Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Belles at Bellissimo

Italian restos have been blossoming left and right these days. Who doesn't love pizzas and pastas right? Well, Gwen and I definitely do! Gwen has been telling me about this new Italian resto at Sct. Castor... Bellissimo Restorante, owned by Caesar Montano. My office is just in the neighborhood, and I was quite surprised that I haven't stumbled upon this place.

Last night, we had dinner at this quaint resto, tucked along side of Clubber's (bar ba ito? o Club??? ;P) at Tomas Morato. Scout Castor is that small street at the side of it. There is also a little bookshop there (I think it's called Bound??--I forgot) and if you come up the street you will find Greens (the vegan resto I was talking about a few posts ago) and the new Zucchini =) (can't wait 'till it opens).

The place had a rustic Italian feel to it. Simple interior..kinda like a cross between Napoli's and a rough Galileo. They offer pizzas, pastas and apps, along with some cheeses, sausages, vinos and excellent gelato (Angelati, sympre!)

Here is the cheese and antipasti display....

A showcase of Italian Gelato (have some Angelati---yun ang best dito!)

Bread sticks, with pesto and marinara dips

The breadsticks were ok ...warm and herbed. The dips were ok too =)

The Genova Pizaa---made of pesto and cheese
Haaay..ok here I go...the pizza looks ok...the edges looked crisp...but sad to say this was a sad pizza. I think the most important part of the pizza is the CRUST! Have a gread crust and even if you have very few or simple toppings---you've got great pizza (that is my opinion) This one was undercooked! The crust was on the soft side..not even chewy...but pita bread! The pesto and cheese topping was quite was the crust that ruined the pizza.

A slice of pizza...

This, as the waiter recommended...was THE HOUSE SPECIAL..the Pasta ala Montano....

Its fussili pasta, with tomato sauce and sausages. Oh my! A catastrophe of a pasta dish!!! As you can see, it looks nothing Italian. The taste? hay, super SOGGY pasta! I've never been served over cooked pasta like this! Grabe!!!! One bite, Gwen & I looked at eachother and talagang we were super disappointed!!! It was a sour tasting mush and the sausages were barely there. I'm sooooo sorry. Grabe sa sogginess..mushy na talaga..I exagg!!!!

Mr. Montano was very, very nice pa naman. He was very warm and friendly. When he saw Gwen and I browsing at the cheese and gelato display, he greeted and chatted with us pa. He even showed us his paintings at the 2nd floor of the resto. I think his medium was oil. The painting were very nice.

Here I am with the very friendly owner of Bellissimo, Caesar Montano.

At the back are his art works..they are lovely pieces, all of which are for sale,by the way =). He tells us that he even plans to sell copies of his epic movies Rizal and Muro Ami on DVD and coffee table books of them.

I noticed, upon coming in the resto..the brick-woodfire oven...that is why I expected great pizza. I couldn't comprehend, how the pizza we had, could come from an oven like this???

This oven loooked like it CAN cook great pizza..whe it if fired up well...but alas..nothing like that.
Maybe we ordered the wrong things? I don't know. Just try for yourself if you will..have Gelato for a sure shot win.....just don't have that pasta!hahahaha :p
Despite of the food....we had a great time! Food tripping is always fun with yays and even occasional nays! hahaha
Thank you Gwen I had a great time with you (as always) =)


Anonymous said...

told ya.. no real good italian resto in Quezon City... oh well, try Volare in Araneta Center...

Jen Tan said...

hey Jeff,

Yeah, parang wala nga ok around q.c...I guess most Italians put up there restos in Makati!hehehe ;P ...will definitely give Volare a go one of these days =)

canDIshhh said...

Jenn! Pati ba naman si Buboy di mo tinantanan?! Hahahahaha!!

Jen Tan said...

hahahahah!!! Oi DI---di ko type ni Buboy!!! bwhahaahahaha d ako mahilig sa moreno!!! ;P hehehhe