Sunday, August 26, 2007

Breakfast @ Conti's

I asked Sal if we could go back and have breakfast at Conti's---for old times sake! hehehe We used to have breakfast there often because we liked going to the Greenhills Sunday market, which is just close to where it is at in Connecticut. It was a string of Sundays that we went there for breakfast, after which we rush to the Sunday Market to buy fresh seafood (like lobsters, crabs, soft shell crabs, tiger prawns, fish etc..) to bring home so that our families may enjoy seafood for lunch! It's great to buy there because I find that the sellers are honest and fair with the prices they bestow. There are also vegetables, fruits and puto! There is a seller there selling puto bigas, which is really good!!! =)

Well, no palengke time today, because after lunch I leave for a road trip to Pangpanga!!!-Yahooo!!!

But, but, I make time for my dear Sally =)

We had pancakes

the pancakes were like from McDo..that's why we like them =) hehehehe I think they came from a box ;P
and the Arroz ala Cubana
...I like bananas and raisins in savory food! This was ok but isn't the authentic Cuban version of this has no tomato sauce? ---I'm not sure. It was alright. It had ground pork with raisins in tomato sauce, sevred with some pieces of bacon (one lang ata yun), fried banana slices and an egg on garlic rice.

It was a heavy breakfast. We ad time to go around the Tiangge, which has just opened and then off to Unimart for a lottle grocery shopping =)

A morning perfectly spent!

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