Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Our Special Place

Back when my baby sis Nikki was still..well a baby( kid naman, hehehe)..I used to her official driver to and from school. I really like making her happy by bring her to McDo with MacPlay Place or at Shakey's, where they have those little tike homes to play in while having milkshakes and pizza =) I'm glad she doesn't read my blog..otherwise she will go--ewwwee with this kwento of mush! She used to be such an adorable and bubbly child...but my baby is now a time flies talaga.

Nevertheless, we still have our shobe-ditsie day outs! hehehe Sometimes I bring her with me when I go out with my friends. Ganun na ba talaga...ka-gimick ko na ang baby sis ko! hahaha When I first had a chance to dine at The Cook Book Kitchen, I instantly thought of my shobe Nikki and Che. I know their food preferences and I was sure they would both like the food there. They love rich tasting and buttery food! The creamier the better! =)

I told shobe....may "special place" ako dadalan sa inyo soon =) .

That time came last Wednesday night. Shobe texted me..."ditsie, let's watch ratatouille". I really had movie plans with Elaine, but I told shobe that I'd gladly watch it again. I told her Elaine will come with us and she goes..."yey! kasama si Elaine" over txt! I told Elaine the plan and she was happy to oblige. I told shobe..we have dinner first at "the special place" hehehehe and she got excited.

The three of us were very much hungry goin to CBK! There was a wine tasting function that evening, but they were able to accommodate 3 famished girls pa naman =)

Moi, shobe and Elaine

We had the squash soup....
good and squashy =) hehehehe Served with a small pillow o bread.

a pair of baked fish

Sizzling hot when it was served to us! Good and buttery and shobe liked it =) This was very satiating, really. After having this we felt full to the brim!
We had so much fun! Elaine and Shobe have something in common, they are both La Sallites so they like talking about school...the noon at ngayon kinda thing. Among my friends, Elaine is my shobes favorite hang mate =) Well, my shobe declared that she didn't want to watch a movie and would rather hang out at Starbucks for more chit chat. Well we could always watch again another day =)
We proceeded to Corinthian Hills to cap the evening.
CBK is such a warm and friendly place. Delicious and simple comfort food with a homey ambiance. Next time I'll take Che and her fiancee Jeff there (as I promised them) =)


canDIshhh said...

I am so in love with CookBook Kitchen! Super! :) I can't get enough of their Fish dishes! Saraaaaaaap!!

Jen Tan said...

Yes Di! Real comfy place for real comfort food =) I haven't tried any other fish dishes though...ano pa ba ok? Lahat??? ;P

Di Sat ah..Pink Kitchen benefit!!!! Excited nako! =)