Saturday, June 23, 2007

Afternoon at Sonja's

I spent my Sunday afternoon at Serendra with my friend Sal. It was a lovely day...the sun was surprisingly shy that time, as rain was about to set in. Cloudy and a bit windy weather is just perfect for me...while strolling along the shops and stores =) It's just but fitting for an afternoon treat of coffee and pastry--don't you think? We thought so! hehehee

We stopped by Sonja's cupcakes, which was teeming with people waiting in line for some icing ladened treats. I, personally , am not a fan of cupcakes...more so ICING....but since Sal hasn't tried them yet...we gave it a go.

She had the Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate frosting

...she was a bit disappointed with it, as she found it on the dry side. She wanted her cupcakes moist (don't we all?) The chocolate frosting was grainy with sugar and the chocolate flavor...barely there. After having this she opted not to take home any for her family ...=D ooopsss (sorrry to Sonja's cupcake fans---it's just a personal opinion)

We both had coffee, which was good. I actually like the brew at Sonja's =) You can get a decent cup of Java here my friends!

With that, we shared this huge block of brownies we saw displayed on the counter.

I liked it, definitely more than the cupcakes there. It's the dense kind of brownies, which was moist inside with a bit of a crunchy crusted top and loaded with walnuts =) I am nuts about nuts! hehehe

I would definitely come back here for the coffee and brownies and maybe next time try the extra large oatmeal cookies there too.

Sunday with Sal =)

I found myself back at Corinthian Hills last Sunday. My good friend Sal and I had lunch there and was supposed to meet with our friend Trina, to get our invitation. She is getting married on August 10 =) Unfortunately, she wasn't able to make it because she got tied up with another a family engagement (I think).

So, it was just me and Sal...and we had lunch at UCC Cafe. We shared the Seafood Salad....

...which was good, but the tempura shrimps ans scallops were to oily!!! I think I like the green salad better than this...but it was ok =)

Sal had the Strawberry kiwi shake to go with her share of the salad..

After out leisurely lunch, we moseyed on to the next door Santi's deli. I love browsing through deli's for nouveau items. Be it food...ingredients, equipments and kitchen's always interesting looking around.

I saw these on the ref shelf...and I instantly thought of one of my favorite food blogger---Joey! of 80 breakfasts....I think she loves brussel sprouts!!...

This is for you sweet Joey!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Caruso at Last!

My friend Elaine and I went to Power Plant mall for lunch at Cafe Med and a little window shopping. Early afternoon we met up with an old friend of mine, and coincidentally Elaine's cousin, Steve. He is vacationing here from Rhode Isaland, so it was great to have the chance to catch up with him before he goes to back to the US.

After our coffee tryst, we took a peek at the Mango sale---and vowed NOt to make any purchase!!!! ...but I saw this great skirt..on sale...really cheap.....I bought! =D hehehehhee

For dinner we contemptlated on either Souska or Cafe Caruso. ...Italian won over Japanese! hahaha So Caruso it was. Chiqui and Gwen joined us for dinner.

It's located at N. Garcia in Makati. The place is nice and most of the patrons are Italians. We decided to share a Pizza Neopolitana.

Here is the person...tossing the pizza dough! A very authentic touch!!! ;P

This is reallllly good! I love the crust. It's has crispy edges but has a chewy bite! I lve simple pizzas..this one has anchovies, tomato sauce and mozzarella. Simply delicious! We wiped out the whole thing! I think the crust makes the pizza.

And ofcourse...we have to have our dolci! Gwen let us try the ohhh soo great Hazel Nut gelato....

It's really good because it's Angelati gelato!!!!! Yummmmmmmmmmm!!!!

This is the Tiramisu...
This is the best tiramisu I've tasted. What makes is extra god I think is that the lady fingers they use is Savoiardi! I can tell =)

And last..but definitely not the least good tasting...the Zuppa Inglese (English Trifle).

It's like a pudding made by interlayering cream infused with liquer and Savoiardi lady fingers. Its really like Tiramisu...but instead of mascarpone's made with cream and flavored with marsala wine. It's rich tasting and good.

I love Caruso as I love Italian food!!!

A rainy evening of good food and great friends!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Food Find: Cashew Crunch

Hmmmm...we just opened this bag of Mrs. May's Cashew Crunch. It's slow dry-roasted cashew nuts, made with rice malt, cane juice, sea salt and added sesame seeds. They are really goo! Sort of like our good ol' peanut brittle, but far less sweet and are in cube chunk form. A great snack---but very addictive! hehehe ;P

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Late for a Shower!!!!!!!!!!!

My friend Shawie's wedding is coming up very, very soon!!!!!!!!!!! Sat bight was her bridal shower....and I was LATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. UNFORGIVEABLE! =( I'm sooo sorry mare!

Let me explain. You see, after office, my friend Mikey picked me up from the office to get his wedding gift for Shawie, and was very, very kind to volunteer to drive me to the shower party after our shopping. Great plan, right?! But a great plan is easily ruined by unforseen mall events! I was running low on cash , so I went to an ATM at the food court of Shang. There were people lined up, and one old lady goes..."miss, atm ka ba?" and motioning for me to go ahead. Wow! I thought to myself....sooo nice..and convenient! When it was time for the money to come out of the machine.......NOTHING! No receipt....but the monitor indicated a successful transaction! Oh headaches of headaches! I will not get into the nitty, gritty of the next events to happen. To cut the long story short, it took quite a while before I was able to make the necessary complaints and stuff regarding the debit in my account.

I was able to make it to the party...almost 10pm already. Our party was a 1 Legaspi Condo. It was a very nice building. I love the view from our floor and the fact that it's just a stones throw away from Greenbelt! My dream flat? ---I wish...I would love to live there! hahahaha

I am so sorry mare for being sooo late at your shower...I'll be the best bridesmade on you wedding and will be there earlier than any of the entourage! Promise =)

Thank you Michael for being soooo nice to me and Ling for being there to join us=)

'Till our next night out my dear friends! Love you all mwah!

Oki, Oki is O.K.! ;P

Last Saturday, I had to go to Honda for the 1000Km service thingy. I went there early, in the hopes that it would be one of the first to be serviced and so that I wouldn't have to wait too long. Hayayay! So I thought! Turns out it be be ready around 3pm in the afternoon pa! It was indeed a blessing that my friend Carlo invited me for lunch at TriNoma.

It was my first time to visit TriNoma. As expected, most shops we still under construction. The place is huge, but it kinda have the Market Market mall feel....hmmm I don't know. Anyhoos, we decided to have lunch at this Japanese resto called Oki, Oki!! hehehe Catchy name ei?

We had the crazy maki.....
...the pieces were big and it was good =)

This is the Mixed Sushi had Unagi Sushi (my fave), Tamago sushi (another fave of mine...kahit egg lang yun...), Ebi and Kani Sushi, Tuna and Salmon sushi. A good mix and the pieces are well made and fresh =)

The resto boasts of having HUGE EBI tempuras..."we use Tiger Prawns" they declared.
We were not disappointed. They were indeed Big! A bit oily..but good in general =)

Oki. oki is comparable to Omakase and Sumosam. Good simple jap food =)

After lunch, we had coffee at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf located at the top most level of the mall. The place was packed! I think Starbucks is still underconstruction, so no choice! hehehe

I think I'll go visit TriNoma when it is fully opened. There are a lot of promising restos and shops opening so we have to give it another go =)

Thank you Carlo for lunch, coffee and mall tour! hehehe

After that I went back to Honda and back to the office for some work...and off to another mall I go!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A Dose of Fabio Salsa

I have been meaning to get hair treatment for weeks now, but I just couldn't decide where to have it. Tony & Jackie only offeres hpt oil treamtent, and I wanted something more intesense! hehehe For sometime now, I've been eyeing Fabio Salsa at Power Plant mall, but I just never got the chance to actually go in! Yesterday was the day. I asked for their treatment services, and they had this Power Dose treatment for deep hair mositurizationand strengthening. Sounds great! They charge Php 990.00 per vial. Since myhair is considered Extra-Long in salon standards. They recommended I have 2!

They wash your hair, and spray on the stuff from the vialk and massage your scalp. Then the head is wrapped in SERAN and then placed under steam! Wow, I felt like a dumpling! ;P hahahaha

It was a good treatment! My hair felt softer and smoother. The set back? I can't wash my hair the following day for full absorption of the serum!

Be kind to your in the future..your hair will be kind to you!! hahaha remember, hair is our crowning glory =)

FYI, Fabio Salsa is owned by and run by Frank Provost =)

After feeling fabulous at Fabio...I met up with Cha at Corinthian hills to cap the day.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back at Kulinarya & Movie Night at Last!!!

When someone asked me what was the last movie I saw...I coundn't really remember! Has it been that long????? Haayyy...perhaps. So Saturday night was Movie night! Elaine and I have been planning to go see a movie last week pa, but so far romantic chick flicks on. We picked Ocean's 13! My shobe cme along with me, because I picked her up after school (yes--she has this social work thing on Saturdays for school...inplce of ROTC!!!!---girls hav ROTC na pala!!!!)

Moving on, we checked the movie schedule at the customer service counter onthe ground floor. We were told that movie was on 9:20 and 9:35. Great, so we decided to have dinner first.

We had dinner at Kulinarya! The first time we ate there, we got interested on the menu, so we vowed to return and return we did!

This was my Asparagus Soup
It's shrek colored and had the consisnetncy of "joy ultra", as declared by Kirby! Withe the creme fresh on did seem like joy ultra ;P! hehehe Nevertheless, it was ok....with a lone asparagus stalk in it! hahahahaa

Elaine had the Mediterranean Pasta. It tasted kinda spicy at first, but the taste and flavor grows on Elaine declared. I tried it too...and I think I got a little chili piece! hahaha Whoooaaaa!!!!

Shobe and I shared the Mediterranean Roll
I was a bit full from my Cibo lunch, so I let my baby sis pick the food and I pick on her food nalang. She loves lamb. This was like a pita lamb roll cut up and served with a little portion of Caesar salad. I had the salad and a piece. It was good, but I think it's meant t be an appetizer! ;P hahhha

Kirby, had this Red Snapper on a bed of Potaoes Gratin!

I forgot it's actual name, but that what it was. It was really good. Kirby let us all taste his fish and potatoes! Yummy!!! Fish ws tender, potatoes was good...sauce was creamy!!!! Mura pa! as compared to Chelsea and more so Mezzaluna!

And for dessert, we hd this very interesting Crispy Suman ala mode

It was served with caramel sauce and mango balls. I love the contrasting temperature or the fried suman and the ice cream!. We all dug our forks into it and bitin sa ice cream so we ordered another scoop to dump on our fried suman. This is a rather heavy dessert! I'm glad 4 of us shared it.
Happy with our food, we went to the cinema to catch Ocean's 13.
We were told, the movie was at 935 already started and the next show was at 11pm. Great! We were miss informed by the customer service people!!!!
Use your time wisely! So we went to UCC for some coffee and kwentuhan nalang =) Before we knew it, it was 11 pm already so we rushed back to the mall to catch our movie.
Ocean's 13 was cool. I have a crush....not on Brad...not on George....not even Matt...I kinda found that guy wh went to mexico really cute! ;P hahahahha The first guy who went to mexico in that movie! I didn't catch it name! Anyone out there who might know??? =)
Oh, there is something I am really excited about....a movie is coming uo...with Catherine-Zeta Jones.....she plays a CHEF! A loveless Chef! Sound very interesting =)---I LIKE! Ofcourse, as the trailer showed, she eventually finds a love interest--another chef...and so it goes.... My kind of movie! I will definitely wait for this and by hookor by crook I WILL WATCH IT kahit mag isa ako! hahhahahah
I am a hopeless romantic! I am a romantic person and I am really hopeless!!! hahha Plus, I love cooking as I love food. I can't wait for this film to come out!!! ;)

Lunch at My Favorite Cibo!

I love Cibo! One one my all time fave restos =) Simple and good 'ol reliable comfort food. Me and my sisters went malling Saturday Shang mall in particular, so that my shobe Che can get listed on the bridal registry for her wedding. I to was to check out the registry of my good friend Shawie so that I may get her wedding gift already.

Of all department stores, I love the service and selection of Rustan's. I like the free gift wrapping service...I think its a nice touch...and I love that when you pick a gift at their registry you can even have them delivered. Great, because I don't like lugging along huge gifts when I am all made up and wearing a gown! This service is indeed a blessing for single girls like me :p hehehehe

While I was checking out the list, a guy came in and asked for the JV's registry. Chismosa that I am....I thought out loud---JV? Ejercito? Di ba married na yun? hahahahahha The guy smiled and spoke out loud...wala na mapili...puro 100K worth na ang natira! He says, the wedding is today na kase. I smiled...and made a mental note to myself: ALWAYS CHECK OUT THE REGISTRY EARLY ON BEFORE THE WEDDING DATE SO THAT YOU HAVE OPTIONS THAT WILL FIT IN YOUR BUDGET! ;p

I bumped into him again at Starbucks...he told me..."I'm goin to SM to check out their registry there..." I thought it was really funny that he told me this out of the blue..considering we don't know eachother. I go..."good luck!" hahaha I guess that happens when you're really pressed for time and options in getting a gift =) Good thing I am aa good friend and a responsible shopper..I was able to select a very nice gift for my friend...(hope you like it mare! )

Shopping can work up an appetite you know. My sister's and I decided to have lunch at Cibo! Good and reliable Italian.
My atchi and I shared an order of the Rigatoni al Fonso!

My favorite really, is the pasta ala Margherita..stewed tomatoes, basil and parmesan....but I felt like something tomatoey and creamy that this was an excellent choice! The rigatoni pasta held up well to the full flavored shrimp and tomato-cream sauce. Yummy...very nakaka-busog!

Ofcourse, we had our all time fave...spinach dip...sooo good. I can have this as a meal on it's own! =)

My sis Che opted for the pasta primavera, but I didn't put the pic here because I wasn't able to try it! hehehe

They still don't have the Pizza Ovale at the Shang branch..I hope they have it soon =)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eggplant Parmigiana

After goin to the gym...nakak-guilty naman mag pig out because...all that running like a hamster on the treadmil will just be in vain. In other words..sayang ang work out! hahahaha.
I had dinner with my friend Elaine, who also cme from gym class. We had dinner at Italianni's and we had the Grilled Eggplant Parmigiana. It seemed light because the eggplant was not breaded (s it was grilled)...though I think the cheese and the creamy sauce made this dish rich =)


After work yesterday, I met up with Gwen at Shang mall. When we saw each other, we were already famished! Our eyes met and we both said...."CYMA tayo dinner!" =)

Without even looking at the menu, we knew we wanted the Roka Salata!
Our favorite salad!!!! We were seated beside a couple, and we were intrigued by what they were having...a plate of pitas...bruschettas and some sort of cheesy dip.....

The Spinach Artichoke Fondue

This was really good! Our first time to try this dish! It cheese and warm and ohhh sooo delish!! We literally mopped of the dip clean! Actually, our waitress was to remove the dip dish as it seemed eaten up already...she said "ma'am, ok na po....(taking the plate)" Gwen said "NO...not yet!" hahahaha We made simot our food 'till our plates were all clean! ;P hahahah Sympre, we are greatful to God for blessing us with good we show our thanks by finishing them all di ba?! ;P

After our delicious dinner and never ending kwentuhan, we moved to Starbucks for some coffee. Before we realized it, the mall was closing up and so we headed home=)

Always delightful being with you Gwen! Mwah!!!! =)

Monday, June 04, 2007

An Angel from Italy!

Who wouldn't want a creamy and dreamy scoop of cool, rich tasting Gelato on a hot day??? I know I would! =P There are a lot of restos selling what they claim to be gelato. But how d you know you're getting the real deal?

Well, Gelato, by definition, is the Italian counter part of the American ice cream...but it contains less air, thus it's texture is denser and has a creamier mouth-feel. A little Triv-bit: "Gelato" is an Italian word for "frozen" and comes from the Italian word gelare, meaning "to freeze." =) Gelato made without any dairy ingredient is know as the Sorbetto =)

Finally, we have a Gelato brand in Manila that is indeed true blue to the taste....Angelatti Italia!

It is owned by non other than my dearest friend Gwen! =) From a recent trip to Italy, she and her sis Lyn, fell in love with the Italian cool treat and decided to bring it to Manila.

This is the Chocolate Obsssion...

You see, I really went wild over this rich tasting, deep dark chocolate I even psted it the wrong way! hahahahaha

My sisters just loved it! The texture is really creamy...youjust can't stop putting spoonfuls..after spoonfulls in your mouth! ;P

It's available in differet gourmet flavors. I've tried the Pepita which is chocolate-chip honey crunch; and the Orange-Pineapple sorbeto, which has a very refreshing taste...I think well suited as palate cleansers during meals =)

They are now being served at several Italian restos, such as Cantinetta, Cafe Carruso and more to come!

So look for the brand and try for yourself.

For inquiries contact 0917-899011 Angelatti Italia

Back to Bananas and Apples =)

I slept-in 'till unusually late last Sunday, but I'm glad to have rested well from the weekend =) Feeling fully re-charged by afternoon, I met up with my friend Elaine at Banapple in Katipunan. We met up late in the afternoon for some coffee and snack. I was telling her about this nice pastry shop and she wanted to give it a try.

I didn't feel like having sweets that day, so I tried the chicken empanada
I've been craving for empanadas lately, and good thing they have it here. It was good..the think it was the baked kind because the pastry was not oily...I like =) I don't like fried empanada because it makes me nauseous after consumption! hehehehe

Elainey opted for the banofee pie
She said the filling and crust was good but she didn't like the cream on top. That didn't appeal to me either.

Before we realized it, it was already evening and my friend wanted to have dinner already. We went to the newly opened UCC cafe in Corinthian Hills.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Advanced Birthday Dinner Date!

The birthday of my dear darling friend Gwen, is coming up very soon...and of course, girlfriends celebrate in advance!!!

For our special dinner for two, I suggested we try something new! I suggested SWISS DELI. I read several posts about it (i.e at dessertcomesfirst and our awesome planet)

The Swiss Deli is located at Pioneer St. corner Sheridan St. in Shaw. We didn't have trouble finding the place...just encountered a bit of traffic. When we got there, we lover the place! The door that greeted us was very beautiful! It was huge, wooden and had an antique feel to it. naturally we wanted to have pictures taken all over the place, so it was a good thing that it was only us and another couple dinning at that time last night.

We were served cheese twists and oh so good rye bread! They were very generous with it to boot!

For starters, we had the Cheese Platter
We LOVE cheese!!!! From bottom going counter clockwise: there was GOUDA, GRUYERE, EDAM, APPENZELLER and FETA in the middle with some eggplants marinated in olive oil

It was a good cheese plate! Great for opening the palate! It can be a meal on its own with the delicious Rye Bread and maybe some wine?! ;P

Ravioli in Tomato Sauce

A simple ravioli dish, swimming in simple tomato sauce topped with Romano . It was ok =)

We chose this among the "something different" list on the menu: WINZER ROSTI
It's swiss meatloaf topped with cheese on some hash browns =) Indeed something different! Very tasty and interesting to eat.It was like a huge spam-ish chunk...but softer and juicier and tasty! Not the home made meat loaf kind. This had a more processed finish, but still good.

We wanted some dessert, but all that cheese we had starter...on the ravioli...on the meatloaf, REALLY FILLED US UP!! Cheese overload so to speak! But it was a good kind of busog and we were happy to find the place =) We will definitely come back...and may I add the price is very affordable! We were surprised! =)

We had a great time with good food and lovely pictorial!!! Unfortunately, the espresso I ordered was not nice =( It was ladened with coffee grinds---throat scratching!!!!!!!!!! So we moved to Starbucks at Metrowalk for our caffeine fix =)


Friday, June 01, 2007

Kiddie Party at TSOKNUT BTIROL

Last night, I attended a kiddie party, with my friend Mark and his Wife Gwen. The party was the 7th birthday of the daughter of an old friend of ours from Rotaract days. It was held at the Red Barn, across Tiendesitas. I've been in Tiendesitas several times, and I never noticed this huge kiddie play-land like structure...untill last night.

The kids had their play time the play area..and for late snack/dinner, we all proceeded to TSOKNUT BATIROL.

It's my first time to try this place as well. I think I've seen an outlet of this chocolate shop at SM malls. Their specialty, is without doubt...HOT TSKOLATE BATIROL. My very much pregnant friend Gwen, had the itlog maalat-kesong puti bibingka with Tsokolate batirol meal.
This is the bibinka....we aw the itlog maalat but the kesong puti was no where in-sight! hahahaha
Nevertheless, it was good n din and served very hot! That is the secret to its edibility! hahahaha

This was the Tsokolate Ah...they told me it was good but because of the chocolate grits =) It was think and good as declared by all those who had them.
Apparently, I didn't have hot chocolate because I was more drawn to the KAPENG BARAKO!! hehehe My meal went with 4 slices of raisin bread. Good for sharing! =) The raisin bread was ok.
Our friend Joanne, told us that the ensaymada here was fabulous! S we told her to order it so that we can all try.
It was served hot! The ensaymada was very soft and buttery! It was good....not sweet at all but a bit too dense for me.

The selection of food was very interesting actually. They had rice meals, pasta, filled pan de sal and an assortment of Filipino food and snacks. I think I'll go back here to try their food. I didn't eat much because we were to have dinner at Cibo in Power Plant later that evening.

It was really nice watching the kids play and have fun =)