Friday, August 24, 2007

Que voudriez-vous?

Last night, my shobe was not in the mood. Coming home, tired from school gets her weary and picky with food. To cheer her up, I asked her what she felt like eating for dinner..Mcdo? --nah...KFC?--nah...or ditsie can cook something for you..pasta? salad? toast?--she finally smiled at the thought and said yes.

I used to prepare her lunch baon when she was in highschool. Since I do wake up rather early, I make "imbento" recipes for her..she likes her food interesting and nouveau! hehehe

I made 3 cheese tomato-olive pasta. Yun kase nahanap ko sa pantry and ref !hehehe I sauteed garlic in olive oil, put basil, a little oregano, rosemary, sliced olives, diced fresh tomatoes and added parmesan, ementhal and chevital cheese! bwahahaha (cheese din naman yun!)

... to add a little interest to it, I simmered the sauce with some pinapple juice do add a little sweetness and zing. I seasoned it well with salt and pepper and served it to my shobe..along with...

...Caesar salad and garlic toast (sourdough, sympre!)

..for the salad, i just tore some iceberg lettuce and drizzled Toscana Caesar salad dressing (which I got from Santi's) and sprinkled Hormel Premium REAL -crumbled BACON BITS!

Yes! No need to fry thy bacon to a burnt crisp! Just get a handfull from the bag and shower on whatever. Super convenient and good ah! It says on the label--- 30% LESS FAT than pan fried bacon! hehehehe Healthy pa? ;P This was from the stash of goodies my dad brought home from his recent US trip.

Well, my shobe found the pineapple twist kinda odd--she doesn't like pineapple =( I forgot! but she ate it anyway, but was not that enthused. That made me sad talaga...buti nalang my other sis Che liked it...she had it for breakfast this morning and finished off what was left from last night! YEY =)

A clean plate is the best compliment a cook can have!

Next time I promised shobe...NO pineapple with her food! =) Sorry baby!


canDIshhh said...

How lucky shobe is!!!! :)

Jen Tan said...

=) thanks di!...'m lucky to have someone to cook for! hahaha