Friday, May 30, 2008

Spicy Fingers

Where have all the people gone?? GB3 used to be the place to be! During the hay days of Temple bar..Nuvo....Cena etc....when you walk around the this'll surely see a familiar face...bump into a friend...and have a hard time getting a table. Well, a lot has changed when Serendra, Bonifacio Highstreet and Gb5 came along. Well, there are still people hanging out there...but just not as popilated as it used to..and the crowd kinda changed as well. Nevertheless, we didn't falter forging through! hahaha There is this place (I am not sure how new) which called out to us....Spicy Fingers!'s neither the name nor the food that brought us in...but the nice band that was playing...which kinda gave a feeling of nostalgia! hahahah The band playing was hyperbeat! Any of you familiar with them? I used to listen to them play at the Conservatory at Manila Pen....and I thought they were great then.

We went in to check out the band and I picked out a dessert to pick we listened to some 80's rock and dance music =)

This was their Chili Flourless Chocolate Cake ala Mode

I have heard of the combination of Chili in dolci....and have tried it as Gelato flavor. It seemed interesting and I thought might be a house specialty since we were at SPICY Fingers right? WRONG! hahahahah Such a disappointment it was. The cake tasted like cardboard! Could detected any chocolate in it...though it was spicy! hehehe Even the ice cream on top was bad...icy and seemingly aged in the freezer storage! hahaha

Oh well..I was wrong having dessert in a drinking place! Nonetheless it turned out to be quite an enjoyable experience...the band was quite good still =)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Old Chinatown Kopi Tiam

The Banawe area really does cradle a lot of restos and cafes that you wouldn't find elsewhere. Beside Taza Cafe along Maria Clara a a not so newly opened kopi tiam...Old Chinatown.

I have been meaning to try this place from various invites....and it took me this look to finally get to try this place. ..but hey..better late than never! hahaha

Old Chinatown has a quaint and rustic feel to it, as you enter it's somewhat small ineteriors. They serve the usual Kopi Tiam kaya toasts and kopi...but during this visit we wanted real food! As we learned they serve Malasian cuisine!

Complimentary Wonton Chips

Freshly fried and crip! We just asked for some sauce to go along with it and even had a second helping!

Char kway Teow Noodles

The serving was BIG! Good for 4 people...too much for two! Made with thick flat rice noodles, mixed with veggies, shrimps, chinese sausages with a yummy sauce which was kinda oily. You kinda not feel too good after eating this..not because it's not delicious...but you soon realzide the amount of fat you have consumed via the after-mouth taste and perhaps an aching at the napes! haahha (just kidding! I exagg!)

Jumbo Siomai
Having one of these is like having two regular in effect this is a serving of six! hahaha . Good and rather lean tasting...very satiating.
There were a lot more interesting food on the menu...and I have yet to try their kopi. I think itis better to eat here when you a in a group so that more dishes could be shared and enjoyed =)

Sunday, May 25, 2008


I think I have failed to mention that I have recently had a vacation to Boracat! =) was meant to I almost wasn't able to join our group due to some complications in work schedule. Well, what is meant to happen is to happen...and I am so glad to have had the chance to go with Oli and his wonderful sisters (Cat and you girls!), AVT, Mac, Chilyn, Venelaine, Matt, Sher, Peach, Nikki, Jacko, Kirby and Gwen! Whew! I hopeI didn't miss out on anybody ;P

We had a four day vacation, staying at Beach Comber at Station I and had been fortunate enough to have days spent at The Boracay Regency and Discovery Shores =)

Let me just share with you some of the interesting and yummy treats we were able to enjoy!

Well, at the airport, prior to our departure...we were able to spot Ya Kun Kopi Tiam. I got excited to see that it has a branch here in Manila already! It's the famous Kopi Tiam in our Kopi Roti.....but the main difference here is that the toasts are char-grilled =) They offer the same boiled kopi in a pot --with that net..yes with condensed or evap or black....soft boiled eggs with soy and pepper...kaya toasts, french toasts...but no kopi bun though.

Here is the French Toast
Served with kayaon the side! I was only able to have kopi black that morning as I was not yet up for some breakfast. I do hope to get to try this sometime...maybe there are or they will put up more branches =)

Aria Parma Pizza
One of the things I don't want to miss out on a trip to tohave some pizza at Aria =) Still great!!!

Ah and when at Aria...let us not miss having some CHEESE CAKE at Cafe del Sol

We were only able to have the Strawberry Cheesecake...I do adore the Mango version..maybe more! hahaha It's the Gelatin set type..but the best Gelatin-set kind I have had! What I love about it is that they incorporates some chopped Strawberries or Mangoes in the cake body...and they use fresh fruits...not the usual canned and syrupy topping.

There was also a Fish and Co. like resto, situated at DMall....aptly called Fish & Chips...naturally they serve similar food offerings of the formerly metioned..such as...Fish at Chips (ofcourse!), Calamares and chips, Shrimps and chips....pastas and something different..deep fried Tilapia with rice! Treasures from the deep blue sea...all deep fat fried! hahaha

Here is the Parsley-Garlic Fries

The parsley and garlic topping makes for a yummy twist!

Fish & Chips
The good ol' Dory Fish...battered and fried! Very much like the Fish and Co. version at about half the price.

We stubled upon this Korean Ice Monster-like place called Holowich. The first time we passed the place...we vowed to gove it a go! They serve what they call Holowiches...which were pike pocket pita sandwiches...and these babies.... these were what got us to go try the place. You get to chose the ice-shake base (in this pic Strawberry and Coffee)....and they mix in chopped watermelon...bananas...strawberries topped with soft serve vanilla ice cream with a drizzling for chocolate syrup...and the surprise?---some red mongo beans underneath the ice cream!!!! I likey! I love mongo beans!!! Very refreshing and satiating!!! This was Php 120.00 and they also serve this is to-share bowls and a big bad arse bowl for four!!!

As I have mentioned, we had a chance to have a hang out day at discovery thing worth mentioning, apart from the beautiful place, wonderful service and other good food is this...
uber yummy and refreshing LYCHEE MOHITO!!!

The last thing I will tell a tale of....was our lunch at Manana Mexican Resto, located at station I as well.
Tostada Chips with bean paste and salsa dip
The chips were freshly fried and apart from the bean and salsa...we were also give some guacamole!!! Yum! Yum!

Seafood Fajitas



Sizzling Seafood

The above metioned plates all kinda had the same taste...just with different meats and presentation! hahaha Perhaps they use the same mexican spices and most are served with the same siding of mex-rice..beans...salsa..tostada chips and a small heap of potatoes! hahaha
Nevertheless...we all enjoyed our food =)

And how about a big goblet of Mango Margarita!!

So many delightful lunches...snacks..dinners and nightouts we have had...I just am not able to blog-a-thon about all of them.
It was a great vacation inspite of the rains and high tides! hahaha Thanks guys!!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wine and Dine at ZUNI

As I do love simple a girly girl...I do adore goin to nice dinner know...dress up a and enjoy some ambiance! Well, Zuni is one place to do all of that. It's located at Greenbelt 5....and what I love about it is how the al fresco area is situated facing nice landscape...just letting a view of GB3 peek through. The patrons are mostly foreigners and the resto just aptly packed...not crowded yet not baren =)

They serve a nice warm bread basket of Ciabatta slices and dinner rolls with butter =)

They have pastas....risottos...a variety of grilled meats...steaks and go with an extensive wine list....from vinos from Chile....surely one will find a bottle of their liking =)

Grilled Chicken Breast with Wild Mushroom Sauce

I had it served with steamed veggies and side salad since I had lots of their good bread already. The meat was very tender and succulent!!! Perfectly cooked and the wild mushroom sauce was a great flavor compliment. Very nice =)

My friend had the Brown Rice Vegetable Risotto
This was veryy good and flavorful as well. It was not as rich tasting and creamy in texture as most Risottos are...but since this was not made or the traditional arborio's made good and healty with the brown rice =)

And to go with our lovely meal.....a nice bottle of Merlot...a nice 2007 wine from Chile...Terra Vega Reservado =)

A very light and smooth red wine...I likey a lot =)
A fine way to relax after a week of work =) I will definitely be back here !

Friday, May 16, 2008

Felly J's

My very dear college friend Lotte is back in town! WELCOME HOME LOTTE!!! =) She is in Manila for a couple of weeks vacation from W.D.C.

Naturally, when people from abroad come back to the Philippines....they crave and look for good homey Filipino food.

It was a rainy Saturday evening and we were supposed to have dinner at Abe's at Serendra (where good friend's dine dapat right? hahaha)...but unfortunately we were on the waiting list....we waited and waited ..until we couldn't wait longer and the rain kinda left us stranded at the Bonifacio High Street we decided to have our friends fetch us and head on to GB5 to have dinner.

We ended up at Felly J's......and what do you is owned by the same group as Abe's! Yehey to that.

This is the ensalada....

Salted egg wedges, tomatoes, green mangoes, okra and eggplant that you mix with tasty bagoong! yummmm =)

Clams Dish

This one I didn't get to try =)...but they alltold me it was good.


Delicious kare-kareng buntot ng baka...the thick rice-peanuty sauce along with the bagoong was really good. i enjoyed this dish despite not being a kare fan =)

Now, since the advent of the low-carbing craze...a lot of people have veered away from consuming rice and yummy rice dishes...but here at Felly J's, it is totally IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO HAVE RICE....for one...most dishes here are great with it and here are two more reaons....

check this out.... CRISPY DILIS RICE

Uber crisp dilis on top of what was like just good plain steamed yummy..a meal on its own! =)

Pineapple Fried Rice

This yellow rice, topped with slices of scrambles eggs...bell peppers...pineapple chunks and ma-hu (pork floss)!!! Sooo good!!!! Ma-papa rice ka dito! =D

The Crispy Pata
Oh my goodness--this is sinful...uber crisply fried and topped with toasted garlic!!!! Hayayay...ho can something so good be soo bad.....hahahaha

Last but not the least..Sisig!

This sisig was kinda small in serving as compared to the ones we are served other was good too...but with that Crispy pata on the side....this dish wasn't able to shine! hahaha
We all enjoyed all of the dishes here at Felly J' wonder the place was of my fave pinoy restos now =)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mag Meryenda Tayo! =)

We all like having our meryenda's? Don't we? Ah yes...I think its a luxury since we can opt to have it or not. It's just but nice to have a relaxing afternoon break..with a loved one or friend's or family....enjoying a nice afternoon....what more at Serendra..what more with yummy snack treats ? ----Just lovely =)

Yes, I had that lovely moment at a nice quaint resto in Serendra ...Batirol =) I have tried this place once for dessert and now...for some pinoy comfort treats.


I am a fan of our good ol' Christmas rice it with kesong puti..keso de bola...itlog na maalat...with lots of butter on top and lots of niyog to go with it ...with each and every bite! YUMMM-O!!! ;P hahaha There rendition here though doesn't quite cut as a good bibingka in my book at fave is VIA MARE BIBINGKA!!!! Oh oh....and Nena's Bibingka located in Cubao near Marikina shoe expo (you can have their special one made with extra duck egg in the batter!!! hahaha ) This was quite dense and heavy..nothing great..but edible =) I just dream of perfect ones as I ate this..hehehe

Now this is interesting....Bangus Pate with Wheat Pan de Sal slices

Soft-toasty sliced whole wheat pan de sal that you slather with pate made of bangus...probably cheese and mayo? The bangus gave it a unique twist which was nice.

Ah...and the winner amongst our meryenda trio....LAING FETTUCCINE!!!

You read it right my friends..our very own coconut-creamy, dried taro leaves fave ....served on fettuccine pasta and topped with cheese! Very good! No I never though of a gata based pasta sauce....up until that moment...I say why not indeed =)

Now after that...are you still up fpr dinner?? hahaha Well, we were =)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Piazza Pazzo

Hello friends! I have not been able to post anything for the longest time...and I miss reading and writing about food so much!. Here is one uber delayed post I have....on a not so newly rennovated Italian resto in Powper Plant mall...Piazza Pazzo...or is it Pazzo Piazza? hahaha ;P

I had dinner there with Elainey (whom I haven;t hung out with for the longest time ever since this...) Mare and Kirby =) What better way to catch up with very good friends than to share Pizza..pasta and gelato! yummmmmmmmmmmy! ;P

We had the Quattro Formaggio....which was generously ladened with yummy cheeses and had a very crunchy crust...almost cracker like...but we enjoyed it to the last slice!

These are Fried Risotto Balls served with Marinara Sauce

Balls of Risotto (left over ones perhaps? ;P hahaha) with some ground meat and cheese stuffed in the middle. Good but very satiating! A kinda heavy appetizer choice..

Shirmp with garlic tomatoes and basil pasta
Now this is my fave! Very light yet bursting with the taste of garlic and basil....with a hint of seafoody flavor from the scampi! I likey-likey...I think I ate most of it =)

The best part..the dessert part...and they serve nice Gelato here. In order for us to be able to sample as much flavors as we can accommodate in our already full stomachs...we got 2 flavors for each cup we ordered =)
Ferrero/I forgot the orther half of this cup ;P hahaha


Cafe Au Lait/Strawberry

Well....we polished everything off! There gelato is really good...but I the best is ANGELATI ITALIA =) Love you Gwen!!! =)

Friday, May 02, 2008


I haven't been able to blog as often as I used to because I have been very busy lately...but...but thanks so much to all the very thoughtful friends out therewho take time to read this silly blog of mine and care enough to wonder why I haven't been blog crazy...or pergaps I haven't beenn eating? going out?....Well NO to all! I am very fine...doin well..eating well, most definitely too =) hahahaha

Well letme share a fave place that I have dined in the past weeks...Buon Giorno at Shaw. Yes...behind Puregold Supermarket lies a new...faux Serendra complex that houses several of which is Buon Giorno. I have tried and posted about the branch in Tagaytay...and very happy that now this place is within our reach!.

Bread Basket with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Dip

Well...they say ..the best things in life are FREE....this is FREE so its the best?! bwahahaah ;P

Cream of Pumpkin Soup
The Crema de Zucca of Cibo is much better as this one is a tad bit less creamy and less flavorful.

Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Salad
The tomato slices were huge and fresh...but I was hoping for fresh mozzarella for this opposed to this one with I think are the kind used for pizzas. I love it id ithad more basil too...and maybe just a drizzle of olive oil...good balsamic.. =)

Smoked Salmon-Asparagus Risotto
Ooooh la-la!!! This baby is a winner. The arborio rice was cooked just right and gently infused with the flavor of the smoked Salmon..which we liked =)

We chose a decent red wine to go with our meal...luckily we picked the right it tasted quite nicely =) Meet the Laughing Lizzard
A nice..medium bodied red wine.....well that's all I can say about it because I am no wine connoiseur but as Andrea Immer always say...go with what you palate likes =)

And to cap our meal....Chocolate Pecan Pie ala Mide could that not be good? =)