Sunday, August 05, 2007

Another Bridal Shower

I am set out for my wedding number 3, next week. Another very dear friend of mine---my Food Tech classmate, Trina is walking down the isle! A great wedding year for a lot of my close friends I say.

We threw in a bridal shower for her. A yes, women are really so wholesome....baket pag guys ang daya...when they have stag parties...naku headaches for the fiancee hahahaha (dahil scarry na baka may hanky panky!!!!--bwhahaha) ... our bridal showers (and I have attended my fair share of it) primarily constitue of a night of chit chat, singing, a little drinking (maybe not) and EATING!!! hahaha

The party hostess was indeed a food lover. As I glanced over the food she contibuted...I saw creativity. Unfortunately, my pictures do NOT do any justice to any of the food!!!! My hands were a bit shaky and I had no time to focus on pictorials because I was busy goin "aww...hello...musta kana..mwah ...mwah.." to our friends =)

I just want to mention her excellent lasagna...everybody that night agreed that it was excellent.

She made chicken lollipops, kare-kare, a nice Grilled-chicken and eggplant salad =)

Our pot was 2 big bilaos of pancit malabon---na galing malabon talaga ha, and barbeque from Naty's Nook...our favorite bbq site at Kat's office in PhilAm Village =)

There was spaghetti, putos, ice cream and cup cakes by Go Nuts! Yes, they make cupcakes now. It did not have a appeal to me at all as they were all iced up and it kinda looked stiff to me =)hehehe Sorry for the fans of these babies, that's just a personal opinion, I think the girls like them naman.
Back to our nice hostess, as I complimented her cooking, she tells me how fond she is of good and beautiful food. She told of a recent trip to New York, where she was able to dine at Bolo, the resto of Bobby Flay!!! Wow, I think that is great!
It was a very fun night of catching up, playing games and Videoke singing!!! This was kinda sad for me, as my throat has been very sore the past week. My voice is badly hoarse agai =( . Friends who hasn't seen me for years went..."Jen!!!! What happend to your voice? You used to be a soprano at S1 pa!!!.." ohhh sadness, I tell you. I couldn't join in the singing...may part pa naman when we had to do songs that reminded us of college...=( My voice, my poor an alto---ewwwe. Will I ever get better?
Anyhoos, despite that, I still had a great time...we all did. You need not do crazy stuff to have a good time--right girls! hahaha
Good luck and best wishes to you dear Trina!!!!!!! I can't wait to see you in the pretty white time flies....


canDIshhh said...

Napakaraming Bridal showers ah!!

Jen Tan said...

Ah yes Di! Weddings left and right within the circle of friends very close to me---closing in on me ba!? hahahaha Kelan ba na ang pupuntahan ko ay bridal shower for you??? Feel ko very soon ;P