Monday, August 06, 2007

Chillin' with the Girls =)

I don't hang out much at Glorieta nowadays, mostly I prefer Power Plant or Shangri-la for mall-capades. This Sunday though, I found myself there to hang out with my girls..Gwen and Elainey. I needed to buy a gift for my friend Trina's weddning next week so it was just but fitting to go there. Rustan's Departmentstore is the best place to get wedding gift, for me. Apart from the fact that most if not all bridal registries are at Rustan's, I love the full servive of gift wrapping and delivery service! The selections are great as well.

After shopping for my gift, we went to the UCC park cafe, located above the basement parking facing CPK & GJ's. It's my first time there...I think its a cool place to hang out---well, if it's not bright and sunny or hot! hehehehe It was a breezy afternoon...and we decided to "chill" with some cool treats.

I had the Ogura Smoothie! I've long been intrigued by this red bean delight, but I've never had the chance to have it because I am always drawn to having coffee =) ...well up untill now ! I love beans! Red, white kidney, mung, yellow, cannellini and even soya?!hahaha This smoothies is really good. It's redolent of the Azuki Frap of Starbucks, sans the coffee, which I find too sweet. This was blended just right and I like the little bits of grainy Ogura.

And these are the twin towers of Coffee Jelly Parfait....for Gwen And Elaine

They love this cool concoction..well as for me...I just want 'em Jellies =) See that whipped cream cascading along the mountains of coffee ice cream?----well, that was the major barrier that hindered my spoon to scoop up a taste! heheehe But..but...Elaine was generous enough to give me a big cube of coffee jelly...that I dropped in a glass of water to rinse off the cream hahaha ---yuck ba? It was like an espresso jello-shot! =) nice hahaha

After that, we parted ways with Gwen. Elaine and I went to Sanctuario de San Antonio to hear mass---my favorite church =)

Another wonderful Sunday to finish up the week!

Thanks girls!

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