Friday, August 10, 2007

2007 Wedding #3: Trina's Wedding

It's time for wedding number 3!!!! My friend Trina had the wedding ceremony at Iglesia Ni Kristo Central and the reception followed at the Gazebo Royale, in Mindanao Avenue.

It's my frist time to go to Gazebo Royale. It was an al fresco, garden set reception. The venue was charming...reminded me of Fern Wood, sans the swans =) It was lovely! A lot of singing and games! I just loved the part when Trina rendered a love song to her new sweet!!!!

Most of my blockmates from UP FT were there and it wss great to see them again. Here we are...

Sal, Kat, Gale, Melay & yours time flies talaga!
It was just like yesterday, when these girls and I were in college. We reminisce about the good ol' days when we used to just worry about exams, lab works and all the stuff we had to do for school... we had great laughs. Now moving on to new chapters in our lives...being career women, wives and mothers... =)
Congratulations dear Trina!!!! Best wishes to your new life ahead =)

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