Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

It's my daddy's birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! =) Well, it's actually on the 29th but we always celebrate birthdays of family members on the Sunday closest to the birthday. Well, we normally have the usual chinese lauriat, since my Dad only appreciates Chinese food! hahaha Yeah, it's kinda like that. My Daddy is kinda old fashioned and solid with the notion that the best cuisine is Chinese!!! We almost rarely eat Italian, American more so Mediterranean food when we are with him. Japanese is an exception though, he loves Jap food =). In the light of being healthy for my father's 61st...we opeted for Gloria Maris...but this time just the HOT POT =).

Well, since everything is fresh and boiled....healthy right? Yeah, we feel and think so!

A platter of egg noodles, greens, corn, frech tofu, mushrooms (shitake, botton, straw and enoki)

How about some fresh tiger prawns, crab sticks, balls of different sorts, pork, chiken and beef...for some healthy protein =)

A yin-yang of broths to cook all of those wonderful meats, noodles and veggies...

This is my atchi's fave...fried seafood roll

Like a seafood salad, wrapped in rice paper, battered and deep fried...severved with fruit salad =) very rich but very yummy! Consume moderately to avoid umami! hahahah ;P


My favorite chinese dessert! I think I only find this at Gloria Maris, Greenhills and at Emerald Garden in Roxas. I haven't seen this on any other chinese resto menu (have you?). I love it! It's like un-fried buchi....soft glutenous balls filled with minced nuts and I am not sure if it's black beans inside...the ball is dusted with pulvorized nuts! Yummy...I love it! My sisters love it too =)

And, shobe Nikki's fave...Mango Sago

A refreshing traditional chinese dessert! It's just god ol' mangi puree with tapioca pearls =) Simple and delicious....although, this one needs a tad bit more sugar! hehehe

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Very Special Shower

A very important wedding is coming up this November! Yes, it is the wedding of my shobe, Che!!! We are all so excited. My sis is still a child at heart....well, when it comes to food and fun. This is why I decided to set it at our "special place" for a simple intimitate dinner and some shower fun! hehehe I know my sis well, and she is the kind who loves simple and homey comfort food....and chocolate rhum cake! hahaha Cook Book Kitchen is the best venue for her shower, I thought. Well, my atchi, shobe and I set up the place. I made the reservations and picked the food and made games.

I contacted the verny nice owner, Maui Constantino and she was very easy to talk to and helpful with the food and venue arrangements. I had a buffet set that the food flows and the good times does!hehehe....

The Baked Parmesan Crusted Fish

Grilled Chicken with A Honey Mustard like sauce (I forgot the name of the dish!)

Pork with Remoulade Sauce

Green Salad with Caesar and Vinaigrette
Pillows of Ciabatta breads with Cream of Pumpkin Soup (pic of which is not here!hehehe)

Pasta Puttanesca
I love this dish! Yummy aldente pasta with tangy tomatoey sauce!!! =)

Chocolate Rhum Cake and Kittin's Scarlet Cake
YUMMMMM!!!! My sis was soooo happy with the rhum cake! It's her fave!!! There was this one time when Kat gave me Chocolate rhum cake from Almon Marina (she used to own a franchise) and my sis just fell in love with it. She says not as good as the Almon Marina version but...close enough! The Almon version is more well infused with the rhum.

Everybody was very happy with the food (thanks CBK!) and we had trivia games for the bride to be!

The Sisterhood (standing) Che and Moi; (sitting) my atchi and baby sis Nikki

The shower girls

As final surprise...we blindfolded my sis and told her we got her a MALE STRIPPER!!! She was laughing and nervous and thout it was our driver Mang Dino! hahaha When we took off the blond was her fiancee Jeff...he brought flowers =) Awwwwwwwww sweet! My plan worked out well! Thank you to my sisters and all the girlfriends who came tomake the evening special for her. Thank you Jeff and Jules for helping out in the final surprise!!! =)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Angel's Kitchen

Finally! I had a chance to dine at My Angel's Kitchen with my dear Elaine. No Sunday brunch with Sal and Kat so when Elainey called for a meet up, I was more than happy to oblige =)

My Angel's Kitchen is located at Connecticut, Greenhills, beside the defunct Dorset Coffee, which is now a Japanese store with nice take out counters...another must try =). Anyhoos, Angel's Kitchen is a cute and cozy restaurant, serving comfort food, coffee and cakes. I just adore homey, no fuss, no frills restos, serving a mish-mash of good ol' homey dishes.

They give free spinach dip with melba toasts to perk up your appetite.

The dip is on the mayo-ey side, not the kind you'd order at Cibo (I love that!) but it's free so it very much welcome on our table! Not bad =)

More bread please! Now, before we were served the above mentioned freebie, we have already ordered the Spinach and Artichoke Dip, served with buttered breadsticks =)

Hmmm... it was, again, mayo-ey. I wished it was cheese based instead, I am not much of a mayo fan. The Artichokes were kinda pureed or finely blended-in so, you dig and dig ..but no Artichokes. But please don't get me wrong, it was good =) I just want chunky pieces of Artichokes in my dip =)

For our main, The Orange Chicken (Chicken Al' Orange) hehehe
The boneless chicken thigh was breaded and fried to a golden crisp and blanketed by a sweetish-tangy orange sauce. We liked it! I love the way the chicken was kept crispy even when sauced! Served with steamed rice, this was nice =)

For dessert, the MALAKOF/V (?)
It's actually sansrival with chocolate ganache. We were not so happy with this, as the butter cream was not buttery...more cream =( and the wafer layers were so so...sowee. Maybe we should have picked another cake...they had a variety available on display. Perhaps the flourless chocolate cake ala mode next time? =)
There were a lot of interesting dishes on the menu, like lamb curry, steamed fish....gratinated a come back is a MUST! Their coffee is good and I like that it is served with a small piece of almond biscotti =) The service is good and the ambiance is nice. The place wa if you intend to come in a big group, you should make reservations.

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's Really Tasty =)

The best things in life, really, are of the simplest things. How about some ultra thin porkchops with rice sauced with some-sort of soysauce or fish sauce is it? Ah's really TASTY at TASTY DUMPLINGS! =)

Sad to say, the Wilson branch has closed up....but they do have the original in Masangkay open and ofcourse....the Retiro branch! I used to hang out alot..I MEAN A LOT at the Banawe pool at Good at Light Year...hang at Taza...Cafe's nice and casual at that area and a lot of nice places to eat!

Tasty Dumplings is your NO FUSS NO FRILLS dining place for dumplings, hong-ma, soy milk and ofcourse uber thin and crispy fried porkchops! =) SARAP! Especially when you are SUPER GUTOM...walang isip-isip what to order...PORK CHOP WITH RICE OR NOODLES LANG and if you may...some other sides =)

Steamed Dumplings

Fried Dumplings
Take them be-fatted (fried) or the healthy way (as in steamed) they are great! We liked the fried better, ofcourse! ;P

Ah yes..this is what I am talking about.....TASTY PORKCHOPS
Need I say more? The porkchop is like, pounded to a thin state....battered and fried. This comes with a clear soup (like hot water actually, but who's free), some sauteed shredded cabbage and steamed rice with that toyo or patis like sauce that makes it yummy =) And what do you dip your chops in?? NOT Ketchup....NOT vinegar but more of that secret sweetish soy or patis sauce placed on each table! It's the all around sauce in this resto. Dip everything here! hahaha

The soymilk is great too, a bit sweet but really good and the hong-ma with silver bread is a winner too =) Oh did I mention UBER cheap pa?---yes...real value for your moolah!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mickey's....the Pics =)

As are the pics from Mickey's Deli. Actually these are just some of them ...our dsl connection is still pretty bad.

Look at these Ciabatta!!

Wow....really rustic looking aren't they? These are the ones they turn into pizzas, but NOT used in the sandwich, unfortunately.

Now how about some sourdough....Beautiful!!!! Look at the slash work here and the finish is great!!! Wow...was what I uttered when I saw them on display. I LOVE IT! =) BRAVO!!! They taste as good as they look =) You can try them on the counter..they serve free samples! I could just stay there the whole evening!!!! hahaha

This is the sausage section...

Check out the pork knuckles and sides....a lot of people were having this...maybe I should too next time =) They grill a variety of sausages here too.

The Angus Beef Burger
Huge!!! The patty was very thick and to add more fat to about some bacon to boot! ;P

The selection of cheeses and cold cuts
I LOVE CHEESE!!! Let's have cheese please!! 'P


More beautiful Artisal bread....

I had to be dragged out from the Lartizan area! Really! They make breads on site and they have stone lined ovens where these lovelys are baked!

The Proscuitto and Fresh Mozarella Sandwich Very good proscuitto, frech mozarella, fresh greens and olive oil...but...but....why didn't they use that lovely...browned and crisp ciabatta on display...that would have made my evening perfect hehehe

Well, that's as far as blogger can let me upload for now. I DO have more pics from Mickey's but why don't you just go see for yourself....and take me with you!!! Wine and cheese please and BREADS! BREADS! BREADS! aaaaaahhhh =)

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hey Mickey!!!

I read and heard a lot about Mickey's Deli, located along Makati. Well, if I am not driving Makati is a great place to find good eats. Mickey's is definitely a WOW place for me! Why you might ask.....inside is houses a boulangerie called LARTIZAN...the brain child of Johnlu Koa, owner of french baker. His nephew is a friend of mine and gave me the heads up for this =). I am having trouble uploading my pcitures...if they are not here, I'll post it after this entry. I tell you, the breads here are by far the most authentic looking artisan breads I have ever they came out of some Dan Lepard's book! They dont' only look great...they do taste as good as they appear. Mr. Koa has out done himself...I am reminded of La Brea.....the breadshop I have never seen...only in books and in my dreams =) They let you have a taste of the variety of breads they great is that. Rye sourdough, French Sourdough, Ciabatta, crusty rolls, crossants, muffins, bagels...ah....bread love!=)

Ok...goin back to Earth....they do have other stuff worth noting, noticing and trying. They have a veru good cheese and antipasti selection. BREAD AND CHEESE and they do have VINOS....what more can I ask for??? I WANT BLOGGER TO UPLOAD MY FREAKIN PICTURE NO!--HAHAHA---ayaw eh. They also sell dried pasta, sausages...lots of sausages and other deli wet and dry Santi's but I think they have a better variety here.

On to the menu...its kinda limited to a few pastas, paninis, sandwiches and ciabatta pizza. They have this huge angus beef burger, with bacon and the works....and I tried the proscuitto & fresh mozarella sandwhich. To my disappintment, the ciabatta they used was NOT the ciabatta we saw at Lartizan (which was well browned, crusty and rustic)...I think they used the french baker like ciabatta here which was pale white. Nevertheless good proscuitto and good mozarella...with fresh greens and olive oil. Apart from the menu fare, they have daily specials written on a cute black board. Most people were having sausages or pork knuckles...maybe that is their specialty? There will definietly be a next time here...for the ciabatta pizza, bread basket and antipasti platter!!!

They only have one dessert though....some sort of crepe with appples served ala mode...but it did not appeal to us so I just had coffee. They serve Davidoff =) ....Aromatic but not strong.

I'll post my pics very soon...but I just have to share this experience =)

Oh My God!!!

Oh my, I didn't know how grave the Glorietta incident was yesterday, up until I got a call of concern from a good friend asking if I was at Makati and if I was alright. Yikes, I WAS actually in Makati...but fortunately on a different time of day as that of that horrible incident. My sister told me about it when she got a text message about an explosion at Luk Yuen. We both thought it was a gas tank that blew up or something. Now that I've learned the gravity of the situation...I feel very sorry for all the victims. prayers are with you. I just coundn't not comprehend the sick minds and persona of the people responsible for this horrid act.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Omakase, Morato

I've eaten here several times already, but I don't recall if I have a full blog about Omakase. Yup, it's one of the jap usuals we dine in, along with the likes of Terriyaki Boy, Tempura and Kimono Ken. Like what they say abroad..."same same, but differeny!" ;Phehehe

I tried a few new things here....THE GREEN TEA SHAKE

Well, up untill I ordered it, I learned that it was a sugar-free shake...made of Resensa Green Tea was it? I am not so into sugar-free things...I used to be partons of ALL SUGAR-FREE -ISH, but after sufferring from gastritis and acid-reflux...I veer away from anything with aspartame or any artificially sweetened drinks and food...with the exception of the ocassional diet sodas ofcourse ;P (though I am not a soda fan) It was ok...tasted nothing green tea really, but I appreciate that it was refreshingly cool =)

Crunchy Maki

This is just california maki...fried! Hahaha Served with a mayo sauce with some sort of a tonkatsu sauce mized in it. I can't eat too much of it because the oily-ness of the maki being fried and the mayo dip kinda gets to me =)

Crispy Crab Maki (I forgot the actual name)
It's good ol' maki with deep fried soft shell crab stuck in them.

Oyster Fry

I liked this dish a lot. It's actually the first time I have tried an Oyster tempura. It's really interesting in the mouth while eating....a crisp and crunchy exterior is a great contrast to the coft oyster inside! Yummy with a tonkatsu dipping sauce, which has a slightly sour tone the works well with the oyster falvor =)

Chicken Terriyaki

The chicken terriyaki is good ol' bonelss chicken thigh grilled and served with terriyaki sauce and a side helping of potato salad. The chicken is cooked to a tender...a good rentidion of this conventional jap resto dish. The potato salad is a modern twist? hehehe


Looks good and yummy but I didn't get to try it =)

It's your friendly neighborhood Japanese resto. Good, simple and reliable jap food.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mary Grace Cafe at Serendra

Moseying at Serendra, Sal and I stumbled upon this upscale cookery shop called Alessi. It's like a sossy Gourdo's that sells very unique and very expensive kitchen gadgets and what-have-yous.

This is something interesting....

This heavy staineless steel pot is meant for cooking cook your sauce of choice and just place your UNCOOKED the flat lid and it promises to cook the pasta in your sauce! I was a bit skeptical with this claim.....what if your pasta sauce is not so liquidy? hehehe The salesman told me that the pasta is guaranteed to cook! Well, priced at 13K IT SHOULD! ;P hahaha

After shopping around high street, we had lunch at Mary Grace Cafe. We have been here before, but only for coffee and ensaymadas=)

We shared the Seafood Pasta

It had mussels. clams, shrimps, black olives and capers, cooked in a light broth-like or was it white wine sauce (not quite like a sauce, really). This was a nice and light meal..we liked it =) Their portion size is really just good for one person.

Apparently, we have room for we shared the Apple Pie ala Mode

I love anything ala mode...and I want my ice cream....matigas and not on the soft and melty stage =) Over warm apple pie and topped with powdered cinnamon...this was a very nice dessert that went very well with coffee. Their coffee was not bad.
The place was jammed! The food their is the homey kind of food. Nothing fancy but one would definitely find something of their liking. The ambiance is friendly and inviting. Good and simple food with good dessert chocolate and ensaymada to boot, all priced just right. No wonder it's always packed amidst the various and fancy dining choices at Serendra.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Las Paellas Cafe

Oli was darling enough to keep his wait for me ........wait until I get back from Bali to watch NO RESERVATIONS =) hehehe Yup yup. Better late than never we did. Our friend Chie joined us in for a night of romance and cooking! YEHEY!

But..but..first thing is first...we had to have dinner first. Now, one should not watch a romantic movie about chefs cooking with an empty stomach, right? Right!

We tried Las Paellas Cafe at the 2nd floor or Promenade. We were kinda surprised that the menu consisted of dishes that were not of Spanish origin. They have Chicken Terriyaki, pastas and paninis ;Phehehe

Nevertheless, we sticked with the house Spanish specialties.


It's soup made of beans, chorizos, morcilla, pancetta and saffron. This was favorful, but I just don't know if it tastes authentic because I don't think I have had real Fabada =)

Salpicao Rice

This is Chie's order. She said it was ok but was kinda disappointed by the few beed pieces (bitin?) hehehe

Spanish Chicken with Java Rice

My order. This was like chicken bbq slathered with sauce used for baby back ribs....and they put way too much of it! hehehe The Java rice was way tooo saucy and did not compliment the already sauce ladened chicken...para bang you want plain rice pa after eating it! ;P hahahah


Well, Oli said it was good naman...real lengua here so not fair enough.

The price range is affordable here. What caught our interest was the order of the neighboring table....a pitcher of SANGRIA. The pitcher looked ice-y cold and had chopped fruits in them and served on goblets with more chopped fruits and ice! Looks sooo refreshing! Must try that soon =)

We then proceeded to watch No Reservations. It's a romantic movie about two chefs falling in love =) Sweet! Good thing it ended happily. Some found it cheesey....but I loved it! hahahaha

We moved to Grilla to cap the night with cheap wine and matched it with cheese sticks...para wine and cheese d ba? ;P hehehehe

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Welcome Back Breakfast at Mom & Tina's

My first Sunday back and ofcourse I had to meet up with Kat & Sal =). We chose to have brunch at Mom & Tina's. I've been here several times but this is the first time I actually got the chance to try their meals.

We had the soup of the day
..which was like a tomato based bean soup, served with 2 pieces of cheese rolls. The soup was ok the cheese rlolls were nice and flaky..but not cheesy! hehehe

Kani Mango SaladGenerously adorned with ripe mango slices and lots of crab sticks. I just had way too much Japanese mayo! I am not so hot about mayo ;P

Chicken Galantina

We were kinda disappointed with this stuffed chicken. It was just ok....but lacking in was just kinda salty and dry =(

Spinach & Chicken Lasagna
Hmmm...we weren't so enthused with this dish...too little pasta, too much sauce and a bit too salty. We finished it anyway though ;P hehee

Shepherd's Pie

This was ground beef (I think) with creamy red sauce covered with mashed potatoes. I think it's a too salty for my taste. Perhaps we shouldn't have ordered this with the lasagna because they tasted the so much alike. The lasagna sauce and the sauce they placed here is one and the same ;P

Their food that day all tasted kinda salty! Why kaya?

Mango and Chocolate Toblerone Torte

The first time Sal & I tried one of these tortes, it was made of ice cream....but this time eeeewwwwww it was made of cream and mousse!!! Oh sadnessfor me. I don't know if we ordered the wrong kind but this was definitely NOT ice cream. Nevertheless, Sal liked it as she loves whipped cream =)

Hmmm maybe we expected too much from the food. The ambiance was still great and we had fun catching up with eachother. I missed these girls terribly! hehehe

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Cancer Awareness Live Auction

It is cancer awareness month and the Cancer Institue Foundation has launched a series of events for Cervical Cancer advocay.
One of the first events held by the foundation was a live auction of photographs by Jo Avila, Bahaghari, Miguel Fabie III, Ronnie Lazaro, Jun de Leon, Isa Lorenzo, At Maculangan, Billy MondoƱedo, Emmanuel Santos, Ivan Sarenas, John Silva, Pilar Tuason, Wig Tysmans, Lilen Uy, Jake Verzosa, and Denise Weldon, and an etching by National Artist Benedicto Cabrera, held at Silverlens Gallery in Pasong Tamo Extension.
Cancer is an illness that is close to my heart and that is whyI really am happy to be part of any activities to help spread awareness and combat this lethal malady.
It was just so unfortunate for me, that I am really always a lost in Makati =( Let me just say I went through a long merry-go-round-about before I was able to reach the event venue. Thank you to the two wonderful people who helped me through =)
Well, better late than never, I was able to make it. The event was covered by the Lifestyle network, by non other than Ms. Menchu Antigua. A lot of familiar faces were present at the auction..some of whom are Ms. Angel Jacob, Carlos Celdran and the very darling Ms. Mitzi Borromeo (who was actually one of the event organizers).

Many of the artful photos were sold, and it can be said the venet was indeed a success!

Let us support the Cervical Cancer Awareness month. Knowledge and consciousness about cancer is one of our best weapons againts it.