Friday, August 31, 2007


Slashing bread is done to control the shape of theloaf while it is being baked in the oven. Gas expands inside the dough as it is being baked and if there are no slashes for excess gas to escape, the loaf may have "burts" that may render an ill-shaped loaf. These slashes should be made by a's like a blade mounted on a handle. I haven't found a lame yet (nonefound in cooks exchange, none in chocolate lovers, none in gourdo's and none in heny sison's!!!!), so for my first few batches of sourdough, I used a very sharp knife, then turned to use a razor blade.

The closest thing to a lame that I can think of is a scalpel! Sharp blade on a handle=scaplel right?
now a baker's tool--very sharp indeed!!!

It's easier to work with and makes more precise slashes...check it out...

I think they look prettier now, don't you think? =)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Italian Bread Sticks: Grissinis

My shobe is quite a finicky eater. She is the kind of person who needs to get in the mood for food!

It was been while that she has been requesting Grissinis. I really wanted to make her a batch as soon as she thought about them, but I wasn't able to get my hands on some semolina flour. Well, a recent cheese trip to Santi's led me to a bag of semolina flour and I was more than happy to get to bread stick baking for her =)

That night, was sourdough making night again. Yes siree, I make bread keep my starter alive and to supply the house hold with fresh bread. I usually make bread late in the evening, and while waiting for the dough to rise before shaping the loaves, I started on my Grissini =)

These breadsticks, I made with semolina flour and all purpose flour. I used good olive oil too but didn't add Rosemary, beacuse my shobe is not fond of herbage!

The dough is risen flattened out

Well, hand made Grissinis tend to be thicker and twisted or oddly shaped...hence they look this way =)

They turned our pretty good! After pulling the first batch from the oven, I called on to my shobe! It was to be her late night snack! hehehehe They cool quite fast so they were consumable in a few minutes after baking.

here they are, cooling on the rack...

She liked them and ate them with Philadelphia Chive and Onion cream cheese! I tried them with reminded me of Yan-yan! hahahah

They should be kept in air tight containers to keep them crisp! As you can see, my air-tight container is a bit I just repacked them in plastic sugar bags and sealed them using an impulse-sealer =)



How time flies...its now a year since I started blabbering here and its great!!! To the people who read this ...thank you!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Road Trip Part V: Where is Everybody???!!!

I remember at the Pink Kitchen, a lot of people were raving about Everybody's Cafe food there. I really wanted to try the Frogs and Cricket dish, but didn't have the chance to do so.

Well the final destination of our road trip was to find EVERYBODY! Where the heck is EVERYBODY?... was the question since we left Manila. We meant for it to be the first resto we try at Pampanga..but we didn't find it then.

So even with very full stomachs from our pit stop at Razon's, we still searched for this elusive resto! Half of our team gave up! Yes, the Binondo Badminton Squad with Matt & Sher went home it was just us...THE TRIPOD and War & Din.


Yes! Yes! Everybody is here at last! hahaha Unfortunately, when we looked at the display counter of food (ala canteen style) ....we were still full pa talaga--so appeal! SAYANG! But, satiety shall not lead us to defeat! We forged through and ORDERED! hahahahaha We just picked out the food that we really, really want to try...

No this is NOT the house tea..this is the house soup! for FREE =)

It tastes like the water inside the Balut!

This is what we came for! It's called the CAMARO!--like bumble bee in Transformers! hahaha It tastes like....hmmm crispy and cooked like it was marinated in a bistek tagalog sauce and then pan fried =)

This is the Dinuguan!
Their version is not the usual muddy looking dinuguan. The blood here is coagulated in small they are uniform in size along with the other innards =) I like muddy dinuguan better, though I am not a fan of this dish!

Another dish that we came here for, other than the Camaro...THE FROG!!!
It's stuffed with ground pork...redolent of a Relleno actually The whole thing is then deep fried! It tastes like fried stuffed squab! It's really good =)

An army of beheaded stuufed frogs ready for the fryer!

It's worth the trip because it was really fun trying exotic food. I hope they DON'T put up a branch in Manila because, I think the fun in dining in this place is the NOVELTY of the eating experience. We enjoyed eating here, most definitely, but I don't think its the kind of place I'd want to eat at regularly....maybe once a year lang ;P
What a food adventure this road trip turned out to be!
Thank you Oli, Ven, Matt & Sher, War & Din and the Binondo Badminton Squad (especially to Peachy!)It was a blast!!!! Let's do this again ah!!! =)


Oli and I vowed to have the ORIGNAL Guagua Halo-halo of Razon's! So at the last leg of our road Razon we all go!!!

Hmmm.... there were a LOT of ORIGINAL Razon's here pala! hahaha It's like the Collette's buko pie in Tagaytay...every store claims to be THE ORIGINAL branch! hahahaha

Well, we decided on this one, near a Total gas station....
By then, we were all famished! The extreme breakfast we had, have already been fully digested (and some reserved in our hips, thighs and buttocks! ;phehehehheeh)

We eagerly scanned the menu...
... it seems like items here are cheaper...halo-halo at Php45.00...if I am not mistaken, its around Php60-70 here in Manila.

We had the Chicharon...'s not the airy type, its the more solid with "laman" kind...crunchy and great with vinegar!

Ven ordered the PUTO
It was dense and dry..but we finished it all because we were starving! hahaha

The Tripod...shared a Palabok

Others had this too. There was a sign there which says: Our Palabok is Timplado na..please taste before putting PATIS! heheheh Well, something to that effect! So we followed what the sign said, but we thought it did need a dash of fish sauce =) I am no fan of Palaboks, but I think this was just so, so.

And..the main event...the Guagua Halo-halo

So, is it any different from its Manila rendition?---Nah! It's the same. Taste great and still has lovely fine ice, that makes it so cool and refreshing. I just noticed the macapuno strips are in strips here and more generously put as that of in Manila. Oh and the leche flan too is more gereously placed atop of this yummy treat!!!

Road Trip Part III: ZOOBIC

After our uber great breakfast, we went duty free shopping once again and then headed for a little forest adventure at ZOOBIC!

It seemed like a great ride in this caged jeepney and go through the jungle like road to see the animals.
Moi, Din, War and Ven

The trip is 3 hours long pala! We were pressed for time because we got there around 1pm and check out time is 2pm! So, we just had picture taking at the entrance!hehehe Good for me because there was a part of thr trail..the Savannah---where there are birds!!!!--EEEEEppppsssss!!!! Thanks, but no thanks! ...Whew! Close call for me! hahahaha

Nonetheless, we managed to see a little bit of teh "wild life". At have to slow down while driving because, as the sign says,...there are MONKEYS CROSSING!!!

lookie here dat you??????:P Uh-huh....yeah...baaar-ten-dur! hahaha Kaya wala ka sa pic above...may solo ka pala dito! ;P harharhar!!!!!


We all woke up famished! Some of the BBS girls had the breakfast buffet at the hotel...but no, no, no, no way for me! I told the boys---we have breakfast at XTREMELY XPRESSO!!!!

This is my favorite coffee shop in subic! The first time I got to try this place was last holy week...and I loved it! Good coffee and great meals! The breakfast selection is the best and they also offer pastas and extra large pizzas!!!! May I add, at a very affordable price with free wifi to boot!!! What more can you ask for in a coffee shop??? Ako wala na =)

Here is my morning brew!!! Bold and no sour after taste..just the way I like it =)

the coffee bar....

I had the plain waffles. I love waffles with lots of butter (real butter ah!) and a tad bit of maple syrup. That thing oozing at the side is the orange marmalade they serve it with. I am no fan of orange marmalades, soweee ;P
This is the Bluberry Waffles...or as Peachy calls them...Burberry Waffles! hahahaha

Oli's Good Morning Plate!
A foot long hotdog, two eggs (sunny side up, over easy), slices of ham and bacon, served with toasts and wedges of oranges....and boy did Oli's eyes pop open seeing this plate served to him!!!---GOOD MORNING OLI!!!!!! =D


Oh boy---it is ALL FILIPINO ALL RIGHT! Tocino, Longanisa, Tapa and fried egg with Garlic sinangag and atchara on the side! YES---ni-lahat nila ang Filipino breakfast favorites!!! True to its name! How could this plate not bring up a smile on anyone's face???

Most of us were in the mood for breakfast fare, even if it was already almost 11am!!! But dear Ven wanted the lunch is his Fish and & Chips
Well, it's actually Fish and Fries served with honey mustard sauce. The fish is battered like that of for chicken strips and the fries and thick and crisp criss-cut ones.

Sher had the Bluberry cheesecake
It's good..the baked kind with blueberry marbling inside as an added bonus =)
Well, we were all very, very happy with our meals!hehehe Happy meals render happy travellers! We then set out for another duty free shopping spree and maybe some adventure! hehehehe

Road Trip Part I: Aresi Found!!!!

Since it was a long weekend, Oli, Ven, War, Din Matt, Sher, myself...along with the Bindondo Badminton Squad, went on a road trip to Subic, Pampanga!---YEHEY!!!! =D Raining as it did, our spirits were unscathed! We were on for some fun and food adventure!!!

Our first stop.....

Aresi used to be one of my favorite, if not my number one, favorite hang outs in Morato area. It was situated just across Gerry's grill in Tomas Morato and ABS-CBN. Now Guilly's Island has taken over it's spot. Sayang! I don't know why it closed down. The food there is good and priced just right, and as I remeber, cocktails there are cheap too.

Well, I finally found myself back in Aresi!!! Yes, it still stands...but all the way in Subic Water Front pa! Ahhh, the lengths we go for food!!! hahaha

This was just our "meryenda", so we just oredered a variety of pizzas...

The Margherita Pizza

YUMMMMMY!!!!!! I love it! The crust is great! Crisp and cooked perfectly! It's cheesey and tomato-basilly good! hahaha ;P

The Seafood Pizza

Yummy too!!! It's not too loaded with seafood...heck...I don't even recall finding any seafood! hahaha I think there were shripms etc...but the crust was was cheesy and the toppings were there (basta) it was still good =)

The Aresi Special

It's loaded with Italian saugages, peperoni, basil, tomatoes, musjrooms, other sausages...the works! A meat lovers delight!

As you can see here, Oli is DELIGHTED! hahahahah
The pizzas were all good!!! I love the Margherita best! =) I checked out the bar list...from the BAAAR-TEN-DUR....hahha...and saw that they are still cheap! ;P

Oh, and pizzas re cheap too...280-305 lang! Not bad at all!
Here we are...2 of the BBS Members (Nikki & Peachy), Moi & Oli
....happily waiting for our food =)

Great food and great ambiance!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Breakfast @ Conti's

I asked Sal if we could go back and have breakfast at Conti's---for old times sake! hehehe We used to have breakfast there often because we liked going to the Greenhills Sunday market, which is just close to where it is at in Connecticut. It was a string of Sundays that we went there for breakfast, after which we rush to the Sunday Market to buy fresh seafood (like lobsters, crabs, soft shell crabs, tiger prawns, fish etc..) to bring home so that our families may enjoy seafood for lunch! It's great to buy there because I find that the sellers are honest and fair with the prices they bestow. There are also vegetables, fruits and puto! There is a seller there selling puto bigas, which is really good!!! =)

Well, no palengke time today, because after lunch I leave for a road trip to Pangpanga!!!-Yahooo!!!

But, but, I make time for my dear Sally =)

We had pancakes

the pancakes were like from McDo..that's why we like them =) hehehehe I think they came from a box ;P
and the Arroz ala Cubana
...I like bananas and raisins in savory food! This was ok but isn't the authentic Cuban version of this has no tomato sauce? ---I'm not sure. It was alright. It had ground pork with raisins in tomato sauce, sevred with some pieces of bacon (one lang ata yun), fried banana slices and an egg on garlic rice.

It was a heavy breakfast. We ad time to go around the Tiangge, which has just opened and then off to Unimart for a lottle grocery shopping =)

A morning perfectly spent!

Dinner @ Shawie's

It's been a while since I've ben with my good friend's Mike and Shawie. Last time was Shawie's wedding pa!

It was great that we got a chance to have dinner at the newly weds abode. They have a beautiful home and we had a great evening of catchung up and eating!!! We picked out photos from their wedding...we had to reduce 2000 to 200!!! That is quite time consuming, I tell you! Nevertheless, it was great looking at the pics and marveling at how time flies talaga.

Mike & I brought Almond Sans Rival from Conti's and my bread ofcourse =)

This was very good!!! =)
Thank you Alvin & Shawi for dinner and entertaining us at your lovely home! Thank you Mikey for another great shopping-capade...hope you recover fully na para more strength to shop!hahahhaa

Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Other Sumo

I've eaten at SumoSam lots and lots of times, but last night was my first time to dine at their Power Plant branch. Yup, I think it opened a few months back. It's on the expansion wing just above where Beaty Bar, Lush and Tyler shops are. Oli, Ven, Chie and I were suppose to have dinner at Serendra, but was drizzling and traffic was awful on southbound EDSA. So we decided to chill at Power Plant mall. Ven felt like having some for the rest of, we just wanted to get food---and fast because we were starving, especially Chie ;P hehehehe. Oli thought of Sumosam...decent Japanese food and fast! hahaha It was a real good thing the place was not packed for dinner, unlike in the Shang branch where its always teeming with customers and the wait, wait ,wait part is enevitable.

Ven chose the Ebi Tempura Maki
..kinda like the one I had at Nanohana...a tempura stuck in the middle of a maki
The Seared Tuna Salad
Slices of pan seared sesame seed crusted Tuna beside a salad =)

I was bit taken back at the site of Ven eating the greens!!! Ven!!! what happened to you my carnivorous friend????---Did hunger make you eat your much dreaded veggies??? =)hahaha

The Spicy Tuna Roll

The Crispy Maki...
...that was not ours!hahaha The waitress took this one back =)

Oli and Chie were very famished ang opted for the set dinner which comprised of:

a bowl of Miso Soup

A side salad

California Maki
and 2 Mains: either Chicken or Beef and Salmon or Ebi
the Chicken-Salmon

both served with Japanese fried rice! A great deal for around 400-ish a set

for moi, The Chicken Teriyaki Rice Plate

We were all happy with our food, no complaints, except for Chie's Bef-Ebi other which came really late! Apart from that, I think the service here is better than in Shang mall.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Penicillium Roqueforti

Taking up Food Technology, was really fun and it's own special way =). We basically specialze on the science or food and other word the technical aspect(sort of what Alton Brown does on a deeper level)..not the fun cooking, plating, table setting, bartending and function preparations that Hotel and Restaurant Ad majors do. Nagkamali ba ako ng course noon? hahahaha ;P

Why do I get into this now, you might say...well, yesterday I was craving for blue cheese, so I dropped buy the friendly neighborhood Santi's deli to get me some for lunch and a bag of semolina flour as well (for my grissini project) ....

....yummy! Staring at this mold ladened wedge of glory, reminded be of our food microbio class. It was the firs time I met the Roquefort cheese! I think most of us then haven't tasted this type of cheese before, and in fact had not even dared to eat it! I recall that experiment so well, where we had to isolate the Penicillium Roqueforti (the fungus that is responsible for that pungent aroma and disctinctive taste). Our professor had us buy them blue cheeses and EAT them before we used them for plating! I was willing...most were mortified by the thought of putting it in their mouth!hahaha We had crackers to go with it----I tasted it---yuck?--oh no--wait---wow! An ardent sensory mishmash=). Since then my love for cheese began =) Late, but never too late, to realize the world of cheeses there is out there pala.

A bit of nostalgia from a funky smellin' cheese! See how food makes memories come back? hahaha I love it!