Thursday, September 20, 2007

Cuillere at Serendra

When our friends are home, we really give time to max out hanging with eachother. Tonight, Tiff, Jam, Ros, Gwen, Lyn and I met up at Cuillere. We were more into the chit chat so we only got to try the Banana Split....

Cuillere, as I have heard, is owned by the same owners of Arce Dairy. It is just but fitting that the house specialty are the glacees. They offered ice cream made from carabao's I expected a really rich dessert. The picture is kinda dark ( my digi- cam is coming realy soon so I'll have way better pics next time ;P), but what is there are 3 scoops of ice cream...Almonch-chips, Chocolate and Strawberry (you can pick any flavor you like), drizzled with chocolate syrup and chopped nuts, in between a split banana, blanketed by chocolate sauce! The ice cream is really, creamy and rich.. I could tell that it must be FAT ladened from the mouth-feel! hehehe The flavors are good...but I find the thick, rich and uber creamy consistency ..uhmmm too heavy on the pallate. I think I prefer a lighter ice cream or gelato (even better) that is cool and refreshing! I don't know but the carabao's milk ice cream....seem heavy and "not cold" to me. It was ok, nonetheless.
The Café Allongé
They used illy coffee here, but it was just tooooo watered down. I was very, very disappointed (sayang ang illy) =(

Well, perhaps this is not a good coffee place and the dessert, really depends on your personal preference.
It was great hanging with you all ...a great evening pa din (I'll pick a nicer dessert venue next time..hehehe) =)


Anonymous said...

this was suppose to be the name of my resto....:(

Jen Tan said...

no, I thought was supposed to be forchetta? fork ka =)!!! pwede pa Jeff!!! ---you=hot kitchen chef! ;p