Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Spicing Up My Morning

A rainy Tuesday morning, and I found myself tackling the Makati rush hour! Grrrrr... traffic was hell!!!

Anyhoos..after doing what I had to do in the business district of Makati, I managd to to have a late breakfast pit stop at Starbucks in de la Costa...I think its Alpap buliding? --not sure, but I do remember that it is the building of the office of Pablo Antonio Architects =) hehehehehe

So here is my breakfast...Jalapeno Cheese roll and a latte =)

This is my first time to have this. I thought of having having something spicy and hot on a rainy morning. Well, its was ok..but I coudn't taste the cheese!!! It's just like plain bread with some kick to it. The heat was just right for me...just hot enough for me to handle;P hahaha

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