Friday, November 30, 2007

Just To Share...=)

I'd like to share 3 more pics of my sister's wedding..just 3 from the thousands of pics by Ariel Javelosa =)

My Family with the Newly Weds

The Entourage....girls

(L-R) My shobe Nikki, Mary Ann (friend of my sis), My cousin Patty, Moi and My Atchi

My New Brothers =)

(L-R) Jerry, Jeff (my sis hubby) & Jules wonderful it is! It has a magic to change people's lives....bring great joy and the power of bringing two families together =)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Food Soothe....

Have you ever had a day where the world seems againts you?? Well, yesterday was that kinda day for me. I broke my 2nd espresso machine and my office desktop was acting up like crazy! Hay-ya-yay! Two of the most important things that makes my day-to- day living possible. Caffeine and internet. I cannot function without my daily dose of espresso....and I can't finish a day in the office without blogging..checking our my favorite blogsposts (you know who you are ;p! )and checking my mail. So you could just inagine how I was feeling yesterday....down and out!

Good thing friends are there to lift you up when you are in a slump...and boy do my friends know how to make me feel better....

...howelse? But with Good company and good-mood food! hahaha ;P (baboy ba? hehehe) Well, I am a simple person with simple joys...and so my friends and I went out for good ol', feel good Cibo =)

Our all time fave Spinach Dip

I dunno how many times I have blogged about this...but it's just soo good. Crispy-crunchy melba toasts to scoop that gooey-cheesy and piping hot green dip! A smile crept on my face with just one bite ;P hehehe

Something something new...Pumpkin flowers and Anchovy Pizza!

Squach flowers are sooo nice...can be made into unique appetizers...can be a great pizza topping like so. I don't think it has any taste at all but with the flavorful Anchovies and cheese..on a delicious cripsy crust...a winner!

Now something light for our pasta...Penne with Olive Oil, Roasted veggies with Olives and Sun Dried Toamtoes...

simply wonderful. I love that pasta is consistently al dente at Cibo!
That's just that. Good Italian food you can count my dear friends =) I definitely ended my day with better spirits. Thanks're the best and thank you Gaita Forres!! ;P

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Feeling Chirstmas Already =)

Yes! A bit early actually...but I started to FEEL Christmas already =) Well, actually the feeling crept in last sunday. I promised by dear friends Gwen and Lyn that I would visit their Angelati Italia booth at the Noel bazzar at World Trade Center...then ran for a week (if I am bot mistaken). FYI: Angelati Italia is, by far..the best GELATO IN TOWN! =D

I started my sunday shopping day early. My favorite shopping buddy Mike picked me up from the house around lunch naturally...we both haven't had lunch...goodie because there is reason to go visit Mickey's deli once more! =) I sooo love that place.

Checking out Mickey's at lunch time....still packe with patrons.....still has that waft of delicious freshly baked artisan bread aroma upton entering....ahhh...I love the smell of bread baking...that is one of the reasons I soo love to make bread as well.

Here is something new on the little blackboard of daily specials....Eggplant Parmegiana

Sooo good and cheesy!!! It was great with the bread basket we had. You mop it clean with sourdough bread...delicious! ;P

How about some pasta...this is just simple Olive Oile pasta with garlic and chili...I forgot the name though...

The pasta..aldente..very good olive oil flavored with garlic with a light hit of heat! Simple. Perfect. Delightful...again with bread =)

Well, carbohydrate overload..but hey...good carbs naman right?;P I want to go back and try the rib eye steak...which looked huge and delish ....and I also saw the neighboring table order meatloaf...HUGE and as I over heard the guy say..ang sarap! ;P Pardon my eavesdropping on other people on other tables ...pero only about there order lang nama =) hehehe

After our yummy lunch..we went to Power Plant Mall to do a little shopping...and headed on to....

...the Noel Christmas Bazaar! It feels a lot like Christmas there! They piped in Chirstmas carols in the halls...booths and booths of clothes, gift items and FOOD!!!! How can you not feel the spirit of the Yuletide season with that? =)

This is the Angelati Italia Booth

Check out the yummy gelato they offered!

I had the Chocolate & Cereals---I LOVED IT! You can tell it's really great as people never stop liningup!
Great food..great gelato and great shooping day (promise! winner shopping day talaga! ;P) Thanks Mikey!
It's really beginning to look a lot like Christmas indeed =)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Jozu Japanese Grill & Sushi Bar

There is this new Japanese resto along Tomas's situated infront of Hot Shots Burger, where Super Bowl of China used to stand. Well, it is my duty to patronize new business in the vicinity, to help our economy right? ---Right! ;p hahaha The name is Jozu. As I learned, it is owned by the son of Mr. Villavicencio (hope I spelled it right), who also runs Saikono. The place was empty when we entered...and we were greeted by the nice staff. There was a Japanese chef there, who, as I was told, was the Japanese chef of the original Saisaki. The place is quite big..2-storey...modern interiors and the tables with grills were at the 2nd floor.

They offer a lot of interesting jap dishes, apart from the conventional offerings.

Here is the Kamameshi Rice
I love Kamameshi rice! That is why, Kamameshi House was one of my favorite jap restos =) I used to frequent the branch at Libis....I don't know why it closed down =(

Let me open the nice kamameshi wooden give you a beeter view of what we had...

It's steamed rice, that turned brownish from the sauce (I guess) with which it was cooked with and mixed with beef, chicken, shrimps and vegetables. It was good...but I still favor the good ol' Kamameshi house rendition. This one was generous with the mixin's and very filling. Can be a meal on it's own =)

The Jozu Sashimi Tokujo (Mixed Sashimi Platter)

Beautifully plated! It consists of Salmon, Tuna, Eel, Octopus, Seabream, Sea Urchin, Tiger Prawn, Squid with shromp roe, Crab-stick roll and egg omelet. A good mish-mash of sashimi faves...all fresh! We are good here. Not bad for Php 470.00!

Tori Chiisu Maki Teriyaki
Perhaps chiisu means "cheese"??- ;P hehehe Well, its Grilled chicken rollled with got it...chees-u =D

And lastly...the Agedashi Tofu...

I think this was too heavily breaded. A bit too floury =)
A good Japanese resto...good service and the price just right! We fun dining at Jozu! Thanks Elpo! =D

Here is my shobe and I...happy after our dinner

The Wilkie Way ;P

Friday night and we are all set for a night out of town! The plan was initially set to Alabang, I wanted to bring my friends to Amoroma's...but...our plan took a slight turn...a bit over Alabang...and on to Tagaytay! But before we forge through the south...we needed a bit of a tuk-tuk-sluuuuurp moment....;P

Yes, a quick pitstop at our now favorite balutan at Scout Chuatoco! This time some penoy-higop!!!


As I was informed, it is called penoy higop because of its soft-boiled state.....

Yummmmm!!!!! I liked it a lot! I think this will be my alternative to the balut. No chick part I am all cleared. It has a creamier texture than a soft boiled egg...and has that balut taste that I like =) Sooo good!

On our seemed like that 1 penoy per person snack didn't hold up or growling stomachs for long. We had a long way to go still and fortunately for us Wilkie was sweet enough to bring us snacks ...nagaraya, bread pan, toblerone and bottled water!!!!----HOW NICE talaga!!! =D There was a treat to please everyone in the car. Thank you Doc Wilks!

The snacks were enough to keep our stomachs tamed as we reached our destination......

buon giorno!!!!

Oh yes!!!! The place was great! I love the ambiance..overlooking the taal volcano. The weather was crisp and cool...bordering to cold even! We loved it!
The bread basket
Nice bread with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar dip!

Fritto Misto De Mare

Fish sticks and Calamares....deep fried to golden crisps...served with tartar sauce! We loved every morsel of this appetizer! Gimme more!!!!! ;P

Croquettes with Mozarella

Beautiful golden balls of rice with a cheese center surprise! It was served with marinara sauce. Delicious...but it is very filling! Well, it's made of rice so you can just imagine it thump down in your stomach, so eat moderately. A unique dish!

Now for some fun....we had MARE PESTO PIZZA
A light and thin crusted pizza with mixed seafood toppings, pesto sauce a mozarella cheese!!!

How can you not like that? =)

Quattro Formaggi Pizza
Mozarella, Fontina, Parmesan and Gorgonzola!!!! YUMMEH!!!!

As I have was a cold evening...we were seated al fresco...this being our 2nd pizza...the cool breeze got to the it didn't stretch our much in this shot!
The pizzas were very good! The crust was crispy and thin and the toppings very generous! A beautiful and delicious Italian evening.

We had a super great time at boun how do we cap this perfect dinner?
How about a trip to Figaro at East 19?! Upon goin up to tagaytay, I kinda mentioned that I have never really been to that East 19 place...where there is a Grappa's resto, Dencio's, Figaro and a Ballroom club (I think). I was just so happy to be able to see the place....and it was nice indeed!

This is the view looking down from the outside of Figaro.
We enjoyed our coffee there. It wasn't nearly as cold there as it was up in Tagaytay..but I think its a nice hang out as well.
As if our evening was not capped yet...indeed, it wasn't...we just have to end it....

What a perfectly extra-ordinary night out it had been. Thank you guys...we shall do this again!!!! =D

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fish Relleno Pic

Just to is the fish relleno picture from Greens...We loved it! =)

Vegan Treats & Uno Sweets =)

It's makes me feel good tryning to eat healthy. I dragged my friends again, but this time...we went vegan. One of my favorite, and perhaps the only, vegetarian resto I frequent...Greens =) As Rachel Ray always healthy if you want to eat a LOT! hehehe

For something crispy... an alternative to pork chicharon...Vegetarian Chicharon

Made from wheat...yes, these are carbs...but they are mighty good. They do taste like good ol' pork chicharon! If I get old and become forbidden to have fat on fat pork rinds..I would be having these =) They serve it with spicy vinegar. Crispy and delicious!

Now, for more cripsy stuff...leaning on protein this time...Crunchy Tofu Skins ...

Tofu skins with sesame seeds...served with tomato ketchup. These are really yummy! It will kill your crispy-crunchy cravingwhile feeling good since it is tofu based =)

Well, both are fried but then I guess less evil in a way, don't you think? We think so =)

This is the Soy Chicken Embutido

Ground chicken meat made into an embutido...with a soy based casing. The skin of this embutido is redolent of hotdog casing. It tastes real embutido! Yummm

I accidentally deleted the picture of our favorite dish..the Fish Relleno. It was really good! Fish meat mixed with the usual relleno ingredients...wrapped in nori, breaded and deep fried! Soooo GOOD! We all loved the nori twist which gave it a unique flavor! I'll Try to find the pics and upload again..or better yet..go back there...order and order it again ;P

We had brown rice with the above mentioned dishes...and that felt nice...feeling well satiated while feeling good anout what we ate =) hehehe

I think there are so much more yummy dishes to try at Greens. The many times I've dined there, I always have the faux I am really glad to have had the chance to try new and interesting vegan treats.

Feeling good with our dinner...we rewarded ourselves with fantantic desserts. We went to our favorite UNO restaurant for some sweet sensations!

I've said it before and I'll say it again I LOVE UNO! hehehe one of the nicest restos found in the morato area...nice place..consistenlty good food and service =)


A very light verion of baked cheesecake. It's not like the usual dense baked varieties you'd find. Light as it IS very creamy still. Delicious and not sweet. We loved it!

I found this at the dessert trolley...something new for the day...brownies =)
Crusty on the outside and fudgy inside with chopped walnuts! Yummy!!! Chocolatey but not sweet. It was just perfect! Super cheap at Php 40.00!

An all time fave...the lemon tart
It's not too sour and not sweet! Pefect as well. The moist lemony filling is well complimented by the shortbread-like crust.
These babies were great with the nice brew they also serve here. I love everything about this resto. The breads...the food...the desserts. So nice. If I were to have my own resto I would want something like this...small..initimate with great quality. The chef owner is always there..he was there last night..over-seeing everything..and this personal touch makes UNO delightful over time =)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Single People: Drag King & Queens ;P

Back to my single life....and what do single people do on a lazy weeknight?---call for PIZZA night! Yehey! Yeah...Elaine and I do love having and no frills hang out treat. We planned to go to Pizzeria Toscana, because its near ...but when we got was still closed! We asked if we could just sit there and wait untill they open...but they didn't let us! Nakakainis noh? But well...they were still fixing up so we just left and thought of having taho at the big little store. On our way there...I remembered Amazing Cones. I haven't tried dining in and Elaine hasn't tried them was pizza night din we gave it a go =)

The place has a fun feel...they serve ice cream and shakes. Kids and kids at heart will enjoy hanging at this place.

Well, since we were to have pizza for dinner, we just shared a cone to taste and tease our appetites =)

This is the screaming garlic.

Yummy! The crust is crispy and will love this. It has tomato-garlic filling topped with cheese.

After enjoying our Amazing Pizza cone, we headed off to Pizzeria Toscana. It's located at Castillas St., near Gilmore area.

This is a siamese cod-fish pizza and tomato artichoke.

It was good...but not so great. As I recall from the last time I ate there, the crust is kinda bland...still is...but ok for Php 270.oo Our favorite is still the Cibo pizza time girl...we stick to that ;P

Before finishing up our dinner, I invited my friend to meet up with us for coffee...and ofcourse he said yes! He escaped his duty and St. Luke's for some crepes and coffee =) This is why I entitled this post...drag king and queens...meaning: we single peopla are soo KALADKARIN ;P that I mean easy to drag into foodie trysts! hahaha =) But. this is exactly what makes singlehood fun =) hehehe Well, we enjoyed our crepes and chit chats ...rants and raves about our daily what-have-yous. Then we delve into the talk of food again...and we got into talking about street food...and ended up thinking of balut...

Balut...then my friend goes.."hey, I know this balut place na super ok.." Elaine and I go..."let's go!" hahaaha drag queens talaga noh? hehehe

My friend took us to Scout Chuatoco St. and there stands this....

...a balut stand. Php 10.00 a piece. We each got one lang to be kind to our hearts naman. Hey, they sell very nice balut ah...small lang yun chick part...which I DON'T EAT. Yes my friends...I DO NOT EAT the sisiw part as it SCARES the daylights out of me =( Thinking of it gives me the creeps! eeeeepsssssssssss!!! I like the yellow part though...very much...that is all I eat from the balut and the sabaw, ofcourse ;P hehehe Yummy! I bought 9 pieces more...5 to give to my family...4 for my newly wed shobe and hubby to share =).

What a trip that night turned out! Thanks guys! =)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Shobe's Wedding

Like a grand finale for my wedding last wedding for the year (I think) is for my very own sis! My younger sis tied the knot and my hwole family are full of emotions. It's the first wedding in our family. We are all daddy's girls...and you can just imagine how he we felt when my sis walked down the aisle.

It was a beautiful chinese wedding. The ceremony was held at the San Agustin church and the reception at the Sheraton Hotel Grand Ballroom.

My sister was so beautiful. Her gown...her face...she was indeed a wonderful woman. I am very happy for her...a bit sad that I know things will not be the same after the wedding as she moved in to their new home. My baby sis asks..."why does everybody have to go?..." Part of life...are inevitable changes that one must go through. I have been waking up with my sister at the other bed...all my life now....and after her wedding...I wake up to an empty bed beside mine.

I remember how a dear friend told me...sister's relationships get better when they each get married. I can feel it is's js been a day and I realize how much I love my sister.

My dad is the only man in the's harder I think for him...especially that my mom is gone already. It's heartbreaking for us girls not to have a mom at a moment like this...but must be tougher for my dad, I am sure. Letting go to enable one to move on the next chapter of life is but a fact to accept.

Best wishes to my beloved sis Che and congratulations to her husband Jeff....please, please take care of her and love her with all your heart.

This is my family

A momentous day in our lives =)

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Loving Dinner... Ala Diane!

I must say it and dining bring about memories...lots of memories. As I found myself back at Ala Diane's....I was filled with Nostalgia...of college days and good friends. Ala Diane is a small cafe, along Sto. Domingo street almost bordering Retiro. Once again there...a flashback of college days came in a rush. This used to be situated at Panay, Quezon avenue. Back when the National Bookstore building there was not yet a Crossings department store and supermrket yet...just the bookstore..powerflex gym and Ala Diane at the forefront along Panay side. I used to go there with my very good college gal pals Ros, Lotte and Shawie beloved friends =) We would have meryenda there...having our favorites...chicken tocino, beef stroganoff, apple pie and banana caramel fudge.

It was just so delightful to be back and taste the good old stuff. Let me just share them .....

This is the Chicken Tocino...
Sweetish and oh so tender chicken breast pieces. So good! So good that it made us order another plate of it sans the rice =)
Beef Stroganoff Fetuccine
Creamy beef stroganoff..on al dente pasta with cheese and a side of buttered toast. No parmesan here...nothing fancy-schmanzy gourmet...just good old delicious homey comfort food. It stil tastes as good as when I had first tried it =)
Apple Pie with warm Butterscotch sauce

It's my favorite apple pie rendition...its a double pastry crust kind of pie...tender apple filling and the buttery rich sauce is great with it. What makes it so delicious, for me, is having beautiful memories that I relish with every fork-full of this pie =)
This is my friend Ros' favorite....I remeber...Banana-Caramel Fudge

It's like a Banofee pie..but for me way better! The crust is like a fudge brwonie with a layer of caramel and banana slices topped with cream and chocolate-chip morsels. Well, I worked my way around as not to get the cream...but this tasted divine! I love it. I remeber I never ordered this I have a disliking of cream..but I don't was great having it that night =)

Simple things can bring so much satisfaction. They also offer other homemade goodies and cakes at very affordable prices.

I enjoyed the chicken tocino so much...I asked the wiatress if they sold it uncooked. They did! Php 105.00 half kilo! NOt bad at all!!!! I took some home to share with my sisters =)

Very happy that things hasn't changed here...only thing to note...they do close up quite early...around 8 or 830pm is closing time. Please try it and bring home some pie, banana-caramel and tocino! =)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sweet Sensations

I asked if you have crispy crunchy how about craving for something sweet...decadent....chocolately ?? Well, most girls have these sugary desires..I am sure. Though I am not really fond of very sweet, sweets... I do adore desserts =)

Let me just share two sweet endings that I have had with dear ones the past week.

This is the Snicker Cheesecake from Banaple

I don't like snickers as a chocolate bar...but this cheesecake with snicker bits...was good =) The crust is like a choco-chip cookie crust...and the cheesecake body nicely baked. It is topped with chocolate ganache. best to have someone to share it with. Oh....lovely with strong black coffee to bring down that sweetness.

Now this is a winner.... Bailey's-Oreo Cheesecake at Jack's Loft.

I sooo love creamy liqueurs like Amarula, Tequila Rose and Bailey's....alcohol drinks that I can take well (I think ;P). This is great! Creamy baked cheesecake, lightly flavored with Bailey's with speckles of oreo cookie bits on an oreo cookie crust! Knock-off that whipped cream on top....and this one is divine for me =) Best shared with friends too ;P

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Munchies at Peri-Peri

Do you ever have moments when you're craving for some crunchy munchie food? Well, I most certianly do. Good thing my friends were also into this when we had dinner at Peri-Peri Chicken, at Promenade Greenhills. No chicken on this post though...

Fish and Chips

I only got to try the I don't know if the fish part was good =) Ven was able to finish the whole thing, so I presume it was good.

Fried Mozarella
This is a fave of mine here. Good ol' breaded mozzarella with a marinara like sauce...but it's not's spicier..more like chili tasting than marina. It's a good cheese fix!

Fried Calamares
Crispy and generous serving of calamares fritos. This one came with a more marinara like sauce =)

I forgot what it is actually taquitos?
Anyways, these are like a big open taco. Love the crispy taco shell wedges and the taco filling is delish.

Well, crunchy-munchy craving killed! Dead on the spot! ;P