Saturday, September 01, 2007

Starter Crumpets

Sourdough starters are refreshed regularly by discharding 1 cup of the starter then replacing it with water and bread flour. This method is done to sustain the life of the yeast =)

I stumbled upon this Sourdough Starter Crumpets Recipe from bakingsheet, and gave it a go this morning.

You just add baking soda, a little sugar and salt to a cup of the starter and grill it on a non-stick skillet....

hmmm...mine turned more like pancakes than crumpets and the texture is close to a roti! They weren't crispy..more chewy, but they tasted alright. I think it can pose as a faux roti, with its texture and taste!hehehehe

I think they turned out differently from bakingsheet's, because my starter is different from his =)

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