Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Night I Met Casanova

I frequently hang out at Corinthian Hills and always seem to find myself at UCC or Starbucks...skipping this lone Italian resto there that has been calling on to me, time in time...well last night I finally met Casanova! hahaha Well, Le Gran Caffe Casanova that is! =)
Yes, we favor the Italian flavor! Cha, Carol, Mark and I had dinner there last night...all our first time ;P hehehe
The place a bit small but has a big al fresco area. The place is quite charming, especially at night =)
We were served complimentary slices of baguettes with a dipping of olive oil, balsamic and parmesan cheese. I am being very critical on bread baskets lately....the bread was dry...on the verge of being stale =( ....sad, I liked the dip pa naman.

We had the Margherita Pizza

....simple tomato, basil and mozzarella toppings on an equisitely crisp crust. I love it! =) The crust was thin and crisp and delicious. I took another shot! hehehehe

have a slice.....=)

Mark, being the typical guy, had this beef entree...again...I forgot the name ;P's like roast beef with a mushroom-gravy like sauce, served with roasted marble potatoes and beans. It was a tad bit too salty and the beef not so tender...

The Casanova Pesto Penne Pasta

It's creamy pesto on penne pasta. It's good and rich tasting. The penne is al dente =)

To cap our meal, I had to have my caffe Americano and Cha had this cafe latte..

...kinda reminded me of the cafe lattes of dome cafe =)

They offer the usual Italian dolci...zuppa ingles, gelatos (Angelati!!! ) and....

The Tiramisu's the frozen kind...which I liked =) very nice minus the whipped cream adornment.
Dinner was great! We had fun catching up and enjoying good Italian food amidst the cool breezy evening.
It was nice hanging with you guys! Thank you Mark for dinner and dolci=)
My evening did not end there, my good friend Mark ordered my Chocobons--yey! ...I was just so happy to make them when I got home I baked 'till the wee hours of the morn!hehehe Thanks again Mark! =)

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