Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wedding # 5: Ros' Wedding

The reason why we were all in to take part on the very special day of our very dear Ros and Marc....we came to witness them exchange their wedding vows =). Ros has been a very, very close friend of mine since college. Like a sister to me...and I am so happy I was able to be there for her on this day.
A very unique wedding for a unique couple. How lovely it is, for two people coming from different countries with different cultures....Marc a dear Ros, a Filipino-Chinese....brought together by fate...brought close by love and binded by God. Love and destiny is indeed a very amazing thing and still a mystery to me =)

Family, close relatives and dear friends were there for a very intimate wedding, held at the Tirtha Luhur. The glass walled chapel, sitting before the beatiful view of the Indian was BREATH TAKING, I tell you.

Take a peek.....
....what a sight...

As we arrived at the venue...the chapel guarded by two lovely littles Balinese girls dacing infornt to welcome us. We were all given leis accompanied by welcome drinks and cool towels to refresh us from our trip.

The wedding ceremony was solem and beautiful as the couple were. After shedding tears of was time to paaaaaaaaartaaay!!!! Yehey! =) We were all ushered to the garden for pictorials with the couple and ofcourse amongst ourselves, as we were served cocktails and hors d’Ĺ“uvres as the sun was nice noh?

Salmon rolls with cream cheese and herbs that was like the brother of alfalfa sprouts...sooo good =)

Sate Babi (Pork Satay) Somthered with Peanut Sauce

Croquets, Spring Rolls and Calamari with a cariety of Wasabi, Sweet Chili and Tartar Dipping Sauce.
Soooo good...these were the crown fave as well at the Salmon =) We were almost full already with the yummy pica-pica during cocktail hour. Everybody had a great time with the couple and enjoying the view.

As the sun was fully set and the skuy lit by the lovely moonlight, we all moved in at the banquet area for long gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Michelle `

Lemongrass-Cilantro Asian Butterfish on Mustard Lead and Chili-Citrus Emulsion
Perfectly cooked and and the sauce that laced the delicate fish gave dimension to the dish.

Sesame-seed Crusted Scallop, A-hi Tuna, Salmon and Prawn with Vanilla Bean Emulsion and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Toasted Baby Ruccola

A great degustation if seafood...again perfectly cooked and plated with care. Delicious!!! Delicious!

Roasted Five Spices-Infused French Duck Breast on Salted Cucumber and Kidney Bean Sauce, Star Fruit Tuile

The duck breast was very succulent and the sauce conplimented it well. I like the sweet taste and delicate texture of the Star Fruit cuts the richness of the duck =) Simply exquisite!

Lime-Midori Gelee in Passion Fruit Granite topped with Grey Goose Vodka

A burst of cool and refreshing flavors that indeed clenses the palate. The seeds of the passion fruit and the gelee gave this granita unique texture.

Pan Seared Beef Tenderloin with Pinot Noir Reduction on Steamed Bedguugul Asparagus and Melted Mashed Potatoes

The final course of our great dinner ...and I don't have the picture because my camera battery went dead =( If I get hold of a picture of this from other friends I'll just updat this post =) It was delicious but by the time it was served to me..I was indeed very full already. The mashed potatoes lived upto it's name. It's sooo creamy that it did seem like melted potatoes. Kudos to the chef! As if that was not enough....a dessert buffet awaited us at the garden....chocolate fondue, ice cream of all flavors, Lebanese baklavas, Dates stuffed with pinenuts, biscotti, cakes, eclairs, seemed to never end!

In high spirits (literally and figuratively ;P) and full of energy...we partied and danced the night away!

Lots of minggling, laughter, raising of glasses, hugs, kisses, eating and dancing filled the night.

Congratulations my darling Ros and Marc! God bless you both with lots of love, blessings and beautiful chidrens =) Cheers!

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