Sunday, August 19, 2007

Dinner at Cantinetta

I've passed and passed Cantinetta at Rockwell many, many times and have intended to dine there time in time..but never did so.

Well, the time has come, and I was glad that the gang chose this place to have dinner. Oli and I hanged a bit at Starbucks before meeting the gang at Powerplant mall.

Having dinner with a big group is really great...for the company and two you get to try numerous dishes! ahahaha

We were served bread baskets (which were just slices of french bread) with a duo of liver pate and tomato salsa-ish spread.

Their bread was ok...but we wanted more because we were hungry!!! hahaha So we asked for more bread please....but to our disappointment they DECLINED our request! We were told by the waitress that they only give one round of free bread and the next basket shall be charged na!!!We all went...grabe naman bread lang ah....and Oli goes "Jen, labas ko na ba yun bread na bigay mo?" hahahahha I told him "baka may corckage pa..wag na!"hahhaah Oli was egging me to offer my bread to the Italian owner...who was there that night. Na-chicken ako and perhaps next time I might =) hehhehehe

Good thing the pizzas started to come in, otherwise, we would start to get annoyed by the bread-selfishness of the resto! hahahaha

This is the Prosciutto Pizza

Yummmmmmmmmmmy!!!! The crust was the chewy kind with crisp edges. The tomato sauce was so was very flavorful, tangy yet had a sweetish note....a great base for the delicately sliced prociutto and mozzarella topping.

The Genovese Pizza

I recall ordering this same pizza variety at Bellissimo...and this was the proper version of it! The pesto was very flavorful and was accompanied by 2 kinds of formaggio, pecorino romano and was it mozzarella? I don't remeber exactly because we had several pizzas AND...AND... while I was trying to copy the names of the food that we ordered, from the menu...because I DID want to post it properly....the waitress approached me and told me that they don't allow that. I felt like a student being reprimanded by a teacher! Was my act unethical or were they being unethical to me? --Well, the good food kept me and my friends in a good mood and we found ourselves laughing at that incident....ahahhaha I didn't really mind because its just all in the name of fun =)

This is the Pizza Deliziozo
This is just like the prociutto pizza, only this had arichokes, black olives and parma ham

This is the Gemberetti ala Legis

It's a very rich pasta dish. Full of flavor, with shrimps and zucchini in a creamy mascarpone sauce!!! Ohhh lalala!!! I think, it's great to have it in minute helpings because mejo nakaka-suya if you eat a lot of it. Good thing there was 11 of us sharing each dish =)

The Pesto Mare

As the name implies, its pesto pasta with seafood (shrimps, clams and squid). Another full flavored dish! Their pesto is really good =)

Ravioli ai Funghi

Ravioli pasta filled with Porchini mushrooms with a cream sauce. Rich! Rich! Rich! As Steph puts its.."makalaglag-p_ _t_" hahahhaha Yeah, it was really good and flavorful..but again...good in small helpings =)

This is Ven-tot's four seasons fruit shake

Ofcourse I had a taste of it---buti sweet si Ven ;P hahhahaha. Refreshing and fruity =) I detect bananas.

Oli's Grape shake

Kelangan talaga pa-taste test sakin lahat ; ws grapey all right..a bit too sweet for me =)

It was a night of happy palates! We were all happy with all the food we ordered. Kudos to Cantinetta!
No room for dessert though...but they have tiramisu, zabaglione, chocolate cake and superb gelato--Angelati Italia no less! =)
I checked out the cafe menu...illy of course! They say there..."Italians love coffee...anytime is a great time for cafes!" or something to that effect...well...I think I am Italian then =)
The prices are pretty steep for the entrees (around Php 800++, depending on the dish) and pasta (around Php 400++ per plate) but for the pizza, its not so bad..around Php380-410 for an 8 slice round.
Very good Italian food..worth it and worth goin back to.
Good food and fun with good friends. Thank you Oli, Chi, Lyn, Ven, War, Nans, Jackie & Joseph, Steph and partner! =)


docchef said...

the best mushroom ravioli so far that ive tasted here in Phil:)
too much cheese on the pizza.. but i aint complaining... hehe

Jen Tan said...

Yup, they were great! =)I want ravioli with tomato sauce naman..where to have that???heheh

canDIshhh said...

Uy! Masarap daw there.. Pero pricey?? True ba?

Jen Tan said...

Yes masarap..yeah kinda pricey yun pasta around 400-ish per order..entrees kinda expensive feel ko tama lng price. Try nyo ni Edi..nag co-complain na ka-c-cookbook kitchen!hahahahhahah ;P

Miss you Di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oliboy said...

krass bakit kita utong ni chinang dun sa isang pic? hahaha! :)

Jen Tan said...

krass!!!! bawal ang ganyan terms sa blogness ko!!!anu baaaaa!!!! ;P hehehe

crazy krass!!!! but i lab u!!! =)hehehe tnx at dito ka nagcomment for a change! ayaw ko sa multiply!!! hahahaha