Saturday, August 18, 2007

I'll Be Good To Your Heart =)

Yes, I am still on the Sourdough frenzy! hehehe This time, I tried to be good. Since I shall be consuming this on a regular basis and giving it to friends and loved ones...I decided to make them healthier =)

Behold!----The Whole Wheat-Oat Sourdough!!! hahahah I incorporated whole wheat flour and topped my loaves with whole rolled do a whole-lot-a-good to our body! =)

Thankfully, it didn't alter the texture of the bread. I though they might turn out heavy and dense, since whole grains tend to weigh down doughs. Well the crust is still good and crisp and the crumb...soft and chewy! The whole wheat flour, I think, added a bit of a nuttier-earthy tone to the bread...which---I LIKE =) Love your own! hahahaha

Good thing my sisters didn't notice the difference in taste...they DON'T like anything wheat! ehehe So, I was successful in sneaking in a little fiber in my sister's diet!hahahah =)


Ruy said...

Haha! Do we really use dirty tactics?=)

Jen Tan said...

ah yes ruy...rearing kids does entail a little trickery in sneaking up nutrition! hahaha..practice ko na to for the future ruy...when I have kids of my nako with the sneaky-sneaky ng nutrients!hahaha