Friday, August 03, 2007

Back To Baking...

I been having the gym-in-the-morning routine since my shobe started college and its a nice habit, I say =) Today, I didn't go to the gym...but straight to the kitchen to start baking! Yehey!
I haven't been baking for quite a while now. Last night my friend Marc texted me his order for 2 boxes of my Chocobons and was delighted to bake them once again.

And so my morning work out...working on my dough...TADA.... cute the brown dough rises! I miss watching the small brown dough balloon into an airy ball =)

I wanted to start my biga as well, I have all intensions of making rustic bread this week....but unfortunately, I had to goto the office...I finished baking one at home...loaded one of our ovens in the car... along with my cooling rack...rags, tongs, boxes, unbaked but formed chocobons and finished cream cheese frosting and drove to the office.

I baked the other batch at work!

Here they are... homemade and the other is commercially done! hahahaha

A friend...a patron....thank you Marc for your order =)

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