Monday, August 24, 2009

Bellini's, Cubao Expo

We had tapas and some wine at our favorite Barcino...then we decided to have pizza at Bellini's at Cubao shoe expo. It has been a long while since we've dined it was nice to see nothing much has changed in the place, except for the places that surrounds Bellini's. Cubao Expo has turned into an arts-y place with several bars around.


We ordered a Neopolitana Pizza
It had anchovies and capers...but we didn't like so much the kind of anchovies they had an off fishy ("malansa") wasn't the usual anchovies that we liked. The crust was kinda sweet and cracker was ok. Perhaps we should have ordered another kind? Or maybe the pasta here is better...we don't wana give up on Bellini's =)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Restaurant infront of Saguijo (Bread Box)

After our wine and antipasti at Galileo, we moved for our main course =) There is this quaint place infront of Saguijo (the underground-ish rock place) in Saguijo Street in Makati, which was/is called Bread Box... =)

The place is cozy and nice =)

Mr. Ariel, the owner, tells us that it is/was named breadbox because it used to sell ...well breads naturally...but when he and his wife took over the entire place, they converted it into a nice restaurant serving their much loved specialties.

The food is set up buffet style, where you can choose and order from =)

Ossobuco, Arroz ala Cubana....

sausages, longanisas..etc name a few of the house specialties offered. You pick from the buffet spread and they will serve it up to your table.

Stuffed Chicken with Mangoes and Cream Sauce

Redolent of a chicken ala kiev...chicken breast rolled with cheese and bacon or was it ham =)

The chicken was tender and the entire dish was very flavorful. I love the mangoes they served on cuts through the richness of the cream sauce =)

We had it served with wheat bread instead of rice
Prawn and Mushroom Stuffed Sole Fish

Another delicious and rich tasting dish!

The sole fish was tender and we love the stuffing of mushrooms and shrimps (either they were chopped up prawns or shrimps)
The cream sauce was similar to the sauce of the chicken dish sans the mango twist.

We had this with just can't enjoy this savory-sour-spicy dish without good ol' plain rice =)
We left with very happy palates. We could tell that the owners have much passion of their food by the way they personally take care of their customers and much love given to each dish as is reflected with the deep flavors of everything we have tried.
We will definitely be back to try more of their specialties =)

Galileo Enoteca, Makati

It's my second time to visit Galileo Enoteca...but my first time at their branch in Makati...the far end of Makati where I always can't seem to find my way around! hehehe

We love wine and cheeses and antipasti! They definitely have quite a selection of wine here....

and goodies to bring home like pastas, sauces, cheese, cured meats..etc =)



our choice..

and I got an extra glass of their Lambrusoco wine =) sweet and sparkling!

complimentary bread with pomodoro and balsamic-olive oil dip =)

antipasti platter
parma ham, salami, gano padano, pasteurized mozarella and marinated veggies on the side

A nice way to start of the evening=)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Uncle Moe's and Jalapeno

Look at this.....what plating? Such an enticing looking gourmet dish.....can you guess where we had this? UNCLE MOE'S SHAWARMA HUB! =)
hahaha...yes, yes....but it wasn't served this way. Have a look at what we go to try this evening =)

Hummus with Pita bread
We loved their hummus! Generously topped with oilive oil and a srpinkling of paprika =_

Delicious with pita...delicious when mixed with the Hummus =)

We loved this dish! So flavorful and cheesy...served piping hot too =)

Chicken Kebobs
Yumm.... =)
It was definetely a happy experince eating here. The place is very your typical neighborhood kebob place...only with better food. Prices here are very affordable and a comeback is a must!
They have a branch at the building where Barcino is, beside the Ortigas home depot...this branch is located at baranggay Capitolyo =)

We moved to Ortigas Home Depot to try Jalapeno...a mexican place that was packed the first time we attempted to eat here.
It is situated right smack in between Hermanos and Buffalo Wings and Things.
We ordered the Platter with a Soft Taco, Burrito and Nachos
All our must haves when eating Mexican....but we were disappointed with the not so authentic flavors we had on our plate =(
We thought of our favorite Mexicalli...which is by far better. Sorry Jalapeno...perhaps we were already full?? Will we give it another chance? ...Let's see =)

One hit and a miss!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Farewell Tita Cory

A mother's love will always be remembered and treasured by her their their souls...

Monday, August 03, 2009

Dear Darla....Charlie..and Nacho? ;P

With all the new pizzerias mushrooming left and right, I sometimes forget to visit the good ol' commercial brand pizza faves.

We go back to Yellow Cab to check some new (or not so new) items on their menu.

Nachos with Cheese Dip
I didn't know that they have nachos here. Is it new on the menu? Or has it been that long since I ate here =) The nachos and served in a brwon paper bag with a small cup of cheese dip. It's about Php 120 a bag if I am not mistaken. They are like they pretty good ...we only wished they served the dip warm.

Charlie Chan's Pasta

I really like this asian flavored pasta. Sweet and spicy =) Something that I occasionally crave for from Yellow cab =)

And something I wanted to try since I first saw it's bill board add...The Dear Darla Pizza =0

Served with Arugula and Alfalfa sprouts...

This is the 14" sized pizza, which were cut into 4 strips

I think I made a pretty darn good roll =)

I really like this =)
light and refreshing to eat with the greens. I don't know how this pars with the other pizza rollos out there..this is the only kind I have tried so far.