Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Italian Slipper Bread

How can you tell if you have good quality bread?.....Not by the smell....not by the shape...but by the sound......crrrunchhhhhh =) according to Collet ! (from Ratatouille) hehehehe (I hope I quoted her correctly! ;P )
This is my friend Elaine's Ciabatta! True to the virtue of artisinal bread....it has a thin and crisp crust with that crusty crunch when broken into; a wonderful light airy crumb with substantial air holes attributing to the lightness of the loaf and a sublte yet complex flavor that a savory bread should bear. Love it with strong coffee or a smear of butter---for a great breakfast ...have it with soup for a hearty meal... =)
Thank you Elainey for this wonderful loaf! Now I am inspired to make bread again =)


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