Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Day @ The Market

This Sunday, Sal and I decided to go to Serendra...we wanted tohave breakfast there and go to Fully Booked. Alas! Can you believe ALL restos there didn't open 'till noon???? No breakfast!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Noooooooooo =(

Not to lose hope, we thought of killing time at Market Market untill lunch time. We walked around and stumbled upon Razon's at the al fresco food good it is to have a cool and refreshing halo-halo on a hot sunny morning? ---Great, we thought! With Serendra all put aside...we had our brunch there...


This was my choice...although I prefer my egg-sunny-side-up cooked to a crisp on both sides! Scarry when the yolk is all runny! hehehe The tapa was ok..a bit tough though...but still tapsilog is real comfort food.

Sally had the tocilog
And to cap our heavy brunch....Halo-halo =_
So cool and refreshing, despite it having only 3-halos of leche flan, sweetened bananas and macapuno
True pinoy comfort food Sunday brunch that surely got us through our day =)

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