Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Oli and I vowed to have the ORIGNAL Guagua Halo-halo of Razon's! So at the last leg of our road trip....to Razon we all go!!!

Hmmm.... there were a LOT of ORIGINAL Razon's here pala! hahaha It's like the Collette's buko pie in Tagaytay...every store claims to be THE ORIGINAL branch! hahahaha

Well, we decided on this one, near a Total gas station....
By then, we were all famished! The extreme breakfast we had, have already been fully digested (and some reserved in our hips, thighs and buttocks! ;phehehehheeh)

We eagerly scanned the menu...
... it seems like items here are cheaper...halo-halo at Php45.00...if I am not mistaken, its around Php60-70 here in Manila.

We had the Chicharon...

...it's not the airy type, its the more solid with "laman" kind...crunchy and great with vinegar!

Ven ordered the PUTO
It was dense and dry..but we finished it all because we were starving! hahaha

The Tripod...shared a Palabok

Others had this too. There was a sign there which says: Our Palabok is Timplado na..please taste before putting PATIS! heheheh Well, something to that effect! So we followed what the sign said, but we thought it did need a dash of fish sauce =) I am no fan of Palaboks, but I think this was just so, so.

And..the main event...the Guagua Halo-halo

So, is it any different from its Manila rendition?---Nah! It's the same. Taste great and still has lovely fine ice, that makes it so cool and refreshing. I just noticed the macapuno strips are in strips here and more generously put as that of in Manila. Oh and the leche flan too is more gereously placed atop of this yummy treat!!!

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