Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bacolod Chicken Inasal: Trinoma

I must say, we love grilled food...inaards and flavored fried rice!!! hahaha It just gives so much satisfaction when you are really hungry and want to be satiated...with no frills.

Bacolod Chicken amongst the many Inasal houses in town. I find it funny how Inasal restos just mix up the INASAL-CHICKEN-BACOLOD in their names to become a differnt resto...e.g. CHICKEN BACOLOD, BACOLOD CHICKEN INASAL....ahahaha =)

Anyhoos...what to like here...first up SISIG RICE!

A huge serving of fried rice mixed with sisig bits and topped with fried scrambled eggs! We compare it to our fave Jay-j's sisig rice, which has more of chicharon bits than sisig...and has a sweet-ish tinge. Bacolod Chicken's version is more savory and sisig-y! hahaha Our preference? We conclude we like Jay-j's more =) Though this was fairly good and really satiating.

Grilled Squid

Well, the squid was not so fresh and kinda lacked flavor. Jerry's grill has the best grilled sisig for me=)

Salted Egg, Onion and Tomato Salad
A yummy side dish! How truely pinoy =)

Liver and Gizzard Inasal
Well, you can;t go wrong with grilled liver and gizzard =)

Chicken Insal
Naturally we had to have some chicken inasal. Delicious pecho inasal...meat tender and flavorful.
What's nice here is that they have good variety in the menu, prices are really cheap and serving size is good.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ersao West Avenue

There is big arse branch of one of our long standing bubble drink fave...Ersao at West Avenue. It has been quite a while since the craze of Zagu, Quickly and Easyway plagued us along with rose various alternative brands of drink stand with pearls and nata.

Ersao in West avenue, facing Philam homes, is one nice casual place not only to enjoy cool perl drinks but to have yummy snacks and meals I have learned and come to enjoy =)

Comparing the pearl tea here with bubble tea, which I have recently tried...I like the drinks here better because they have just the right sweetness.

Besides the drinks...we love the Spicy Squid and Spicy Chicken!

Bits of squid and/or chicken deep fried with a spicy-nutmegy-cinnamony coating!

Unique in falvor and just delicious to wash down with some milk teas =)

Spicy Squid Rice

You can opt to have the spicy squid or spicy chicken with rice a full meal =)


Ohhh yeah...upon seeing the poster for this rice dish..we vowed to return for this...and we did! Delicious sticky rice with pork, mushrooms and pork floss on top. Like a chinese Machang...sans the leaf wrapping..sans chestnuts. It is quite heavy as it is made with sticky rice but great with the spicy chicken and squid...and these...

Fried Dumplings

Crisp and golden dumplings filled with minced pork and veggies. Generous in serving too! Good on its own as a snack...yummy with yofan or even plain rice =)

Adobong Tofu

Slices of fried tofu laced with a thick sweet sauce. Simple and delicious.

Beef with Pepper Sauce

Slices of beef with tasty brown peppery sauce.

Cabbage with Pork

I forgot the name of this veggie side dish. It's shredded cabbage sauteed with some pork bits with some yummy brown sauce. I think they used he same sweetish sauce for the spicy chicken and squid here too.

Chicken Katsu Rice

Yummy flattened out chicken fillet...breaded and fried...which you dip got it...the sweetish all around Ersao brown sauce =) hahaaha Crisp, flavorful and good.

Food here are simple, flavorful, fun to eat and very light on the pocket! A nice place for snacking and casual meals =)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Tocino at Tocino" at Little Pupung's at SM Mall of Asia

There is a cute fast-foodie place at SM Mall of Asia, located at the ground floor of the South wing, called Pupung and friends =) I remember reading the comic strip in Manila Bulletin, when I was still in highschool...almost on a daily basis! hahaha

Bagnet Salad

Crispy bits of bagnet mixed with chopped tomatoes and onions...not bad =)

Chicken Tosilog
I think this is a thigh part, as it was kinda fatty....hmmm the taste? kinda bland...sorry!

We ordered the Bangus Silog, but the waiters kinda got our orders wrong...and gave us a Pork Tocilog!
Oh well, we didn't want to make a fuss so we just got this anyway...a tocino on tocino day it turn out! Strangely, the pork tocino was leaner than the chicken version...they tasted quite the same.

Pupung's Halo-halo
another mistaken order! we asked for guinomis...but we got halo-halo instead ;P hahaha It was kinda strange as it was topped with grated CHEESE!!!
You don't win all the time everytime you dine and try out new stuff! Nevertheless, prices here are uber we don't mind at all charging this to experience =)

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sicilian, Petron Station Katipunan

Can you believe I have never had pizza at the Sicilian?...I have only tried having their sandwich there...delivered and it was actually quite good. Looking for some afternoon snack...there is a branch of the Sicilian at the Petron station at the edge of Katipunan avenue, bordering UP-Tandang Sora. There are lots of small retos here such as Ineng BBQ, Kamirori ( a fave during college days), Steak MD, Chowking, Starbucks, Gonuts Donuts..etc..fill up your tank while you fill up you stomach! hehehe

Sicilian Salad
a samller verion of the Sicilian salad at Italianni's...nit bad at all...but I think it can use more greens =)

Baked Fish with Roasted Potatoes

Baked Dory fish fillet with pomodoro sauce underneath...not bad too. The roasted taters were actually sweet potatoes...good thing I like sweet potatoes =)

I have yet to try the pizzas here. Nice healthy snacking don;t you think? =)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Je Suis Gourmand =)

It was a day to celebrate the day of a special person =) It was more of a treat for me actually...because we dined at a place I have wanted to try for quite sometime now...yey! How spoiled am I? ;P

Je Suis Gourmad is located along Rizal Drive at Fort Bonifacio Global City. This resto has been there way before Basilio's, Paul Calvin's and Barcino has been put up there. I was delighted indeed! It has a casual-fine ambiance...a deli counter filled with cheeses, foie gras and antipasti items...may I add they have a very nice restroom =) hehehe

complimentary basket of crusty bread with burre....bread a pleanty...I likey!!!

Parma Ham and Goat Cheese Salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
Soooo good! Very generous with delicious parma ham (true blue parma ham at that) and plenty of crumbled goat cheese on top of fresh greens and sliced cherry tomatoes! This with the yummy bread is a meal on it's own =)

Braised Lamb Shank in Sauce with Roasted Vegetables and Potatoes
Fall-off the bone tender and wonderfully flavored by the brown sauce...with was uber yummy to dip the crusty bread in ;P

Roasted Chicken Breast Filled with Mushrooms, Penne and Peppercorn Sauce
Like an Ala Kieve with mushroom stuffing! I must say, Je Suis Gourmand does not scrimp on ingredients...quality and will surely be pleased. The pepercorn sauce gave a delightful veil of peppery-gravy flavor...the breast was moist and tender...the penne along side was al dente...simply buttered and sprinkled with chopped parsley as a light accompaniment to the dish.

see the cross section...

and to cap our meal...Fresh Coffee Charlotte Cake with Chocolate Sauce
A delicate coffee infused cake...with a texture somewhere between a mousse and a panna cotta. I am not a fan of this type of cake but with the coffee flavor and dark chocolate sauce...I quite enjoyed it too.

and americano for me...see that crema!

A truely delightful dining leave the place with a very happy palate...full stomach and good spirits =)
Happy Birthday!!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Vennetto..Napolli...One and The Same?

We have been enjoying Napoli and A Vennetto food for its value for you the buck and fairly good Italian food =) Is Napoli and A Vennetto one and the same? The ambiance, price range, and taste of food are quite the same, only differing in several menu items (i.e. some served in the former not in the latter and vice versa) and serving size =)

Let's see here.... this was a visit at Napoli at SM The Block...

Fish and Fries
Dory Fish Fillet...battered and deep fried served with french fries! Very similar to that of Fish & half the price! Though Fish and Co is offering a smaller portion sized Fish and Chips at Php 195.00, FYI =)

A siamese pizza of Bacon Cheese Burger and New Yorker
Very generously ladened with toppings...fresh out of a stone lined oven =) Not bad at all

Eggplant Parmigiana
We likey this...lightly breaded slices of eggplants baked with pomodoro sauce and topped with gooey mozzarella cheese =)

Now let's check out A Venetto...We had the Eggplant Parmigiana here during this visit...only the version here had spaghetti underneath the eggplants =)
I asked if there was a dish like this sans the pasta...but it was not on the menu =) It did taste the same as the Eggplant parmi at Napoli....this one is priced a bit more and ofcourse makes for a rounder dish with the pasta =)

A Vennetto Cheese Steak Open Faced Sandwich
Like a half baguette sliced open and topped with steak slices, cheese, ham, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions and drizzled with mayo , served with a siding of french fries =) Not a light sandwich in deed!
Both places serve good pizzas, pastas and sanwiches at very affordable prices and hefty servings =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

San Sung Korean

Yey!!!! I finally got the chance to dine at San Sung Korean Resto!!! My friend suggested we have Korean food..because I was blabbering about korean telenovelas I used to watch and miss...effective subliminal insinuation and persuation for foodie innuendos ei? hahaha :p

It's located across A-Venue...another place where I wana go back to and try out what's there =)

San Sung is like an old Korean House...nothing fancy here....check it out...

...we chose to take the table inthe area where you are seated on the Japanese style...for added feel inthe dining experience =)

What we like here is the generous variety of appetizers they give...

oh yeah!!! Small plates of omelets, pickled veggies, chap chae, kimchi soup...more veggies with kimchi...more omelet like food...a generous plate of kimchi....potato salad (this is note worthy...the potato salad here is really good...we had three and on the fourth they told us they were out already ;P hahaha so much for being abusive! hahaha ) top all that we were given this...

...a fullplate of vegetable pajeon =)

I was meaning to order that...but good thing I didn't as it was given to us free! How cool is that.

Now for the plates we ordered... Bibimbop...the HOT kind
as we were told, there are two kinds of hot and one not so hot....hmmm we wondered how the not hot was like...but naturally we wanted our rice dish to be HOT! We just told our waitress to give us the hot one. The rice was sizzling in the clay pot! Beef, veggies, rice and egg served with a red hot bean paste. It was really good! We loved how crusts of burnt rice form underneath as it held by the hot pot.

Pan Grilled Octopus
As you can very well see by the color of this is RED HOT! I am kinda weak with hot stuff so we ordered an extra bowl of pplain riceso I can tone the heat down in my mouth by eating this with more plain rice. It was good and very tasty...and HOT!!! =D

I am twice charmed by the food here...simple and authentic Korean cuisine.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Jerry's Morato

When really hungry, it super sulit to eat at Jerry's Grill. Good ol' pinoy food faves that is quite reliable in taste and satiety value=)

Crispy Tadyang

When the thought of having crispy pata is in mind...but you are just two people and an entire oata is waaaaaaaay too much to have (although IT HAS HAPPEND that we had an entire cripy pata to ourselves ;P hehehe), the next best choice is crispy tadyang! My friend does like this a lot...though I am not much of a beef lover....deep fried and crisp beef tadyang is a good idea to me. These were not dry despite being fried to a crisp and topped with lots of crispy fried garlic bits=)
Grilled Dory Fish
Along the list of "new" on the menu...grilled fish fillets, served with tangy-sweet Kangkong atchara. A light dish to go with the bad arse fried tadyang.

Vegetable Fried Rice
We just love funked up rice! This was our first time to have we may have veggies with our meal too =) It was cooked with loads of butter...there goes being light and healthy here! hahaha

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dining at Angel's =)

I'm back at Angel's Kitchen again...this time to have what my friend and I wanted to try when we last visited here. We are back for a full meal and with empty stomachs =)

Complimentary Liver Pate and Bread

yummy pate...good and free =) we asked for more bread!!! hahaha

Pate Trio
The first one is like a tuna-caper spread, next up is a pistachio based pate and more liver =)

Soft Shell Crab Salad with Mango-Sesame Dressing

The soft shell crabs were great!!! Crunchy and very was excellent with the refreshing sweet mango dressing. We likey very mucho!

Now this is what we came here for...Pakbet Paella

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh oh soooo good!!! Rice cooked with the pakbet veggies topped with a BAGNET and served with CHOCOLATE BANGOONG! YES---CHOCOLATE bagoong! You'd think it's strange to have chocolate with shrimp paste..but it was great! The chocolate was not the sweetened kind, so it gave a very nice complexity to the conventional taste of bagoong. The rice was loaded with veggies...okra, eggplants, sqaush, sting beans and tomatoes. You get a good helping of veggies with every-rice spoonful =) How good is that? Very!!! A new found fave! Oh so flavorful and good enough to share....though we did see a customer at the neighboring having this all for himself! hahaha

Angel's Kitchen really serves good comfort food with funky twists to delight your palate.