Thursday, August 31, 2006

Caught Again

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! I GOT CAUGHT AGAIN!!!! I was driving back to the office from at meeting at SM I was traversing the road heading towards edsa..I think I was crossing Baclaran...or whatever road that maybe....where there are lots of busses and MMDA's...the buses and cars were all cramming up the intersection and just as it was my turn to cross...RED!....Ayun! Huli ako!!!! grrrrr@####!!!! There were lots of cars beside me then was that kind of moment when your car is gently creeping through traffic and it was as if it was a "trip to jerusalem" game, when the music stops and suddenly your the only one without a chair??!!! for this moment I was the only one (well not really...there was another truck caught as well) left in the middle of the intersection! Geeeeeezzzz!!!! I soooo hate that! Hay but anyway...I "managed" to easy my way out of the situation. Maybe its my fault that I wasn't being careful ... oh well...I'm just glad to be back here in the office.

Relaxed Day

Yesterday was a relaxed day for me. I met up with two of my good friends, War and Elaine at UNO restaurant around lunchtime. UNO, is one of my favorite restos in Tomas Morato. I adore their sourdough bread, baked fresh daily! It’s a meal on its own for me. I came rather late because I had to drop off my sis at her Ortho at St. Luke’s, so I was rather late for lunch and settled for coffee, which was a good strong brew! War didn’t have work that day—San Juan day! Unfortunately, a holiday is no good when all of your friends have work! Hahaha Too bad man! ;P

After work I just stayed home and did a little belly dancing and practiced yoga. I tried to read in bed but dozed off after 2 pages! Hahahaha..

(please note photo was borrowed from the internet)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Catching up on my Weekend!

Finally!!! I have long been a blog lurker, and now at long last, I have mustered up the courage to put up an online journal =) Congratulations to myself! Hahahha

So here we go¦

Let me start by sharing my weekend mini escapades~ My good friend Didi and I, attended a baking demo at Nestle, Rockwell, hosted by my favorite food blogger Ms. Lori Baltazar of dessertcomesfirst. I almost didn't make it because of some work schedule mix-ups¦but with luck and good friends by my side I was there! Hahaha I was all worth it! I learned a lot from the demo. We were asked to bring some of our baked goodies to share. Didi brought her blueberry cheesecake, and I decided to bake brownies with creamy fudge frosting---Alas! My brownies didn't make the demo because we decided to give it to our nice friend who was kind enough to drive us to power plant. We took home more stuff than we actually brought there. It was a great experience =)

After the demo we shopped around power plant and waited for our other friends for dinner, which so greatly turned out to be a spur of the moment Tagaytay trip! WOW! Talk about instant change of atmosphere! Hahahha It was great. Dinner at Leslie's and a night cap of coffee. The drive home was even better we had an iPod-oke thing goin' on! Singing along to 80's OPM! Hahaha! I don't really know how I know so much lyrics to a LOT of OPM oldies...we had a blast!!!... so who cares! Hahaha Thank you to Didi, Edmund and Holden =)

On Sunday mornings, I usually go walking in U.P. with 2 of my great college gal pals, Sal and Kat. Unfortunately, Kat wasn't able to join us because she was not feeling well, so Sal and I decided to have breakfast at Dorset Coffee at Connecticut Greenhills and go walking around the shopping center. And so did we! We shared a breakfast of Shitake Mushroom omelet and Spicy Hungarian sausage with buttery toasts and a side order of Taro chips. I'll learn how to put pics here so next time I can put food photos! Hahaha I just love pictures of food..don't you? Anyhooos...after walking we proceeded to 168 mall!!! Yes! Divisoria on a Sunday is great! We bought lots of good cheap stuff! I only spent around 1,500 bucks and had hordes of simple basic shirts, shorts and what-have-you-s. After our contemptible shopping spree, we headed on to Binondo! We had very late lunch at this somewhat carinderia type Chinese fast food. Kinda reminded me of Pho2000 in Vietnam! Hahaha. Food was good and affordable. We had kiampung with pork asado, 1 pc stuffed calamares thingy and misua. Then we went hopia store hopping. We visites Holand, Eng Bee Tin and this other hopia store (I forgot the name), bought different varieties of hopia to bring home. I told my friend, "Sal, labo ng ginagawa natin, bili tayo madame hopia here when they're all avaible naman sa mga grocery!" hahaha ;P what the was fun doing it in Binondo. So we bought some more food to take home to our families and headed back to white plains. I got home around 6:30 pm! Whew! Been out from 6am till 630pm but my day didn't end yet. Not just yet. My good college buddy Dr. Elpo asked me a favor. Akala ko naman ano yun....fill up his US visa application form lang pala! Hahaha So he fetched me aroung 730pm and we had coffee at Cafe Breton in Morato. I love their Cafe Au Lait! After neatly filling out the Visa form we headed home. What a day!

Ahhh....but the weekend seemed to spill through Monday! Afterwork Mike (my dear friend and ultimate shopping buddy) and I went to Shang Mall to hunt for his TOASTER! Hahaha He wanted an old fashioned toaster-not the oven toaster type. Can you guys believe appliance stores hardly stock up on these babies? Failing on our mission, we went to CYMA at the 6th level for dinner. It was our first time to dine at this Greek resto and it was great. We had htipiti (I'm not sure if I remember the name right), which was like a creamy dip made with feta cheese served with toasted pita wedges---delicious! For our main we just shares a chicken kebob that turned out to be the best I have tried so far. The chicken was cooked just right ...moist, tender and flavorful. To cap our evening we headed on to the Fort to go to Jills and listen to a band. I am not a real alcohol drinker, I tell you. Alcohol has a bad effect on me but then now that I am older I am training myself to be able to hold my drink! Hahaha So I had a Currant 7..which I sipped slowly.....I was chat....listen to music....ordered a mango!#@!!! Hahahha Oh my! my head suddenly lost it's neck and just fell! I couldn't hold my head up! home we headed on. Poor Michael, I slept the whole ride home. Sorry Mike! No more drinking for me next time! Better stick to my java! hahahha