasabi Sauce
Lightly seared tuna sliced loaded with garlic and wasabi-soy based sauce. A light dish with a nice kick! hahaha

No wonder it's packed with patrons of all demographics! Everyone can find something to enjoy in this place =)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Lunch Buffet at Cafe Juanita

I didn't have my regular Sunday brunch with Sally, because she had a family over night thingy....made me kinda sad because I have grown accustomed to the Sunday brunch ritual with her =)

Well...since there is no brunch for me..I had the Sunday lunch buffet at Cafe Juanita with a friend. Cafe Juanita is one my favorite Filipino restos...and this is my first time to try their Sunday buffet.

We were both delighted because, we were famished already and was in the mood for some good ol' homey food =)

I was not able to take a pic of the buffet spread, because there were lots of patrons that time...and I was busy pilling my plate with food! hahahaha

This is the Molo Soup

A simple clear soup woth pieces of siomai or wonton like molo pieces =) Is molo siomai also? hmmm It's always nice to start with a warm soup before a meal.

They had a Filipino Salad Station...where you can creat your own salad. The had grlled eggplants, okras, green mango slices, chopped tomatoes, bagoong, kangkong and other yummy veggies to mix together and turn into an ensalada =)

This is my plate...which I dunno what I was really trying to make...I just got the veggies that I like...
I just love okras and eggplants =)

Moving along the line....there were soo many yummy food to chose from....crispy fried Tilapia...yummy Lechon Kawali...Embutido...Kare-kare...Kaldereta..Chopsuey..Pancit...Okoy..Lumpiang Shanghai...Lumpiang goes on and on...

Check out what I had....

For panghimagas..they have a halo-halo station and there were banana cue...minatamis na saging...puto...and ginataang halo-halo to chose from. I saw some people getting bibinkas..but I didn't ask if it was part of the buffet.

What's great about their spread is the variety and the quality of the food. Some if not most buffet spreads are just enticing in number of dishes...but after eating you don't even know if you enjoyed a single dish! hehhe

Glad to say that the Cafe Juanita buffet was very good and worth it! Only Php 425.00/ head for all those delicious dishes...not bad at all =)

Friday, April 11, 2008

Light and Right ;P

Well, apart from trying to stay cool....summer is a time to get fit and/or stay fit! Yep...beach season that it is....let's eat light and right =)

Mediterranean food is a light, healthy and delicious choice for summer =) We went to Persiana..a casual Mediterranean resto along Pioneer Street. The place is very simple...but they do have an extensive menu and priced quite cheap!

Tuna and Cheese Burek

Soo yummy! Toasty pita wedges stuffed with melted cheese and tuna! According to Wikipedia...a Burek/Borek are made with phyllo pastry and stuffed with spinach, mixture of cheeses and meat. Persiana also have this with other fillings as it's ok with us if they just used pita bread...pita is lighter than puff better for our waitlines ;P hahaha

Lamb and Beef Gyros
I didn't take a pic of the beef Gyro..s it will just look the same when I post is! hahaha Simple and conventional Mediterranean sandwich! Filled with roasted meat and fresh vegetables embraced by fresh and toasy pita can that not be good to eat and your body? Oh their garlic sauce is great too =)

Now staying healthy doesn't mean we cannot enjoy little sweet treats! Here is a nice and refreshing dolci choice....

A nice Fruit Crepe from UCC

Vanilla ice cream enveloped by thin crepes served with slices of pineapples, bananas, peaches and a few grapes with strawberry sauce. A nice nightcap dessert...but best shared =)

Share your food..thwart the calories...stay sexy!!! ;P

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wheatberry on a Hot Summer day!

Let's cool down a bit with some refreshing treats at Wheatberry's. This bakery-resto-cafe, is located near Roces Avenue...neighboring Max's fried chicken and the new Zucchini's (which I have yet to try!) Lately, I find myself always having cold coffee drinks as opposed to my usual hot espresso based drinks....normally even on hot days...I still have my hot coffee! hahha Buit I guess this time just isn't possible! I had the Iced Latte and my friend had the bottomless green iced tea. Each at only Php 60.00....not bad at all ei?? My latte was equal to that of a venti latte at Starbucks for just half the cost...and it was very good iced latte...I was pleased =) The Iced tea was not bad was made from powdered Earth & Sky...but hey...60 bucks...bottomless...on a scortching hot summer afternoon.....NOT BAD AT ALL =) hehehehe

And how about some Nachos to much on as we cool down with our beverages.....

I think this was around Php 120.00.....pretty cheap for a lot o' muchies! hehehehe =)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Sushi Katsu

There is this Japanese resto tucked along the side streets of Tomas Morato....beside the building where Heaven and Eggs is....called SUSHI KATSU!

The place is small, personal and very casual. They said that it houses an authentic Japanese my friend and I gave it a go.

Free Miso Soup

Very good..authentic tasting miso soup!
Mix Sashimi Plate

A very pretty plate od Salmon, Uni and Tuna Sashimi. Very freah and the presentation was very nice...our only complain?? TOO SMALL and konti for the price =(

Agedashi Tofu
Lightly fried, delicate pieces of silken tofu pieces in a light sweet soy sauce. I love the nori touch....very tasty..but again...the portion was too small.

Japanese Fish Cake

It's like falttened out fishball...but it has a more delicate flavor and texture. Served with minced ginger in top and some spring onions with a light soy dipping sauce.
All our dishes were all very good only they were pretty small in portion...perhaps not meant for sharing? It's nice to have small plates too at times when you are not upto eating hoards and hoards of food! hahahah
Nice and light japanese treats ...oh they are closed during Mondays for some strange reason =)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mud Pie from Burgoo

It was a hot Sunday friend and I shared some mud....mud pie that is...from Burgoo! hehehe =) We were both full still....from lunch and my brunch so we just opted for some cool dolci. This was yummy, yummy! Made of coffee and chocolate ice cream...with a nice cookie crust! The perfect summer pie =)

Kozui Foodies =)

Apart from the oh so yummy Takoyaki at Kozui...there are other nice items on the menu that is worth a try =)

Here is the Hiyashi Chuka

It's like a cold noodle salad. Noodles topped with scrambled egg slices, veggiesm stripps of ham and chicken. It was very refreshing and light meal...suited for hots days of summer! =)

Chicken Salad with Black Sesame Dressing

I didn't get the exact name of this salad...but we loved it! It had crispy fried chicken pieces..which were big and makes this salad very satiating! Greens...bell pepper slices..tomatoes and croutons drizzled with yummy black sesame dressing. Soooo good =)

More reasons to go back to Kozui... =)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Mini Moment of Fame ;P

Let me just share with you my small moment of fame ;P hahaha This April issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine...yours truly was able to share one of my favorite recipes that I love to make =)

Oh no...that is not me on the cover unfortunately...that is Ms J Lo! hahaha Though Some people do call me J ;P heheheh is moi....on page faves....My Super Easy Banana Nutella Bread Recipe =)

Well...I just tweaked a Banana Bread Recipe...which I got from one of Ms. Joey's favorite banana bread recipe...and I gave it a Nutella touch! ahahaha I've been making since I first made it (I think I have blogged about it too...several times! hahaha) My friends and family love this recipe...and sometimes...I add chocochips too =)'s good enough to land itself inGood Housekeeping right? hahaha I am soo happy as I am a GH fan myself.
To my friends..please go buy a copy! hahaha ;P
Thanks GH !!! =)