Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gerry's @ Trinoma

Two great friends of mine celebrate there birthday August 15. One is my best friend from way back gradeschool..Yen....HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEN!!!! =) ...she has been residing in New York since we parted ways in highschool...I miss you Yen! And the my other best friend celebrating his day of birth on this dear Harry!!! Maybe I have an affinity for Leo's hehehe
Anyhoos, we had a dinner celbration at Gerrys at Trinoma. It's my second time here, and there are alot of restos and shops that are now open. Gerry's is located at the second level I think of the circular al fresco area, where most restos are located. The air-conditioned part is a bit small but the al fresco area is quite spacious naman...and has that over looking thing, which I find nice =) Reminded me of Dencio's Ayala heights.
We had a fun evening of catching up and enjoying artery clogging food!
Thank you for dinner Harry and may God continue showering you with love and His blessings!!!! Hugs!!! =)

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